Strategic Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

While being upbeat and motivational, he's very strategic and consultative with his approach.
John is a strategic and thoughtful consultant who exceeds expectations.
He is strategic, but when it comes to getting things done, things get done.
He has the unique ability to not only think strategically, but also knows how to operationalize those strategic thoughts.
John was extremely insightful in providing recommendations and strategic consultation.
I absolutely look up to him as a trusted source of strategic consulting.
He challenges me to think outside of the box, to look beyond the now and to think strategically.
If you are looking for someone to help you strategize your way to success, he's the guy.
Great strategic thinker and someone who can do just about anything you ask of him.
Additionally, he knows how to make strategic alliances with all the right players.
He was strategic in his approach and one that was well ahead of his competition.
John is very strategic in his approach, especially when it comes to prospecting.
He is also very strategic and has always created value for him stakeholders.
John has always been ahead of the curve, he is proactive and very strategic.
John's passion for what he does and strategic know-how is really inspiring.
He is also able to think strategically, not just at the end of the quarter.
John is the consultant's consultant and one of the world's truly strategic executive coaches.
He was a very strategic consultant who got on extremely well with both clients and colleagues.
He is focused on clients' needs and a very strategic and consultative salesman.
John consults our group with his visionary and strategic implementations.
I'm sure he carries this same "strategic calmness" into his work as a consultant.
John's advice and consulting work are strategic, effective and memorable.
John is a strategic thinker, always willing to discuss and strategize opportunities and challenges.
John makes things happen and gets things done both strategically and tactically.
John can be both strategic and tactical - both of which were definitely needed.
John is always willing to help and make strategic and timely introductions.
He always has an innovative and strategic way of looking at any situation.
John's one of the fortunate few who can be both strategic and tactical.
John is a strategic thinker who appreciates the importance of collaboration and consultation.
He does this through his sharp attention to detail and through him strategic guidance and consultation.
We value his input and will continue to utilize him as a strategic consult.
With this understanding and approachable manner he is often called on for strategic consulting.
Even other consultants refer to him as "the guru of strategic planning".
John has taught me more about consulting and strategic planning than anyone else.
I have followed his career since then and he has proven to be very gifted and in demand strategic consultant.
John recently consulted with my company and provided solid strategic and practical guidance.
I've enlisted his help on multiple strategic consulting assignments over the past several years, always with excellent results.
John provides excellent strategic leadership and a consultative approach to his subordinates and teammates.
John is an enthusiast communication/advertising consultant with a strategic-thinking streak.
John was a brilliant consultant with strategic vision and highly results oriented.
John is a consultant by background and by nature a strategic problem solver.
John has consulted with us for the past two years, and we still find his insight and strategic advice invaluable.
John is an expert consultant on how to achieve dynamic and strategic change.
He is a strategic thinker who adds value to every initiative be its strategic or tactical.
He is a very strategic thinker and is always willing to help others, which makes all around him that much better.
He challenges everyone he comes in contact with to think bigger, further ahead, and more strategically.
He is very strategic and focused, knows exactly what he wants, and goes for his targets relentlessly.
John has always been a strategic thinker and he is someone who can always get results.
He had the ability to look forward, think strategically and cover different scenarios.
I found him insightful, strategic, and committed to do the right thing for the company.
Some of my only regrets have been not acting on more of his strategic recommendations.
His ability to strategize and think outside the box has been particularly valuable.
He is strategic and excellent at getting agreement inside and outside his company.
This allows him to make significant contributions operationally and strategically.
He knows how to analyze, synthesize, and strategize as if it is his second nature.
I have always found his feedback to be insightful, intuitive, and very strategic.
John's methods are not overt, but they are inclusive, thorough, and strategic.
He always has something insightful, something strategic to add to the discussion.
He was always passionate, brilliant, and strategic in all conversations/meetings.
He was strategic, responsive, and did not give up until everything was resolved.
He's more strategic than most consultants and is able to deliver on his recommendations.
A top-notch consultant, he is not only strategic, but insightful.
John is an incredibly smart, strategic, and savvy consultant.
And he does so in a considered, strategic and consultative way.
John provides strategic consulting to the clients as much as he could.
Him influential style is not only consultative and strategic but honest and trustworthy.
If you are looking for a strategic naming consultant on this planet, he is the one.
Throughout that time, he's proven to be a strategic and consultative seller.
He literally defines what strategic and consultative selling is all about.
John is a strategic thinker and has excellent consulting capabilities.
His fresh insights and strategic view make his consultation valuable.
He is easily one of the best client strategic consultants in the company.
He consulted and advised him on how to strategically utilize our company.
John is an astute strategic consultant with an engaging, authentic manner.
John worked with him on several large, strategic consulting engagements
Also, he was always consulted for strategic decisions because of his synthetic, abstract and visionary mind.
John's consultative approach forms strategic alliances with extraordinary results.
John is a strategic consultant and it comes through brilliantly in his coaching.
John provided important strategic consultation to our organization as we were looking to fill key positions.
However, he is also to elevate himself to a consultancy level when less strategic focus is required.
John has helped us with both strategic buy side searches and strategy consulting.
John did an outstanding job in a strategic consulting role at our company.
He's on the top of his recommendation list for those looking for strategic consulting support.
He combines his strategic thinking and consulting with tangible activity.
He then strategically aligned our company consultants who seamlessly blended with our company's culture.