Strategic Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John offers everything, what you'd expect from an ideal strategic planner.
As such, he is an adept and disciplined strategic planner and forecaster.
He possesses all the characteristics of an excellent strategic planner.
He is a strategic planner, which prepares for the unexpected.
His strategic guidance has helped him become a better planner.
He is energetic, focused and an invaluable strategic planner.
John has strategic insights that make creatives wish he was their planner.
Our company planners are few and far between, but John is one of the best.
You can count on him to always go above and beyond, being excellent in everything that he does as well as being a strategic thinker and planner.
He pushed him to be a better thinker, as well as a more strategic planner.
He is instrumental in making him a more strategic thinker and planner.
John gets his unequivocal recommendation for one of the best planners out there.
Working with him has taught him so much about how to be a great planner.
John calls himself a planner - but he's so much more than that.
He is a forward planner who can think out of the box and deliver.
Prasad is known to him as a workaholic and efficient planner.
During the course he was always doing what a planner need to do: looking for the right questions to go deeper in every strategic step.
He's intelligent, a strategic think and planner, and well in-tune with the needs of his stakeholders.
Personally, it has allowed him to become a much more strategic planner and effective user of his time.
Always strategically minded, and naturally insightful, he is an innovative and pragmatic planner.
John is a visionary planner and strategic thinker, but even more than that he is a doer.
A strategic planner and thinker, he would be a tremendous asset to any organization.
John is very strategically planned and he always planned his activities well ahead.
John's abilities as a strategic planner extended far beyond the standard fare.
He is a gifted strategic planner, problem solver, and a thinker
John is his boss at our company and he grew him into becoming a much more rounded strategic planner.
John has everything a good planner needs - he's strategic, curious and creative.
John is also a strategic planner and looks ahead to make sure he and his team are set up for success.
Although he is not a strategic planner, he already shows him strategic thinking in his daily works.
John's competence as a strategic planner and implementer are second-to-none.
Moritz is a planner who has always taken his role seriously and never gave up upon any challenges.
He is a strong planner and knows beforehand exactly what he wants to achieve by what timeframe.
John spent a morning with all of us to ensure we will get the most out of the planners.
John is an excellent planner - you can count on him delivering what he says he will do.
John for planners who are lazy and need to be pushed in the most delicate of ways.
They help to make his visions, as a meeting/event planner, become reality.
He's curious and insightful and all of the things a planner should be.
Like any good planner, he's interested in what's beneath the surface.
John's an incredibly insightful, intuitive and tenacious planner.
That in itself shows that has a planner come naturally to him.
John proved to be an excellent strategic planner, assessing issues with sharp insight.
As a thinker and planner, he is logical, forward thinking and strategically smart.
He's a strategic thinker, exceptional planner, and performs well under pressure.
He returns calls promptly and he's an expert fundraiser and strategic planner.
He's a detailed planner, strategic thinker, and an overall company-changer.
John is an able strategic planner, he is also good at implementation of the strategy.