Strategic Planning Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Project plans were always on time and on budget.

He is patient and a visionary.

He is a versatile genius.

When it comes to strategic planning he knows his stuff.

He is a very strategic think who makes things happen.

He is very well organized.

John's strength, however, is clearly in strategic planning.

He is also a patient and thorough teacher.

He has a positive energy and is honest which is important to me.

He was very strategic in his approach.

His positive energy is contagious.

He thinks strategically with a positive approach to all interactions.

His unique vision and strategic planning skills are a compliment to any organization.

He would be a benefit to any organization.

He would be a welcome addition to any organization.

He is tactical and also very strategic.

His positivity is infectious.

He would be a positive asset in nearly any organization.

He is a strategic seller.

He has a very strategic brain, but also is very much a doer.

He is a strategic thinker, planner and is highly organized.

His positive energy is infectious.

He will do well for any organization.

He is very hardworking, positive, supportive, and organized.

He is a strategic thinker and a master in selling.

His approach to investing is both strategic and intelligent.

He would be a positive addition to any organization.

He carries an infectious positive energy.

He always has a very positive approach.

John is an excellent strategic marketeer.

John will help you work out how to plan the career that will really make you happy.

He is insightful, strategic and just fantastic at what he does.

His coaching is strategic and cutting edge.

John is the best strategic thinker, I've worked with.

He is a strategic thinker who is collaborative and also knows how to execute, turning ideas and plans into reality.

He gets the business and knows how to deliver effective at the strategic and tactical level.

John is prolific thinker, strategic, motivator, connector, and influencer.

I highly recommend connecting with him and discussing your strategic issues.

Working with him closely has provided insight to his proficient strategic and technical capabilities.

A professional who can think quickly and strategically and who can successfully accomplish his tasks.

A self-motivated, strategic thinker who prides himself on his brokers' successes.

As a leader, he was strategic, positive, and very hard working.

John was always very supportive of the individual members of his team and gave useful, strategic direction.

John is an excellent executive, leader, strategic thinker, mentor, and friend.

John is an intuitive solution provider and an executive level strategic thinker.

He provides strategic insight, and works well with leaders at all levels.

He has a knack for developing strategic partnerships and influencing others.

Working with him closely for the last year has provided insight to his proficient strategic and technical capabilities.

He plans and implements with a great care of business goals.

John provided strategic leadership and coordination for a complex global delivery team.

He has the unique ability to translate the strategic thoughts into a branding roadmap.

John is one of the most engaging, strategically-minded, and innovative people I have ever worked with.

What impressed me the most was John's ability to work both strategically and tactically with equal success.

His drive, unique experiences and strategic mindset make him a valuable asset to any team.

John is a strategic thinker basing his authentic advice by listening to what I had to say.

John is a smart, savvy and strategic leader who knows how to help companies win big.

In addition, his input to our strategic plans was invaluable.

He delivers both strategically and creatively.

I found John to be strategic, dependable and impactful.

John is a clear and strategic thinker.