Strategic Planning Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has strategic view, meantime, he follows through the tactical plans.
John provided an outstanding presentation on strategic planning.
He would present his plans and we would discuss and strategize.
John is a detailed analyst with a flare for numbers, a strategic analyst and planning expert.
He is very strategic in his planning for the best possible outcomes for his budget.
With his help, leadership, and strategic vision, our plan was very well done.
And his strategic planning to create better results is truly outstanding.
John has been ever-focused on results and realizing the strategic plan.
Actual offtake increased vs plan under his careful strategic planning.
He always has a strategic vision and the unique ability to quickly and strategically plan new deals.
He is capable of both strategic and tactical planning, which is quite valuable.
This allows him more time to do strategic long-term planning.
As he said, its most important to have a plan than no plan at all.
John also did amazing work with strategic planning around capacity and organizational planning.
John has the ability to think strategically and create tactical plans to reach those strategic goals.
I found him thoughtful, responsive, and thorough in planning and putting the plans into action.
John is my go to man for well thought out and strategically planned solutions.
John was briefed only days before our first strategic planning session.
His contributions to strategic planning has always exceeded his peers.
He took the group from tactical to strategic with a pragmatic strategic planning approach.
In addition, he was key in the board's strategic planning process and creation of three year strategic plan.
Him strategic planning and devotion to him craft gives us an edge over other companies.
John's strengths are determined, strategic planning, and mentoring.
John created the first strategic hiring plan for this startup company.
He identifies opportunities and pursues them with a strategic plan.
John is an expert in performance, budgeting and strategic planning.
John is a very strategic leader who knows the overall planning.
John was the driving force for innovation and strategic planning, that led to significant growth in our plan.
John has a solid ability to craft, strategic plans and initiatives with the know how to arrange these plans into action.
He thinks both strategically and tactically so he can both come up with the plans and get things done.
Him insightful and strategic planning led to many successful campaigns.
We have recently once again hired him to help with our strategic planning process.
John has a keen understanding of all tactical plans and the associated strategic plans that drive the organization.
He came in, pulled the retirement planning, acquisition plans together and delivered.
His plan for what needed to be done, and done well, to achieve our strategic goals was visionary.
He knows for sure how to set the right goals, strategically plan his actions and get results.
He was able to transform strategic plans into workable solutions.
John has used his strategic planning to help drive incremental revenue.
John has an exceptional ability to plan strategically, think clearly, get to the point and solve problems.
No matter how complex the problem is, he will always come up with a strategic, and effective plan.
His commitment to the strategic plan was visibly strong, as was his desire for everyone to succeed.
He strives to be better than yesterday, while planning out strategic initiatives moving forward.
John is helping us make a strategic plan that will orientate our company the following years.
I will highly recommend him for any role that includes strategic planning and leadership.
John is equally comfortable with the big picture scenarios and strategic planning.
His strategic orientation helps him to see the " big picture " & plan ahead.
His strategic mind and long-range planning were invaluable to the company.
He integrates tactical and strategic considerations in his planning.
John's strategic vision and leadership are well recognized and appreciated by the analysts and him colleagues.
He is innovative and creative, and excels at strategic planning.
I believe his key strength is in the area of strategic foresight and planning.
He also helped in facilitating a strategic plan for our department.
Able to think strategically he also knows how to make it practical.
He is still my first resource for strategic planning and copywriting.
He has everything you want and need from strategic planning to marketing and teamwork.
Follow him strategic and professional plan and you will achieve success.
He can lead you through the strategic planning that is so important.
Moreover, he provides with very good strategic planning, implementation and supervision of different countries.
He is always willing to go above and beyond to create and implement strategic plans that deliver results.
John can be relied upon to be strategic and thorough in his plans but will also embrace calculated risks.