Strategic Planning Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has strong knowledge in leadership, strategic planning, and management.
John is a very bright, get it done manager who is able to move from thoughtful strategic planning to effective tactical plans.
John is well experienced in channel management, particularly in strategic planning and problem-solving.
He has demonstrated the ability to create and manage large strategic plans.
He excelled at whatever he took on, from strategic planning to strategic marketing.
He is very dedicated, hardworking and has an excellent strategic way of getting things done as planned.
John was instrumental in getting our strategic planning going and following up on its progress.
He also participated in and provided valuable feedback during strategic planning.
John's follow-through on commitments and strategic plans was exceptional.
Him course taught me the basics of any strategic messaging plan.
John led the participants in several strategic planning sessions.
He amazes me with his insight, problem management, and ability to strategically plan the future.
He provided the foundation, strategic plan, and trained the managers along the way to be effective.
He encourages me to look for new initiatives during the annual strategic planning and always has positive comments that improved the final strategic plan.
He is one of the most passionate people you'll meet, when it comes to strategic planning and stakeholder management.
John is a very strategic at buying, planning and managing inventory.
He is incredibly effective at strategic planning - he goes beyond the planning to the execution.
He is disciplined in his strategic planning and follow through as plans are executed.
He is very strategic, however, has the unique tactical ability to implement the strategic plan.
Instead of taking a "canned" approach to strategic planning, he makes sure the plan is truly the board's plan, not just what is popular at the moment or what he thinks should be done.
He is innovative, strategic in planning, and always forward-thinking.
Not only that, his manager the acquisition always in the plan and above.
He strategizes, plans and follows through campaign proposals.
He is a visionary, always with smart ideas, with strategic plannings and practical plans.
John was key to the strategic planning, forecasting, and always got the best results.
John's strengths that have been most appreciated by me are his approach to people management and his strategic planning abilities.
John managed and consistently delivered on many strategic initiatives.
John is an encouraging, strategies, and results-driven manager.
He managed several strategic initiatives to positive outcomes.
His strategic problem solving makes him an exceptional manager.
He not only managed the mad workflow, he managed to turn every opportunity into strategic piece.
John is a diligent manager, perfectly planning and following tactical and strategic tasks.
John is energetic and complement in research/technology evaluations and strategic planning.
John's has an amazing ability to prioritize and strategically plan for contingencies.
He's been invaluable in helping us create and follow our strategic plan.
He was also a strong addition to several strategic planning efforts.
He was instrumental in shaping our new five year strategic plan.
I have learnt great things from him about leadership, stakeholder management and strategic planning, to name but a few.
His strength in seeing ahead to plan and strategize helped the team to plan their next steps and consider options.
He also never loses focus on the strategic plan of the organization.
Account management, strategic engagement, and tenacity are his strengths.
I have used him strategic task approach in some of my management roles.
John is a highly motivated manager with strong abilities in strategic management.
He has always impressed me with his ability to plan strategically and execute those plans efficiently.
This blend makes him highly effective at strategic planning and execution of these plans.
He plans and manages work very effectively and incorporates all the future uncertainties in his plan.
He did not hesitate to dig into the details while managing to a broader strategic plan.
His views on strategic planning and project management have been very insightful.
He is strategic in his planning and proactive when it comes to overcoming objections from prospects.
John has a great attitude and is very collaborative in strategic planning.
John delivers great results through his strengths of strategic planning and talent management.
We are planning on using him again and would recommend his company.
John's strength is that he understands the value of planning.
John effectively planned and managed several growth strategies.
He has given me space to think independently still managing to oversee that things go as per the plan.
He has a plan for his company and is focused on carrying that plan through.
John is a very structured manager that always had a plan and worked the plan.
John is a dedicated and talented manager who has an unbeatable mastery of strategic planning and performance management.
As a manager, he is extremely thorough, strategic and diplomatic in all of his dealings.
I respect and rely upon him strategic role in the overall management of the company.