Strategic Sourcing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Sourcing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is extremely good in people management, change management and strategic management.
He has extensive category management and strategic sourcing experience.
John's knowledge of strategic sourcing and category management are extensive.
John was one of those rare managers who could think both strategically and tactically.
John is strategic as well as tactical and an excellent manager.
John is the kind of manager who is both hands-on and strategic.
His management style was encouraging and strategic without ever being pushy.
John is strategic in his management style and always sees the picture.
John's style of management is logical, strategic and inspirational.
John is an exceptional manager with greater strategic vision and gentile management style.
The hiring managers always were impressed with him sourcing abilities.
He is great at sourcing and can manage various types of roles.
He provided strategic leadership and did not micro-manage the organization.
Him the ability to strategize yet tactically manage is impeccable.
His leadership style is one of both collaborative sourcing and strategic visioning.
He understands the economic and cultural aspects of strategic sourcing.
John has the ability to apply strategic sourcing acumen effects.
He was very effective at sourcing people from non-traditional sources.
As my manager, he always thought ahead, foreseeing any strategic obstacles or challenges.
He is very proactive and always manage to source for the right candidate for the right job.
John was extremely strategic in the management of his district often sharing ideas that were adopted by other managers.
John has been an important strategic sourcing partner for many years.
He is capable of wearing many hats from management, to sourcing or to sell.
He has been a source of inspiration for many young managers like me.
John is my favorite manager and a source of great inspiration.
John truly gets the value of strategic alliances across an organization.
He has the ability to both think strategically and is also strong in managing others to implement.
I was particularly impressed with his ability to manage both the strategic and tactical elements.
We found exceptional value from his strategic and tactical approach to candidate management.
His ability to think strategically and also manage tactical responsibilities is outstanding.
John was equally effective managing both tactical and strategic challenges.
He is particularly adroit at strategically managing paid search campaigns.
John can also sell, manage, strategize, and create winning organizations.
John is a great strategic and tactical manager and businessman.
He utilized his time well and is very strategic in him sourcing methods.
John was always positive, looking for solutions and strategic in his approach to managing our partnership.
John is a strategic output manager that gets the job done with little or no fuss.
He knows how to mentor and handle people for more strategic management.
He is influential and a credible source always trying to help you strategize for the most effective results.
John has been a constant source of strategic inspiration through his books and conversations.
He has a keen understanding of how to strategically source passive candidates.
He is an endless source of insights, ideas, and has superb strategic vision.
I highly recommend him as a source of wisdom and strategic insight.
He also is very effective at managing sourcing for several open positions at the same time.
John managed sourcing and placing contractors with our organization.
He can source information faster than anyone, from unlikely sources.
He is adept at managing vendors, as well as understanding the strategic needs of his organization.
John was always on the cutting edge of our most strategic efforts.
He is very strategic in him searches and proactively reaches out for candidates and hiring managers.
John is strategically brilliant, a lovely manager and is always open to new challenges.
His management style is perfectly subtle, very strategic, and totally effective.
He has a brilliant mind for setting up and managing strategic partnerships.
John is a master of managing and growing strategic partnerships.
He would always look for new ways and sources to get to the right people.
And he was always trying to connect us to new sources and new people.
He is the "go to" boy when it comes to sourcing and strategic staffing.
John is one of the most thorough, analytical, and strategic thinkers.
John is very detail-oriented and thorough, but also is very strategic.
His strategic approach to management elevated my performance and those around me.
John is a detailed oriented manager and very strategic in all his dealings.