Strategic Thinking Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Thinking Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very strategic, and therefore, forward-thinking.
He is also very strategic in his thinking.
John is very strategic in his thinking.
He has an aptitude for critical thinking, but also for strategic thinking.
John is strategic and forward thinking, he thinks and plans ahead with every decision.
John is known for his strategic thinking and forward thinking for today's business.
John really gets to the heart of things and gets you thinking more strategically.
John is strategic in his thinking and always comes up with new ideas.
He is strategic in his thinking and sensible in implementation.
John is also an innovator and very strategic in his thinking.
I found him to be well prepared, strategic in his thinking.
Smart, as usual, but also strategic and forward-thinking.
John took us all to another level of strategic thinking.
John really impresses me with him strategic thinking.
I was very much impressed with his strategic thinking.
John is forward-thinking, innovative, and strategic.
He is both strategic and practical in his thinking.
He is very strategic in his thinking and coaching.
John is very effective in his strategic thinking.
John is both creative and strategic in his thinking.
John thinks strategically and gets things done.
John is both strategic thinking and practice.
He is strategic in his thinking and execution.
He thinks both strategically and creatively.
He is very sharp and thinks strategically.
His strategic thinking is second to none.
John is excellent in strategic thinking.
John thinks and operates at the farthest horizons of strategic thinking.
He thinks clearly both tactically and strategically.
He is both tactical and strategic in his thinking.
In my interactions he demonstrated both strategic businesses thinking and strategic organizational thinking.
His thinking is strategic, but still can be tactically executed, which is not found in many.
Enjoyed working with him and his strategic thinking.
He is strategic in his thinking, his recommendations have always been in my best interests.
He is very strategic in his thinking, yet also very pragmatic when it comes to execution.
He thinks strategically and knows how to get things done as well as who to talk to.
He knows exactly the clients needs and how to solve them with an strategic thinking.
He is very good both at strategic thinking and at getting things done on the ground.
He is very talented, especially regarding strategic thinking and being analytical.
John is one of the few that has both strategic thinking and effective execution.
He was one of the most strategic that got me thinking out of the box right away.
He's approachable and down-to-earth, as well as forward-thinking and strategic.
He is strategic in his thinking looking many moves ahead beyond his opponents.
He is always thinking strategically, two or three steps ahead of the pack.
He was always professional in his approach and strategic in his thinking.
John approaches everything he does with strategic thinking and vision.
He is also very responsive and strategic in his thinking and execution.
John is very knowledgeable, forward thinking, strategic and accessible.
He is also strategic in his thinking and well-disciplined in execution.
He is strategic in his thinking, but very pragmatic in his deliveries.
John is very focused and strategic in both his thinking and actions.
John is very strategic in his thinking and in advising his clients.
He is strategic in his thinking and very pragmatic in his execution.
He thinks strategically, but also just gets on and gets the job done.
He is known for his attention to detail and his strategic thinking.
He was able to think for himself and strong on strategic thinking.
He thinks strategically, but can also drill down to the details.
John is methodical and strategic in his thinking and execution.
John is innovative in his operational and strategic thinking.
He's got the right blend of creativity and strategic thinking.
His way of thinking is very strategic and wouldn't take no for an answer.
He is always thinking about what our company could be doing to be more strategic.
John started with fun conversations that got him thinking - thinking more clearly and strategically.
He not only thinks strategically, he fosters that kind of thinking in others.
He's very efficient and is always very forward thinking and strategic in his approach.
He is that on top of things and always thinking strategically about the future.
It doesn't take long to see that strategic thinking is his strength.
He's brilliant at thinking on his feet, and is also very strategic.
He also continually provided strategic thinking for our company.
When given the opportunity he is capable of strategic thinking.
His ideas were always fresh, his thinking was always strategic.
Strategic bent of thinking- our company has a natural flair for thinking strategically.
John's great strength is that he thinks strategically and has the ability to articulate that strategic thinking in simple terms.
Whenever there is a need of thinking out of the box, thinking strategically, thinking long term, he has always shown his mettle.
He can capture the essence of cutting edge thinking, strategic thinking, and strategic vision at speed.
He thinks ahead, he thinks strategically, and he has a way of getting people to join him in doing so.
With regard to strategic thinking, he is very knowledgeable about the strategic approach.
Check them out and get the evaluation and then let him know what you think.
And he's always there to take on the next strategic assignment.
John has always impressed him with his tremendous intellect, which is clearly seen with him strategic thinking.
He thinks strategically, yet he knows how to be diplomatic so that his suggestions are considered.
He is second to none in strategic thinking and he is visionary to stay ahead of the competition.
He added significant value through this, but also through his strategic outside the box thinking.
Easily he gives meaning to the term, "strategic thinking" and the best way to see things through.
He's always looking for new and better ways to reach prospects and thinks strategically.
John's unique way of strategic thinking is what sets him apart from so many others.
John thinks strategically and in his experience always adds more value than expected.
He is known for his objectivity, strategic thinking and organizational leadership.
Working with him is exciting because he truly thinks strategically and moves fast.
While his strategic and creating thinking allowed us to take it to the next level.
In this role you really get to see his instincts and strategic thinking in action.
And last but not least he is able to connect the dots with an strategic thinking.
He always thinks on many levels at the same time, tactical as well as strategic.
He encourages strategic thinking and always adds value through his achievements.
He is dedicated, always thinks out of the box and is strategic in his approach.
He gives good feedback and thinks very strategically about how we can improve.
His commitment, strategic thinking and dedication has always been outstanding.
His strategic vision set him apart from others as he is always thinking big.
He is very good at strategizing on initiatives and thinking outside the box.
John thinks strategically, but is accessible and approachable at all levels.
He thinks radiantly and strategically while also being supremely rational.
Regardless of what he takes on, he brings strategic thinking to the table.
And because he thinks strategically, he never fails to exceed expectation.
Customers love him as he thinks strategically on behalf of their needs.
John's ability to "think out of the box" strategically is unparalleled
He's clear-thinking, strategic, and confident in his decisions.
His strategic and conceptual thinking capability is outstanding.
Him strategic thinking makes for effective, successful results.
John's approach to strategic challenges was equally strategic.
Our company is complicated with John, his strategic thinking is off the charts.
We found our company to be very strong in strategic thinking and leadership.
He is really good at strategic thinking and he never takes things as they are but always thinks of all possible improvements even if it's not on his duty list.
John is a great professional because he has the balance between scientific thinking and strategic thinking.
John has an ability to undertake strategic thinking and identify well with blue sky thinking.
He combines strategic thinking with tactical excellence and creative thinking.
He thinks not only about the problem at hand, but also at the more strategic implications.
But he has provided much more than critical analysis and sound strategic thinking.
He has strategic thinking and passion which you need both to change dynamically.
John thinks more strategically than the people who are hired for that purpose.
His strategic thinking and competence with him domain is best-in-class.
John's thinking is always strategic, open-minded, and well presented.
Most impressive attribute, of course, is how he weaves together strategic thinking with strong people thinking.
He thinks win for everyone, thinks broadly, and thinks big when he works.
The thing to be admired most in him, is his learning ability and strategic thinking.
He thinks out-of-the box, is a strategic thinker and always thinks in solutions, rather than in problems.
John's strategic thinking was the driving force in our department.
He challenges him to think outside of the box, to look beyond the now and to think strategically.
John him what you want and he'll not only make it, but create it beautiful, and strategically.
John's also strategic and able to look ahead to how things will be, not just how they are.
If you are looking for someone to help you strategize your way to success, he's the guy.
John's ability to think strategically and see what others might miss is exceptional.
Great strategic thinker and someone who can do just about anything you ask of him.
Additionally, he knows how to make strategic alliances with all the right players.
John makes things happen and gets things done both strategically and tactically.
John can be both strategic and tactical - both of which were definitely needed.
He's always been very clear and strategic about the needs of his assignment.
John has always been ahead of the curve, he is proactive and very strategic.
John's passion for what he does and strategic know-how is really inspiring.
He could look for strategic advantage and see it through to its conclusion.
He always has an innovative and strategic way of looking at any situation.
This made him more focused, more strategic and definitely more successful.
Importantly, he forced to think strategically first, followed by tactics.
John does this with his ability to see things strategically and logically.
John truly gets the value of strategic alliances across an organization.
He gets things done and looking back his strategic insight was superb.
Not only is he strategic, but he never settles for less than the best.
He is very strategic, dynamic and available to help those around him.
Cause, he has the strategic capacity to see things before anyone else.
John will do what is necessary to accomplish strategic objectives.
And he is one of the few who strategizes for the first of its kind deals.