Strategy Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategy Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He helped us in new ways and consulted with us on our ultimate strategy.
John was brought as a consultant to help with our platform strategy.
He is exactly the type of strategy consulting that you need to come in and partner with your company.
He has been incredibly responsive to best practices and strategy consultations.
I've recommended him as a strategy consultant to companies within our portfolio.
John is always kind, but also knows how to bring out the best in you with his strategies.
I wish him all the very best for all his future initiatives and strategies.
His strategies are well thought out and consider all the contingencies.
He listens and provides useful strategies with useful recommendations.
The confidence he has both in his strategy, and with me, becomes clear.
He was very thorough and his strategies were always well thought out.
John is always open to new ideas and willing to try new strategies.
His comments were always well thought out and never off strategy.
He is especially positive and always open to try new strategies.
He is able to inspire you as well as consult with you on your strategies, goals, and objectives.
He helped me review and revamp my launch strategy for a consultancy.
Overall, he is a comprehensive strategy consultant to work with.
I have benefitted from him strategy consulting myself, as well as recommended him to my clients.
I highly recommend him for freelance writing, consulting or strategy.
I always enjoy our catch-ups as he isn't like some other leadership and strategy consultants who don't seem to have much substance to them.
He is also friendly and unique, so it is good to contact him if there are something issues about company strategy to consult.
He consulted me with my online strategy and my site now is attracting more visitors than ever.
John is an outstanding strategy consultant, he always gives his all, gets involved, and brings real value to the companies he consults for.
John would do well in high-level strategic positions, whether consultative or hire.
Enjoyed working with him and he was a great strategy consultant.
He has long-term, hands-on strategy and consulting experience.
He gave us well focused strategies, and his thoughtful consultations were always delivered with respect.
Apart from being one of the best strategy consultants, he is a people leader.
He justly consults expert opinions and presents solid strategy.
Most importantly, he doesn't build a strategy for the sake of strategy.
He's a proven consultant who can provide appropriate strategy and solution well ahead of the curve.
John consulted for us on development strategy and was just what we needed.
Maybe that he inspired him to develop himself in strategy and consulting.