Strategy Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategy Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He talks about what strategy to use and what are the other possible strategies.

His take on the strategy makes it far clearer and therefore more manageable.

John knows strategy as well as he knows how to manage demand.

John knows how to get the best out of everyone by using various management strategies for different people.

Unlike many managers he also has the ability to execute on his strategies.

I found his approach to strategy management to be thorough and thoughtful.

John is the go to guy when you want either something done and done right or for the right strategy.

He was always available and willing to go over strategy and recommendations.

He knows exactly what his strategy needs and how to make it come alive.

He always is looking at overall strategy and how to get there.

He has given me clarity and has given me true strategies on how to manage adversity.

I still use today, many of the management strategies he taught us.

John is a Renaissance for management strategies, the word micro management is not in his dictionary.

His strengths in strategy and management were well highlighted during our interactions.

John excelled in both strategy and tactics as it came to managing our partnership.

He has been always insightful and very gifted in the area of strategy and management.

His trademarks are to be found within strategy formulation and top management.

Even regarding the easiest tasks, he manages his expectations and strategies.

John daughter now has strategies to help him manage in times of stress.

John provided me with insights and strategies that would have otherwise been missed.

Not only does he come up with brilliant strategies, but he makes them happen.

I am especially appreciative of the value he added to our overall strategy.

John sees the strategy of how to get where we want to get very clear.

Marketing has no secrets for him and strategy is one of his leitmotiv.

I'm really excited to try out some of the strategies he highlighted.

John gives us the strategies in his newsletter for getting it done.

Moreover, we have found his inputs on our strategy very valuable.

I am much more efficient and effective when using his strategies.

Him strategies and his views have always been right on the mark.

John is the one most go to for advice and strategy discussions.

Him strategies will help you establish yourself as an expert.

He is a superb grasp of strategy and what needs to be done to achieve that strategy.

John has always managed to deliver extraordinary results promptly while following strategy.

John possesses strong strengths across the spectrums of strategy and management.

He knows and understands issue management and strategy, highly recommended.

John is a manager who is clearly in his strategy and the way to reach it.

He knows how to manage the "big picture" of strategy and yet still deliver on the tactical.

I have seen his effective use of proactive and crisis management strategies first hand.

He always had efficient strategies to manage the work dynamics.

Not only does he think of the best strategy for the present, but also the future.

John has always been strong on strategy and presenting that strategy to stakeholders around us.

I was particularly impressed by his revamp and optimization of our channel management strategy.

John really helped us focus on core strategy and make sure management was on the same page.

John is a very rare combination of strategy and people management.

John is an engaging speaker who offers useful strategies on time management.