Stress Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Stress Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He works well both independently and collaboratively, and always remains cool under pressure.
He is also a great person to have around in times of a crisis; he is always calm and decisive.
You've never worked with someone so smiley, even through times of stress.
For your organisation, you can expect someone who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk.
John did a good job of balancing a complex workload while maintaining a positive attitude on a very challenging project.
John handles situations with a cool head and professionally.
Anyone can talk the talk, John walks the walk.
He handles pressure and manage it very well.
He does what he says he will, and he handles stress and pressure very well.
John has managed to successfully manage several teams and handle stressful situations.
He handles pressure well and can communicate up and down the management chain.
He is a manager that gets to know his people, and manages to their strengths.
Risk management is definitely one of John's strengths.
He is capable of handling pressure and manage the employees.
He handles pressure very well and is very persuasive.
Conscientiousness and intensity are his biggest strengths.
John is very self-managed and requires no supervision.
He managed to take the stress out of what is otherwise a normally very stressful situation.
He is good with customer management and can handle pressure very well.
He is very good at time management and handles pressure well.
It gives you techniques to better handle stress and stressful situations.
I am amazed by the way he handles stress.
He needs very little supervision and always delivers under pressure.
The pressure was always intense and never ending.
One of John's strengths is chaos management.
According to me his key strength is time management.
I have seen him the way he handled service management and then how he handled technical details in the accounts he managed.
His strengths are process management, time management, and communication.
John works well under pressure and handles the pressure well.
John handled himself with strength and professionalism throughout.
John easily handles anything given to him and manages to go above and beyond, consistently.
He knows how to handle any challenges and he makes the most difficult things look manageable.
I would recommend John; he was very good at managing under very intense pressure.
He manages pressure with grace and discernment.
John is an excellent manager who knows how to handle just about any situation.
He is an organized manager and is great under pressure.
John manages well under pressure and with tight deadlines.
Great at handling teams and managing clients.
Despite the pressure, he always managed to do things with a smile.
He knows what needs to get done without supervision.
He conducts business like it should be conducted.
Whatever needs to get done will get done with little to no supervision.
His strengths include analytics, team building and strength management.
Overall, John is a strong leader that managed to the strengths of his managers.
Joe handles pressure and frustration well.
He can handle the pressure this industry tends to bring.
Very professional and handles pressure well.
Able to handle pressure and deliver on time.
He handles pressure very well and has never failed to appreciate his co-workers.
He is very trustworthy and can handle immense pressure.
John handles pressure like no one I've ever seen.
He can adapt and handle situations under pressure.
He taught me how to handle pressure and workload.
He is adept at handling pressure situations.
He knows how to handle pressure and always delivers on time.
I used to marvel at the way he used to handle pressure situations.
He never gets tired and can handle lots of pressure.
He is one of the few professionals who handle pressure with ease.
He has immense capacity to handle pressure.
He handles pressure very well and still remains calm.
Then later as a manager, he helped foster an environment which was much less stressful than it had been under previous managers.
He has an experience that allows him to manage any stressful situation.
John has the ability to make stressful situations manageable.
We appreciate all he did to make a very stressful time not so stressful.
Everyone carries stress and he will take the stress right out of you.
Our company during stressful situations, John did not appear stressed.
John managed to do that while keeping his composure even in very stressful situations.
John has managed the stress very well and he has always stayed focused on the result.
And, he also is very composed and able to manage well in stressful situations.
He manages to always stay calm, even when the situation is very stressful.
John manages stress very well, he delivers in extreme situations.
He took the stress, but he always tried not to take it his sub-ordinates.
You know when he stresses something, that you need to take it serious.
Despite the stresses of all around him, he always seems unflappable.
He makes everyone around him better, especially in stressful times.
Whatever might be the stress, you will never see that on his face.
He is up when under so much stress that others would crumble.
And he will probably have them laughing instead of stressing.
John manages stressful situations, and in vendor management there can be a lot of stressful situations, with humor and calm.
John managed to take the stress out of print even on the tightest deadlines.
John never showed any stress in a sometimes very stressful position.
He can manage a lot of pressure and stress that is very positive for the line management
He is also analytic and deals very well with stress; he never gets stressed.
He gets the best from colleagues and knows how to manage stressful situations with ultimate diplomacy.
He always ensures he has an overview and manages to keep this in even extremely stressful situations.
He stressed that we should always voice our ideas to management regardless of outcome - never just do.
John is sharp and enthusiastic, and he always manages to keep his cool in stressful situations.
John likes to take responsibilities and he definitely knows how to manage stressful situations.
He manages stress really well and he is always ready to accept new challenges along the way.
Him peaceful way to manage stress and difficulties were exactly what we needed at the time.
John made an otherwise stressful and convoluted situation manageable, interesting and fun.
Moreover, even in stressful times he manages to keep the positive and friendly attitude.
At the most stressful times he manages to get everyone on even keel, eager and helpful.
John always managed to see the big picture and would never panic in times of stress.
With stressful deadlines, he managed his workload effectively and well under pressure.
He manages a lot and never lets the stress of it all get to him, not one little bit.
He manages his time well and doesn't get stressed when there is a lot going on.
During moments of stress, he manages to keep focused on the real deliverable.
Highly stress resistant he effectively manages up and is completely reliable.
And he managed the high stress environment while always keeping his cool.
He manages to maintain his decorum and sense of humour when under stress.
All this without his needing to micro manage and he was stress free for him.
He manages stress well, and maintains composure in difficult situations.
He always goes the extra mile and manages the stress with calm grace.
He manages stressful times very well and can multi-task with ease.
He reduced overall stress with his firm and fair management style.
He managed the stress while always maintaining a great attitude.
And a stress-free manager who can empathize with his charges.
He does not easily get stressed and when he does, he manages the stress and focuses on getting the work done.
He also knows how to get things done, often under stressful timelines and conditions.
He comes up with ideas/thoughts/suggestions almost instantly and without much stress.
Also, he never showed any of the stress that we could be under at that time.
Working with him was always pleasurable, even in the most stressful moments.
Having him around makes everything run much smoother and without the stress.
Pretty much everything he touched became less stressful and more effective.
He never let the stress drag him down and he always, always kept the faith.
It always amazes him how much he can handle and he never seems stressed.
John really does take away all the stress and exceeds all expectations.
This endorsement cannot stress enough that he will do the same for you.
It seriously has taken so much of the stress and worry out of his money.
Always smiling, he would never let any situation cause him any stress.
Plus, if you're ever stressed out, he'll make you laugh - guaranteed.
He made things less stressful as you always knew he had it handled.
You can imagine the stress all have been under without him on board.
John's advice and help with stress has also been very beneficial.
You would never know he is stressed, as it is not shown to anyone.
John never gets stressed and meltdown is not in his vocabulary.
John made everything stress free and was always willing to help.
Working with him is really a fun and you will never get stressed.
When things got too stressful for him, he was always the calm one.
John is very dependable, however and did not succumb to stress.
Stretch and stress are something that he can absorb with ease.
John is unfailingly cheerful, even when things are stressful.
Iv never seen him stressed and puts everyone around him at ease.
This could be one of the reasons why he never looked stressed.
He takes the stress out of the most stressful situations and makes you laugh until you've forgotten what you were stressed about in the first place.
Our company manages the work, John managed the morale of his employees against stressful times.
He works well under stress, mostly ours because he somehow manages to stay calm.
He handles stress well and always manages to meet or exceed expectations.
Him charisma made even the most stressful times at work manageable.
We used to work together doing workshops on stress management in our company.
John really knows how to manage complex & stressful situations, to solve contradictions, without adding stress or tension.
John provided him with one-on-one guidance, especially in learning how to manage the stresses of teaching.
Throughout his presentation, he explained what goes on physiologically when stress is not managed and he explained the science on which the various stress management techniques are based.