Strong-Minded Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strong-Minded Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is also strong-minded and inspires passion in like minded individuals.
He is strong enough to say no when required and has a strong business mind.
Anyone who works with him will know he's strong minded and tenacity
Though he has many strong suits, integrity is what comes to mind.
One thing that he always says is " to keep strong and stay strong ".
He has very strong analytical skills with strong logical mind.
He is very strong willed and when he has his mind set on something he will get it done and done right.
He will not hesitate to go out of his way for you and he always keeps your best interests in mind.
He always has your best interests in mind and knows where your strong points are best suited.
His abilities are strong and he can do almost anything he puts his mind to accomplishing.
He is a very strong minded person and knows what he wants and how to go about getting it.
John is strong minded and has no hesitation in speaking directly, yet professionally.
John has a very strong minded personality and always willing to help out others.
He is very professional in everything he does with a strong strategic mind.
He is also strong at thinking outside of the box, and is business-minded.
John is the most responsible, agile, knowledgeable and strong-minded.
He may be strong-minded from times to times, but for the right reasons.
He is one of the sharpest minds around, but he is also very genuine.
It is very comforting to know that he has his best interest in mind.
John is a strong collaborator and always has the end goal in mind.
John is strong minded and has the ability to identify opportunities.
John is focussed, strong-minded and keeps his eye on the ball.
John is very analytical, strong minded and well-grounded manager.
He is clear minded strategists and very strong operationally.
He says what's on his mind and he is very honest and honorable.
John is strong minded, influential and an experienced leader.
John will always do well wherever he goes and has his strong recommendation.
John always looks out to help others around him be strong and successful.
It would not be too strong to say we couldn't have done it without him.
He is always willing to help anyone and his knowledge is very strong.
John is particularly strong at getting the most from his people.
John cares about relationships and really wants to know what's on your mind.
He has a strong mind and is very creative in looking at problems.
He is also commercially-minded and strong on analytical skills.
Attention to detail and presence of mind is his strong skills.
The first thing that comes to mind about him is the word dependable.
He is strong minded and fearless, but also kind and compassionate.
He always had our best interest in mind, both at the organization and the individual participant level in mind.
John is very solution minded, hard working and gets anything he puts his mind to doing
Rather, he was just the name that always seemed to come to mind whenever something out of the ordinary needed to be done or answered.
He always has his customer in mind and never approaches you or strong arms you with anything you may not need.
John has a very strong analytical mind, and a very strong commitment to getting things done the right way.
John's talent goes way beyond him strong strategic mind; he knows what it takes to get things done.
He always worked with the best interest of the company in mind, yet kept him individualism strong.
He is always cheerful, unflappable and strong minded when it comes to getting people to pay.
John has always been very responsive and has the best interest of his organization in mind.
He is very thorough and always had the client's and the candidate's best interest in mind.
He has a strong business mind and he can see through to the end game/business result.
In mind, he is extremely knowledgeable, strong and knows when to push and when to pull.
John has an unusually strong analytical mind and knows how to make a point/argument.
John is determined and strong minded, but willing to listen to other people's opinions.
John is serious-minded, efficient, and well organized when it comes to our company.
He is technically very strong & has also an applicative mind with business acumen.
John has very strong and clear values and does not hesitate to speak his mind.
John has a very strong technical knowledge as well as being very service minded.
He's the first name that comes to mind when referring associates looking for help.
John is very talented and a strong minded woman, and the right one for the job.
John is very strong minded and visionary leader - accepting nothing but the best.
He is a strong advocate for his candidates and has our company interests in mind.
His leadership and strong customer service are what will always stick in his mind.