Structural Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Structural Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He approaches design with a logical, structured approach which gives reason for all his design decisions.
His ability to structure the design requirements into visual designs and wireframes is outstanding.
He's designed, structured, and built the most remarkable company.
He knows how to structure design and artwork so that the end result stands out and looks clean.
It was all so well designed by him and it was structurally adding up into a majestic edifice.
He can design structures of various sorts to the exact dimensions of the available space.
His approach to design and structure start and end with the user in mind.
His designs were always meticulously structured, detailed and mature.
His influence on style, structure and design continues to captivate.
John also backs up his design experience with his own design business.
John made an incredible impression on the designers under him and made sure we were better designers by the end of the project.
His designs are impeccable, and his implementations are always clean and structured.
John recommended, re-designed and implemented a new structure.
This involved helping us to structure (message design) and presentation.
His attention to detail, design process and his design integrity sets him apart from most other designers.
He always pushed him to be a better designer while taking in new design styles everyday that have made him such a well rounded designer and person.
He can design systems for companies of all sizes and structures.
His courses are well designed and structured, so that you can take it one day at the time, and enjoy your self-discovery.
Him design workflow was the underpinning of our departmental structure when we doubled in size.
He is a key asset in helping him design his organizational structure.
John designed structural bracing with great attention to detail.
He reviewed the existing design and provided some good design changes to the project.
As a designer on his project, he challenged him to design better and better.
His design ability made him the go to guy for daily design projects.
John's lectures have always been thoroughly prepared and well structured.
His understanding of remuneration design, structure, and implementation is second to none.
We always look forward to the design he comes up with for our next project.
He provides the structure of the organization and design strategies focus on objectives.
John clearly understood requirements and designed effectively data structures.
As an experienced lead designer, he is able to connect small design details with an overall design vision.
Looking at his portfolio you can see he has an eye for color and his designs have strong structures that actually make sense.
Him class structure is always designed to let student to engage in the class.
John's expertise also extends to information design and design process.
He also creates beautiful jewellery sometimes inspired by the cuttlefish structure which he uses to mould some of his designs.
John's insight on organizational structure and strategic design is valuable and actionable.
He brought a fresh perspective to the designs with him simplistic and structured approach.
John designed structural aspects of a new side-dump wagon for him.
He strives to support the designer's aesthetics often taking the design and copywriting to the next level.