Structural Drafter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Structural Drafter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can provide structure, but knows where the structure is not necessary.
His courses are well structured, in the fact that there is no structure.
He also has a very structured mind, hence his code is very well structured.
He's also very structured and everyone knows exactly what they should be brought in by the next class
Sympathy for the employees he has made changes of structure in the groups.
He knows how to extract the best out of anyone and structure it to the best.
Not only is he great in both, but he is also very structured and organised.
He also knows how to get things done in complex organizational structures.
He is very structured in what he does and provides tremendous results.
Without him there would have been no structure, no decisions and no end.
He is structured and always makes sure that he delivers as promised.
He went out of his way to help us ideate and structure an approach.
Each one of his classes was very structured as well as interesting.
He did this in a structured way and you could ask him any question.
For him, he was an effective, well structured and very enthusiastic.
He is structured and focussed and get things done - and in time.
The course was well structured, and his expectations of us clear.
He gets things done, is very structured, diligent and tenacious.
He is structured in his approach and followed up each session.
John has always been very structured, focused and persuasive.
He is very pedagogical in his approach as well as structured.
He is very structured, fast and keeps his always commitments.
His course at the our company is both comprehensive and well structured.
Dedicated, structured and amazing at following up for our company.
Given the structure of our company, this is truly remarkable.
John made sure that every class was structured and interactive.
John can always see the structure behind what is happening and then he can overlay the structure that would make things work.