Student Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Student Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John and strongly recommend him as an advisor to other students.
He went above and beyond for him, as well as many other students.
Catino had been always available - not just for him, but any student.
He interacts extremely well with students, advisors, and faculty.
John goes above and beyond for our company's partner organizations, advisors and students.
John thrives to be the best that he can be for any students, whether they are directed his students or not.
He makes not only his students, but every student, feel like they're at home.
John exemplifies all the positive attributes of a student advisor.
He is very dedicated in everything that he does and he always made himself available for students.
Zavelson always made himself available to help his students with their questions.
John went out of his way to make sure the students had everything they needed.
John makes sure his students get that, whether they appreciate it now or later.
He is well known among all the students, not just the ones he taught.
John is and is one of those students that you don't want to see leave.
He goes above and beyond to make sure his students are comprehending.
Like many of the other students, he took the course very seriously.
He makes his students believe that they can do whatever they want.
That said, he is not above taking critique even from his students.
Agarwal since he never keeps such wall between his & his students.
Nevertheless, he did much better than most students in the class.
One needs only to see what his former students have accomplished.
So he was not only to him, but also to all students in the class.
The students look up to him, and truly appreciate his efforts.
He knows very well how to bring out the best of every student.
He truly made sure that students were following the concepts.
There is nothing he will not do, to help his students succeed.
Definitely one of the very best students, which went through our company.
Impressed enough to ask him to be our heating, air and plumbing advisor.
He engaged very well with students as a good listener and advisor.
John is very clear with what students could expect from him and what he expected from his students.
He also makes himself readily available to help students outside of class whenever students need it.
He's also got incredible heart and goes out of his way to help his students (and former students).
He's very responsible towards and students and always aims to bring what's best for the students.
He's always been very attentive to students' needs and his door is always open for students.
He not only keeps in touch with current student, but also with students who have graduated.
He understands what students need and provides prompt help whenever students need it.
He genuinely cares about all his students and tries his best to help every student
His dedication to him students is reflected in his popularity among the students.
He takes his students seriously and makes sure that no student gets left behind.
We have student after student who says that they love him facilitation style.
As a student we always realised that he has been amazing with students.
John is immensely helpful to students and non-students alike.
However, in his experience many of those advisors see students as no more than nuisances that must be dealt with as quickly as possible.
He is a great advisor and many times students have turned to him for his insights.
The students loved him and always told him what a great advisor, he was to them.
He's always very positive and would go out of his way to make sure his students were getting the most out of the opportunity.
He will go out of his way to help students in any way possible, which directly reflects his overall character.
John always went above and beyond to help his students get the most out of each class and best possible mark.
You always believe that your students will grow to be better than you are and he has done this wonderfully.
John and he always took it upon himself to go over and beyond his duties for the sake of his students.
He always wanted the best for his students and was always willing to help out in any way that he could.
Above all else he was always available for help and genuinely wanted the best for all of his students.
He is one of the best students in the class, and always went above and beyond in everything he did.
Overall, his commitment went above and beyond and he did this while being an exceptional student.
He got on extremely well with everyone around him and was liked and respected by other students.
Not only did he know every student's name, but he knew what was going on in each of their lives.
Outside of class, he was fun to be around and always seemed to get on well with other students.
John provides students with opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise on their own.
He always pushed us to our very best and believed in each and every one of his students.
Sometimes he needs to be strict to his students so that they cannot make any deception.
John truly knows how to get through to his students and make every lesson fascinating.
Along the way he provides both logical and useful interventions to help the student's.
Executive students can be very demanding and he always goes beyond their expectations.
This just goes to show that he wants other students to become better at what they do.
John went out of his way to encourage and cajole the very best out of his students.
John is very passionate about what he does, and it is very evident to his students.
His simplicity is something which every student of him had always tried to emulate.
As well, his involvement with our students often does not end with the last class.
Lastly, he is approachable and ever willing to help students, which make him great.
John always offered him help and was eager to get to know all of his students.
He challenges each and every one of his students to be the best of their ability.
John not only believes in his students, but makes them believe in themselves too.
His students have no way but being persuaded by what he says and how he said it.
Besides, he also helps other student to finish this course with the best results.
He makes sure his students understand that he wants to see all of them succeed.
John can reach each student where they are and take them to the next level.
John means he'll be there for you even when your not him student anymore.
His students went out of their way to tell him how much they loved his classes.
John is one of the few students who distinguished himself from the rest.
He also took from his life experiences to use as an example for his students.
He is committed to his students and will go above and beyond when necessary.
John impressed him and other students with always something new, insightful.
He consistently got more out of his students than would have been expected.
John made you feel like an individual, not just another one of his students.
His students come back each semester and always get something new and fresh.
He always encouraged his students to try something new and do the right things
He really wants to make sure that each student truly understands the class.
The students were already asking when he was coming back as he was leaving.
He looked at every student as if they were the only one there was to help.
John is an ambitious student who knows what he wants and goes after it.
Additionally, he taught the course to our students for several semesters.
He often would help other students that were having trouble in the class.
He is always there for students who needs someone to talk to with advice.
He's really on to something and the students are still talking about it.
He does his best to make complicated things understandable for students.
He is very concern and tried to help students in whatever way he could.
His willingness to help other students was both welcome and appreciated.
This helps his students, colleagues get the most out of their potential.
Both his students and him have never been disappointed with the outcomes.
He believes in his students, and has always been someone to look up to.
What is great is to see the passion he has in the course and students.
However, what makes him really stand out is his belief in his students.
Sousa wants his students to succeed often more than they themselves do.
He is liked by his students as he also likes each and every individual.
It comes as no surprise that he became the best student of our group.
John has been his student as well as he had served directly under him.
He pushes students to make our company and does not accept anything less.
John is always the student, you knew that was going to be successful.
If one of the students has some issue, he will try his best to help.
He expects the best from his students and gives of his best for them.
In his class, he always makes sure each and every student contribution.
He is well respected and liked by both students and other colleagues
John, tends to his students in the way he would hos own children.
John epitomized everything that you would want in an adult student.
He is willing to help and he is extremely fair to his students.
He is very lenient with his students because he knows the struggle.
He gives each student one-on-one attention - even after graduation.
However, he is never irascible or inattentive towards his students.
To say that he was an amazing student would be an understatement.
Best of all, he shares what he knows with him students every day.
John is really diligent student, he always makes things perfect.
He would always ask the questions that no other student would ask.
He's all about the students and faculty who are under his charge.
John's provides greater value for his students than is expected.
John goes that extra mile for each and every one of his students.
Tech which was not very common among other students of his batch.
Many of his students comment on how useful they found that lesson.
Perryman always impressed him with his commitment to the students.
His students all praise him and want to take more of his courses.
John's strengths help others become better thinkers and students.
John encouraged every student to believe all things are possible.
He has the right balance to get the best out of you as a student.
He truly got the students to think out of the box and experiment.
John will go beyond him limit to help his students and colleague.
It is no wonder that he is popular with students and colleagues.
John is an enthusiastic and thorough student in every respect.
He knows the subject well and can explain well to the students.
He is committed to the cause of leadership, and to his students.
Of course, he was friendly and familiar with all other students.
He's smart, inventive, and he's all there to help the students.
John, you are one of his most memorable students and friends.
His students come first no matter what is going on in his life.
J is someone students can look up to and aspire to be like him.
He was, as many of us were, not brilliant, but smart students.
He got along very well with his fellow students in the cohort.
For an older student like himself, it makes all the difference.
That is exactly what he loves his students to do in his class.
The students really loved him and he was very, very effective.
He really knows how to connect with each student individually.
In his class, he was also one of the most outstanding students.