Supervision Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Supervision Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been a great inspiration as a business coach.
John is a great coach, motivator and inspiration.
He is perfect supervisor and a taskmaster, really inspires and leads the group.
John is a skilled manager with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
He knows the value of workforce and diversified culture.
His strategic and leadership skills were fundamental to the growth of the company, truly inspiring and motivating all of us.
He is always on board with the team to support and provide opportunities.
John is an amazing visionary and leader, who can inspire teams to achieve amazing feats.
He has a skill to inspire his teams and also provide great feedback to help them grow.
John has excellent soft skills and can lead big teams, bring to your project better processes, new technologies and the open second breath of the development team.
John is a talented and inspired motivator.
He knew when to take charge and when to let others lead.
John is a great leader and a fabulous coach.
John also coached and trained out leadership team to understand our personality differences and how to manage those in our communications and daily work.
John leads by example, demonstrates high integrity and provided growth and leadership to all involved in our teams.
The creation of this challenge is definitely a testament to his leadership and communication abilities.
He has great interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.
He is honest, understanding, works well in groups big or small and would be an asset to anyone/company who hires him.
He has elevated every one of his team members to finding and providing good opportunities and by providing excellent guidance and feedback.
Him problem-solving skills come in handy with our department's tight project deadlines.
He was able to balance management responsibilities with treating employees with fairness and empathy.
His organizational skills are impeccable.
John is a decisive, accessible leader.
It's great working with someone like that because he is such a great mentor and coach.
Don't get me wrong, John will tell you his honest opinions and why things work the way they do.
John demonstrated over and over that he had the ability to achieve while providing inspiration to others.
He strives to provide the best coaching, is very positive, and someone who goes the extra mile to help his employees achieve growth in the role and growth as individuals.
John sets expectations high and assists the learning process for all involved.
He is a supportive leader who understands how to motivate and inspire his team.
His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable.
John is a leader able to inspire his staff through good communication of his vision and empowering them to be all they can be.
He's been a great coach and mentor to me.
He shows respect and support for those he interacts with.
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a leader and a kind mentor.
John is a truly amazing coach and mentor.
He facilitated a very good interactive session with all the participants and everyone felt personally involved.
He is an amazing coach.
It will be an opportunity for the organisation and its employees of all ranks to learn and grow under his leadership.
John is a passionate coach who provides a trusting, safe environment for growth.
He has been and still is my mentor and coach.
He is not only amazing at developing talent he is also amazing at growing himself.
My leadership and management skills have certainly improved through John's coaching sessions.
Known him for a few years now and watched him grow from strength to strength.
John's ability to juggle multiple activities and interests was unlike any I've seen before and made a dramatic difference in the learning level of our team.
He has excellent skills to train youngsters as well as those who are already in service.
He leads by example and knows how to motivate others by his actions.
John is a phenomenal leader; he can inspire and motivate individuals on command.
Him ability to inspire and grow the talent within him teams has been a joy to watch.
Every step of the process was challenging for me, but with John's great help and his ability to keep me involved was inspiring.
John is a very considerate leader and has provided me with many personal growth opportunities.
He has leadership ability, sales ability and the rare skill set of being able to coach his people.
He worked strategically with me to develop a plan for growth for each individual.
He has the rare ability of bringing the best out in people - mentoring, coaching skills, and managing performance when the need arises.
John is an incredible kind and nurturing mentor, who has done everything to support me and my team to grow.
His skills at mentoring and motivating the group and his careful guidance have been excellent.
He made a huge difference to the company's development and growth.
John has the fantastic ability to work with teams to help them create a vision, execute a plan that brings the whole team together to achieve their objectives.
John has been a great mentor for me to grow into management.
He showed his value by mapping the job requirements to my aptitudes, providing clarity, expectation setting, and working through the hiring process.
John is an inspiring leader, an excellent mentor and one of the best software managers I've worked with over the years.
He promotes leadership skills upon his colleagues and those that he supervises
It was his supervision and leadership skills that led him to this promotion.
He goes out of his way to help colleagues when they need help and supervision.
You could always rely on him to get things done without much supervision.
He never needs supervision and is well-liked by all of his colleagues.
He knows just how to bring out the best from those he supervises.
And, he was able to do all of this with very little supervision.
His supervision and encouragement helped us to convert all our skills into strengths.
That was a valuable skill considering the diverse group of employees he supervised.
He has the skills to handle issues from start to finish with minimal supervision.
He pursues supervision around his own supervising of students.
He's very skilled in many different areas and handles new challenges well, with minimum supervision.
John has strong skills, thought for himself and needed very little direct supervision.
John always went out of his way to look out for the interests of those that he supervised, and it really showed.
You can entrust him any responsibility and be sure that he will do it without any further supervision.
People seek him out when they want something done right, without supervision or coddling.
Marketing wise, he knows what to do and how to do the things without any supervision.
He is always attentive and responsive to the needs of those under his supervision.
He would be an asset to any organization and particularly to those he supervises.
He would constantly bring the best out of everyone under his supervision.
Don't need to be supervised by anybody, he takes his responsibilities.
He needs no telling on what to do and no supervision on doing.