Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John expects no less than the best from himself and those he supervises
He is his supervisor in the past and he always made himself available.
John has all the qualities you would want as your supervisor.
He is one of the best supervisors, one can have in our company.
He is one supervisor who gets things done and whom we can look up upon to during tough times.
He has been his supervisor, and we have worked alongside each other as colleagues.
His relationship with him was both as his supervisor and as one whom he supervised.
Carmie was one of his immediate supervisors who keeps him inspired and motivated
He gets along very well with anyone, whether colleagues, supervisor, his team.
He is a supervisor who will always be there on your side whenever you need him.
As his supervisor, he never discouraged him from trying something unorthodox.
Enthusiastic go-getter who is well liked by both his peers and supervisors.
Additionally, he was his supervisor for his dissertation in the third year.
He is most often out in front of other departments and his supervisor.
He has been his colleague and his supervisor for the past several years.
John is one of those supervisors for whom one really enjoys working.
He may have been our supervisor, but he never put himself above us.
He is not his direct supervisor, but the supervisor of his team leader.
He also checks with supervisors whenever there is anything unclear.
As his supervisor his expectations were always very clearly defined.
Although he is his supervisor, he truly never made it feel this way.
John has always been very supportive for his supervisor and peers.
He is always available to speak to employees and his supervisors.
John goes above and beyond as an employee and as a supervisor.
John is the best supervisor an intern or anybody could ask for.
John has been his best supervisor ever in his many years of experience.
John worked in the same department, but for another supervisor.
John is one of the most influential supervisors in his career.
Besides being his professor, he was also his thesis supervisor.
He is well-liked by peers, supervisors and those on his team.
He worked well with everyone and was an excellent supervisor.
Through most of that our company he was his direct supervisor.
It was really comfortable to our company with such supervisor.
In our company he became his friend as well as his supervisor.
John is his supervisor for the second half of his tenure at our company.