Support Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Support Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Unselfish, utterly honest and supportive, he stands apart in channel management and partner support.

He was very available to myself, my manager, and my client for support and collaboration.

He provides managers appropriate support and direction to help them deliver.

He was not my direct manager, but he supported me as only a great manager can.

He is a very supportive manager who allows you to work without feeling "micro-managed".

John is supportive, yet allows his directs to manage their own directs without micro-managing.

John is always willing to go out of his way not only for the candidate but also for his supporting management staff.

A manager's manager, he trusted his leaders, was supportive, encouraging and always had your back.

John is an excellent manager of not only his team, but great supporter of the departments that support him.

John is a very supportive manager who provides the correct tools of trade as well as all the support his subordinates may require.

Never one to micro manage, he is always there to provide guidance and support.

I got to know him as very reasonable and supportive in any decision making and escalation management.

I am incredibly thankful for the time he took guiding and supporting me as my manager.

He gains the respect of every organization, and hiring manager, he supports.

He also gave me all the support needed to successfully support his team of district managers.

Our other managers onset that he has supported always have positive things to say about him work.

He was also very highly regarded among the managers he worked with and supported.

He is very supportive as a manager and is not afraid to take responsibility for issues that need support from more senior levels of management.

John updated and managed my website for several years and is now supporting my efforts in rebranding.

John was a very approachable and confident manager who always offered support when and where required.

He was always there to be an active manager when needed and to support you in your role for success.

He makes sure that all the activities are supported by liaising effectively with top management.

He is loyal and supportive to him staff and this is exactly what you want from a manager.

I always found him ready and eager to listen, guide and support without "micro-managing".

He requires minimal support and is capable of managing many initiatives simultaneously.

John is an extremely supportive manager in a complex and diverse working environment where getting the right support is essential.

You trust your manager and you know he will always do his best to support you - so you do your job well.

His help and support was invaluable and his logistic management was excellent.

Although he was not my direct manager, he made a point to always be available and willing to go above and beyond to offer support.

His management style is pure supportive and takes the time to get to know each and every one of his colleagues.

As a manager, he is extremely supportive and really drives you to deliver to the best of your potential.

His outstanding management capacity must be supportive of the growth of any organization globally.

He was on top of all managers that he handled and was there was direction and support when needed.

His management style is supportive and encouraging with lots of positive reinforcement.

He supervises but not micro-manages, supports rather than drives every activity.

John's management style is supportive, empowering, direct, and always on-point.

His advice, support and direction as a manager was always welcome and helpful.

As my line manager, he struck the right balance between support and challenge.

John has been a very supportive manager who has helped me grow in my career.

In addition, he was responsible for our support services area, managing support enquiries.

John was an excellent manager, very supportive and encouraging while always challenging you to improve.

John is definitely one of the most supportive and understanding managers, one can hope to work with.

John is an enthusiastic and supportive manager who is very easy to work with.

John manages to be, empathic, analytical, supportive and challenging - all at the same time.

One of his responsibilities was to support the managers in this transition and the build up of the new company.

He is very supportive and encouraging to all the stuff he manages, and always gets the best out of people.

He appreciates good solutions and provides excellent support, but does not micromanage.

John is an excellent manager and always provides complete support to his agents.

He is a very passionate and supportive manager and encourages the best out of his staff.

Being a leader, he provides inspiration, encouragement, and other management supports.

As a manager, he is supportive of his staff and appreciates their contributions.

He was always encouraging and supportive to managers and successful in helping us find better ways to manage staff.

He's everything you would hope for in a manager - innovative, supportive and creative.

He was also a great supportive manager and always available to provide advice and guidance.

As a manager, his approachability allows him to provide effective support and guidance.

John managed that event from the heart and supported me in everything all the time and even during weekends.

He has always been honest and open with me and has supported me becoming more confident in managing my own finances.

He manages the partnership between our companies and supports the co-activities very well.

He has the unique ability to see the big picture, and also manage and support the details.

He pushes both his people and the managers he supports to work well together.