Systems Programmer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Systems Programmer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's been really good for other students on his programme and on other programmes too.
It was a flexible system that even a non-programmer like himself could understand.
Plus, he's the best type of programmer - he uses what he makes.
His only problem with the programme is that it came to an end.
A self-taught programmer, there is nothing he can't do or learn.
He listens well, taking input, which he ensures is driven as impacts into the programme to strengthen the programme.
Since then we've been on an accelerated programme with him, and the results have been fantastic.
He is one of the mature programmer as he always tries new things towards problem solving.
The programme has given him an edge and the results are already evident.
He is a passionate programmer and very willing to help all the time.
Thereby he set up the innovation program for our organisation.
John joined the core system replacement programme at a critical time
John, taught him agile within the formal environment of the programme, but also made himself available to him, and many others on the programme, on an individual basis.
He always has him enthralled by the way he engages with programme participants.
John would be an asset to any organisation undertaking a major systems change programme.
As always, he was excellent in his delivery and organisation of the programme.
Sugar came to the programme eager to learn everything he could.
His background as a programmer make him even better at his job.
His experience of Comms on large transformation programmes was a massive asset to our programme.
John is one of the best our company programmers in the field.
His understanding and passion for the programme was second to none and he was always on the look out to make improvements wherever possible.
He does not have any of the usual temperamental smarter than you attitudes seen in programmers.
John has made a positive contribution in the brief time he has been on the programme.
His programme for the organisation is inspiring and going to new heights all the time.
Firstly, as a programmer, he definitely knows the right way to solve a problem.
And that's not all, he's also an avid programmer, and a problem solver.
John is a brilliant programmer when it comes to solving problems.
John is a dedicated programmer with an aspiration for growth.
John first came to our company as part of the graduate programme.