Talent Acquisition Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talent Acquisition Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The counsel he provides on talents and talent acquisition were invaluable to him.
John understands the need to " think outside of the box" in regards to talent acquisition.
He could then take on the task using not only his talents but also the talents of his team.
Clients can always rely on him for his invaluable advice on talent acquisition.
His approach to talent acquisition is sincere/direct and well organized.
He truly understands talent acquisition and is an asset to any company.
His role is talent acquisition, but he brings so much more to the table.
His methodologies of talent acquisition are appreciated around.
John joined our company when the pressure was truly on the talent acquisition.
John possesses many strengths, particularly in the area of talent acquisition.
He never disappointed us and helped us in all stages of talent acquisition.
John has set the bar for his expectation in talent acquisition.
When it comes to talent acquisition, he has a unique ability to identify the right talent for the job.
His talents were also apparent during the acquisition process.
He understands talent acquisition from the employer perspective.
John's signature is his vision for what talent acquisition can and should be, and the way he collaborates to get there.
He does this because he is sensitive to the talent acquisition experience that each party is navigating.
He got up to speed quickly and provided an immediate impact to our talent acquisition capabilities.
He is an excellent acquisition for any organisation and has an exceptional talent for what he does.
It just doesn't capture the genius and dimension he brings to talent acquisition.
Him uncanny ability to think outside the talent acquisition box is unrivaled.
He cares about adding value to the company through the acquisition of talent.
John made a huge difference in our talent acquisition right from the start.
He truly is a seasoned veteran in the talent acquisition forum.
He targets high talent acquisition and sees to it that he hits.
Our company wouldn't have grown to what it is today without John at the helm of talent acquisition.
Wherever he's going he will be an outstanding acquisition and will make the difference.
Add him to yours and you're bound to be very pleased with your acquisition.
Strategically, he was the guide through two sensitive acquisitions.
His foresight was particularly useful in mergers and acquisitions.
John would be an outstanding acquisition for any organization.
This was one of the largest acquisitions done by our company.
Our company's acquisition of Macromedia was one of uncertainty.
He also helps shepherd through our acquisition of our company.
He would do well in any talent acquisition setting, be it third party or in-house.
John will add value on any talent acquisitions team within any environment.
He provides more than just talent acquisition to our company which makes him even more valuable to our team.
John is new to our company's talent acquisition when he joined our team.
He truly has gone above and beyond and sets a high bar for others in talent acquisition.
Him compassion attracts people to him and he is great at talent acquisition.