Talent Acquisition Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talent Acquisition Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His most recent roles were in managing an organization responsible for talent acquisition.
John is a strategic visionary in the areas of talent management and talent acquisition.
John has been an example to others in the talent acquisition department.
John really knows what he is doing when it comes to talent acquisition and is highly recommended.
John understands the need to " think outside of the box" in regards to talent acquisition.
John is an excellent in talent identification and acquisition.
He is my first choice for any senior/serious talent acquisitions.
John was the one who discovered my niche for talent acquisition.
John understands this because he is just as talented as any one of the individuals he manages.
John has all the necessary innate talents and is an outstanding manager.
He is one of the very few managers who truly recognizes and values talent.
John is an exceptionally talented consultant/project/programme manager.
He is extremely talented at what he does and is an exceptional manager.
He managed me in a way that made me push myself to better my talents.
He manages by empowering others and brings out their best talents.
He is also somebody who understands the nuances of managing talent.
He was also helpful to managers in uncovering the right talent.
I am particularly impressed by his management style and talent.
He is an excellent manager and surrounds himself with talent.
John is a very talented manager who manages things with great ease and acumen.
His passion for integrating talent acquisition and talent management is thought-provoking and inspiring.
John would definitely be a great asset to any talent acquisition or talent management team.
He is a talent magnet who knows how to identify, grow and manage top talent.
He has got immense knowledge about talent management, acquisition and retention.
He also thinks strategically about talent acquisition and management.
John has that rare talent of being a manager that really knows how to manage and get the best out of the people around him.
John is an extremely talented manager of both people and process within the realm of talent acquisition.
He is very talented at managing and motivating his employees.
Clients can always rely on him for his invaluable advice on talent acquisition.
John is affluent in the world of talent acquisition as all of us know.
I highly recommend him for any talent acquisition project/position.
His methodologies of talent acquisition are appreciated around.
John is one of those individuals who are gifted with the talent of looking at the same thing everybody is looking at but he manages to see something different and unique.
Some of the searches he has performed/top talent he has provided for his managers have been truly impressive.
John is of that rare breed of managers that truly makes the best come out of everyone - what a talent.
John is brilliant, he always manages to unearth talent that we haven't found.
He manages individuals according to their talents and plays to their strengths.
I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of talent management expertise.
John is a talented manager with the great enthusiasm towards new challenges.
John is extremely talented in all aspects of sales/marketing management.
He is very up on all the latest trends in talent management and it shows.
He possesses so many different talents, and manages to excel at them all.
John's expertise is talent management was something everyone strived for.
He is an excellent businessman and has tremendous management talent.
His management, leadership and entrepreneurial talents are remarkable.
John is a talented and seasoned manager who is always on the ball.
John has always been a sought-after management talent in the company.
John is an energetic and multi-talented manager and entrepreneur.
His understanding of the talent management space is second to none.
John is a bright, professional, one of the most talented managers.
John comes across a very highly talented and aggressive manager.
He is focused on managing and fostering the talent in the firm.
He recognizes talent and knows how to manage them accordingly.
John is an awesome, talented, smart, and experienced manager.
John has great management style and he is amazingly talented.
John is all of that and more since his interests and capabilities go way beyond talent management.
John is also a great manager that nurtures and fosters growth in the talent he manages.
He has successfully managed his workforce through two acquisitions.
John knows how to recognise the talent in people and especially how to grow that talent.
His approach to talent acquisition is sincere/direct and well organized.