Talent Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talent Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He has a talent for that and talent is something given - you have it or you don't have it, how to say.

I greatly appreciate having him on our board of directors and think you will appreciate his talents too.

I have always been impressed with his talents as a producer/director/executive director.

As a director, he knows what he needs from a talent, and how to get it.

He made sure he had the best talent, and used those talents to their full extent.

He's very talented and has the drive to take his talents to the top.

John's talent as a photographer and director knows no bounds.

He's more talented than he knows and if you ever get the chance to find out just how talented he really is, take it.

John always surrounded himself with talented individuals as it was him that attracted this talent.

John's talent's are suited for the driven, the talented and those who are serious about success.

John has an uncanny talent for finding the talent that the others seem to miss.

John has so many talents and his talent as an astrologist is impressive too.

Discerning and observant, he has a talent for picking talent.

He has very good talent of observation and talent recognition.

John has many talents; the combination of those talents is truly rare.

I recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated and talented communications/media director.

John is undoubtedly a talented director and his back catalogue is impressive.

John is a well-rounded and extremely talented designer/art director.

Extremely talented at what he does, and you can't help but want to be his friend.

I really wish him all the best and am sure his talent will always be recognized.

His talents are second to none which will get him far in his profession.

He's very talented, knows exactly what need to do to have things done.

John really kept up with our needs, and provided some very good talent.

Not only is he truly talented, but also someone you want to be around.

We would definitely use him again when we need help finding talent.

It is certainly justified to consider him as an all round talent.

He is talented in all this, and that alone would make him great.

John is very talented and always willing to go above and beyond.

Communicators as talent as he is being quite few and far between.

He is one of the best if you are looking to acquire new talent.

I cannot say enough about his talents, as well as his demeanor.

I'm looking forward to seeing where his many talents take him.

He is not only talented with what he does, but also passionate.

John knows talent when he sees it, and he'll do everything in power to make sure we seize that talent.

John is talented beyond most people's conceptualization of what talent is.

He gives to those around him not just his time, but his talent.

With that said, he is also very much talented in interactive.

John is an incredibly talented individual who has put many of those talents to use very well over the years.

He is very focussed on finding the right talent and does not give up until he finds the right talent.

He is extremely talented in his ability to find the right talent for the right opportunity.

He always uses his bag of tricks to get the best talent in the door and retain that talent.

He is effortlessly talented yet pours himself into his efforts to expand those talents.

You need his talent to leverage the diversity of talents throughout your organisation.

He recognizes talent and fosters an environment where this talent flourishes.

John has many strong talents, but his best attribute is attracting top talent.

John is an incredibly talented illustrator, but his talent exceeds his craft.

He encourages and embraces talent and is talented and polished himself.

He is quick to spot and recognize talent, which itself is a talent.

John is one of the few exceptional talents among talents in the telecom space.

John is a talented filmmaker, director, cinematographer, the list is endless.

John is a very talented and intuitive casting director - he really gets talent and knows how to work with them to bring out their best.

He has been everywhere and knows everyone, he is extraordinarily helpful, and he has many talents.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to others who might wish to make use of his talents.

He takes so much pride in what he does, as he should because seriously he's so talented.

It's testament to his talent and value that everything possible was tried to make him stay.

He is so talented and so thorough that he makes everything look easier than it really is.

Anyone who knows him would agree that his talents are many and that he gets things done.

He brings out the best in you, even when you can see just how talented you truly are.

Mediatrust simply would not be what it is if it wasn't for his talents and efficiency.

John has two talents, among many that he possesses, which are of particular note.