Talent Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talent Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Highly talented himself, he can manage talent beautifully.
He even goes out of the way to help his clients/hiring managers to get the right talent.
Today he is the go to person when it comes to talent management.
He has a talent for getting the most from those who he manages.
He is also talented with his management capability.
He freely shared this talent to make all the regional managers better managers.
Good manager who looks for talent and has a more friendly approach to management.
John is one of the most talented commercial managers I have ever had the pleasure of managing.
He is certainly talented and also knows how to find the right talent.
I look forward to seeing what he does with his many talents.
John understands this because he is just as talented as any one of the individuals he manages.
Beyond talent acquisition, he is very versatile in all aspects of talent management.
John is passionate about talent management throughout the entire talent lifecycle.
I think he is not only outstanding manager, but one of the most talented persons.
John was one of the most talented and effective managers in the organization.
John has all the necessary innate talents and is an outstanding manager.
He knows how to identify talent and manage the talent to maximize results.
He is one of the very few managers who truly recognizes and values talent.
He is extremely talented at what he does and is an exceptional manager.
He managed me in a way that made me push myself to better my talents.
He manages by empowering others and brings out their best talents.
John is very knowledgeable and passionate about talent management.
John was and is an inspirational, personable and talented manager.
He also got some of the top talent into the team while managing.
The other members of management have also recognized his talent.
He was also helpful to managers in uncovering the right talent.
John is an exceptionally talented and accomplished manager.
John is a very talented leader in the talent management field.
He is my direct manager and is very talented at what he does.
I am particularly impressed by his management style and talent.
He is an excellent manager and surrounds himself with talent.
He will be an awesome management talent for any organization.
John showed his many talents while managing this integration.
John is especially talented at managing issues that arise.
John is an extraordinarily talented manager and architect.
His talents go well beyond his system management expertise.
John is the talented manager and the excellent organizer.
Any employer would be lucky to have this talented manager.
John is a talented manager of both people and processes.
John is an experienced and very effective talent manager.
John was a talented manager that new how to get results.
John has shared him talent management best practices.
He helped us take our talent management to new heights.
The management and staff are talented and professional.
John is an outstanding talented technologist and manager.
He is an incredibly talented, forward thinking manager.
John is a talented configuration management professional.
He is really supportive, ethical and talented manager.
His contribution to talent management is remarkable.
He is excellent at onboarding and talent management.
I would recommend his management talents to anyone.
If you are looking for talent management for your organization - you should begin with John.
John is one of the best young talents I have managed.
John has that rare talent of being a manager that really knows how to manage and get the best out of the people around him.
John is one of the best managers I've ever worked with, talented, from both technical and management sides.
His talent for managing both creative talent and projects is outstanding.
John is a talented and talented global project manager.
John is also an excellent manager who focuses on talent management and succession planning.
John is one of the most talented managers encountered in my career.
John's talent for data management is second to none.
John is an example for other managers struggling to get the things done with the best talent in their kitty.
You can see in all of the other recommendations how talented he is at managing any situation.
While he has many talents, managing is surely one of his strongest.
John started as a talent manager and eventually became our branch manager.
John has many talents, but where he really excels is managing people.
His management talents have been widely recognized and he is for sure a manager, you can trust in any situation.
John is also a great manager that nurtures and fosters growth in the talent he manages.
John is one of those individuals who are gifted with the talent of looking at the same thing everybody is looking at but he manages to see something different and unique.
Secondly, he is aware of the talents and shortcomings of those he manages and knows how to use them accordingly.
Some of the searches he has performed/top talent he has provided for his managers have been truly impressive.
John is an exceptional manager: he knows how to detect the right talents and make them brighter.
He understands how to surround himself with talent, and manage them to their potential.
First as his talent manager, he has always provided him the right guidance and advice.
John is brilliant, he always manages to unearth talent that we haven't found.
He manages individuals according to their talents and plays to their strengths.
He can manage any talent, at any level and make them comfortable and confident.
John's talents were unparalleled and appreciated by all levels of management.
He is very up on all the latest trends in talent management and it shows.
He possesses so many different talents, and manages to excel at them all.
John's expertise is talent management was something everyone strived for.
In his opinion, there are three talents that all good managers must have.
Anyone tasked with managing talent-others or self-should be calling him.
His management, leadership and entrepreneurial talents are remarkable.
You can tell he's hyper dialled to growing others and managing talent.
John always made him strive harder and that is a management talent.
John and his agency are truly good at finding and managing talent.
He has helped talented managers become more organized and effective.
John gathers incredible talent around him and manages them expertly.
He's genuinely interested in the success of the talent he manages.
John is great at managing personnel and assessing their talents.
He managed it brilliantly, with talent and sense of pragmatism.
He has loads of talent before he joined us and has used that talent really well since graduating.
He knows talent and how to effectively position talent with the right company.
What struck him most about him wasn't his talent for client management.
He knows how to manage people, get the best out of you and knows that talent and strengths you have.
He's an inspirational manager with an enormous talent for getting the best out of people.
John's talents are greatly appreciated both by him, his manager, as well as his peers.
While he is tenacious, he partners well with him managers to hire the best talent.
John come across real talents who stand out from the other people manager
His talent for managing people and handling anything will be missed.
As well as being talented, he's an extremely good manager of people.
He managed all levels of talented people well with the right approach.
His talent was inspiring and his management style was motivating.
John manages talent by mentoring and inspiring, never bossing.
John's recommendations for our talent management function were right on the mark.
He placed the right talent in middle management and empowered them to do their job.
John is the type of manager that "gets it, " he really has a talent for managing the individual while still seeing the big picture.
He is dedicated and very talented at managing people and change.
John is very talented, which you can tell from his portfolio.
Not only is he exceedingly talented in client management, he is whip smart and truly an amazing manager.
He understands talent management inside and out and is always focused on doing the right thing for the individual as well as the organization.
With just the right balance, his management style allows you to use your talents while incorporating his suggestions.
John has an amazing talent for managing expectations and always seems to deliver more than he promises.
He understands him hiring managers' needs and how to fulfill their requests with the right talent.
He is one of those rare managers, who has talent, experience, and power to make things different.
John would make an extremely valuable addition to any organization looking for talented managers.
John displays leadership and knows not only how to manage, but to inspire and grow talent.
John truly knows how to make contacts and manage & match individual talent with the right position
He is always an influencer in often complex and sensitive talent management situations.
He has the trust of his hiring managers who take his advice on the talent that he hires.
He knows how to judge / manage talent and would add value to any growing organization.
In addition, he has great intuition, which is essential when you in talent management.
In contrast, he is one of those rare talents who manages to always 'keep it together.
John has a natural management talent and is very well respected by his colleagues.
As talented manager, he inspires others to greater successes through his leadership.
With him also being a strong man-manager makes him an all round talented individual.
Outstanding capacity to manage talent within organizations could be his main value.
His accomplishments in leadership and talent management are too numerous to list.
All of our managers were pleased with his speed and his ability to locate talent.
His management style encourages the talents in others to be displayed and grow.
Not only does is he highly intelligent, he is also an excellent talent manager.
He focuses on him hiring managers and bringing them the best talent available.
Besides his talent and professionalism he has managed to be a great colleague.
He's the type of manager that roots for you to succeed and cultivates talent.
It's a talent which he masters better than many more experienced managers.
He manages in an inclusive way, bringing the talents of his entire to bear.
His passion for talent management and bottomless curiosity is contagious.
John's attention to detail was second to none and a talented manager.
John is smart and talented, but more importantly, he is a gifted manager.
He is that rare manager who cultivates talent and inspires greatness.
He brought rigour and passion to his leadership of talent management.
John shines under pressure, and is a talented and capable manager.
His talents definitely earned him the well deserved title of manager.
His management talent and decision making ability are second-to-none.
He can prove himself as a good talent manager in any organisation.
In addition, he has an aptitude for hiring talented young managers.
John managed him as the first batch of our company young talents.
It is an amazing talent which he has brought to his management position with our company.
He recognizes talent and fosters an environment where this talent flourishes.
He gives comfort to clients and the talent he manages instantly.