Talented Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talented Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is certainly talented and also knows how to find the right talent.
All the best to him and may you be the next to use his talent.
He has a talent for that and talent is something given - you have it or you don't have it, how to say.
Extremely talented at what he does, and you can't help but want to be his friend.
He made sure he had the best talent, and used those talents to their full extent.
John is an extremely talented writer, which is just one of his many talents.
His talents are one of many that you have to see for yourself to believe it.
His talents are second to none which will get him far in his profession.
He's very talented, knows exactly what need to do to have things done.
He has many talents and willing to help out whenever the need arises.
He's very talented and has the drive to take his talents to the top.
Working alongside someone as talented as him has been truly an honor.
We would definitely use him again when we need help finding talent.
That, along with his many other talents are what make him so unique.
John is a talent himself when it comes down to talent acquisition.
It is certainly justified to consider him as an all round talent.
He has the talent of getting out the best from his collaborators.
He is talented and went above and beyond in everything he did.
He is talented in all this, and that alone would make him great.
He's one of those talents that makes everyone around him better.
Communicators as talent as he is being quite few and far between.
He is one of the best if you are looking to acquire new talent.
He is not only talented with what he does, but also passionate.
With that said, he is also very much talented in interactive.
This says nothing of his talent, which is quite extraordinary.
We are looking forward to benefiting further from his talents.
We will miss his talents and wish him the best in his career.
John is very talented, which you can tell from his portfolio.
Excellent colleague to our company with talented, very talented.
These our company two things, take his talent to another level.
Providing him with the right talent at the right our company.
Our company you have serious talent and with what you have just done for us will A.
He could then take on the task using not only his talents but also the talents of his team.
He's more talented than he knows and if you ever get the chance to find out just how talented he really is, take it.
John can do whatever he wants with his career because he's so talented but mostly because he wants to help others.
Then let him be the first to tell you, it is not often you will get to our company with such an extraordinary talent.
His talent in any one of these would be enough for him to want him on his team, but somehow he can do it all.
John is one of those talents that will always make an idea/brief/challenge/problem/opportunity better.
He is really talented at getting the best out of people and getting them to think outside of the box.
John is not only tremendously talented, but he is also willing to go above and beyond for others.
John always surrounded himself with talented individuals as it was him that attracted this talent.
John's talent's are suited for the driven, the talented and those who are serious about success.
He has loads of talent before he joined us and has used that talent really well since graduating.
John actually was his boss and then he went out on his own and we continued to use his talent.
Not only for him pure talent, but also because he is definitely someone you want on your team.
He is very talented & not afraid to get in there & do the little things that need to be done.
John is an excellent coach who will help you get the most out of yourself and your talents.
He takes so much pride in what he does, as he should because seriously he's so talented.
He is truly talented and so very passionate about what he does, it comes thru in him our company.
He is always working to better himself and his talents while asking the same from his team.
It's testament to his talent and value that everything possible was tried to make him stay.
He truly gets to know the candidate, their talents, and what they need in their next role.
He is so talented and so thorough that he makes everything look easier than it really is.
He even goes out of the way to help his clients/hiring managers to get the right talent.
Easy for our company with and very talented in the design world, he will go far with his talents.
John knows how to recognise the talent in people and especially how to grow that talent.
Anyone who knows him would agree that his talents are many and that he gets things done.
John has an amazing talent for just getting things done even when they seem impossible.
He has transformed the way we think about talent and how to get the best out of people.
He will go far with his music, and anything else he decides to do with his many talents.