Talkative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Talkative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows what he's talking about when he talks - otherwise he'll look it up and come back to you.
He actually walks the talk, rather than talks the talk, and that is refreshing.
In short, he knows how to listen first instead of talk, talk, talk.
He's easy to talk to, and he doesn't talk for the sake of talking.
John knows what he's talking about because he walks the talk.
He talks about thinking new and different and it's not just talk.
He doesn't just talk the talk he has actually taken the walk.
John not only walks the talk (daily) but also talks the talk.
He is there to talk about what was going on in his life/work, ask if there is anything he could do to help, or just talk about the weather.
He doesn't just talk about the same old things that everyone else talks about, over and over again ad nauseam.
If he's available you should talk to him about what he's done and could do for your team.
He'll tell you that if people aren't talking about you, then you need to talk with him.
Before he begins to talk about the what, he talks about the who, why, where and how.
John's not only interesting to talk to, but he really knows what he's talking about.
He knows what he is talking about and is willing to help out in any way he can.
John will always be someone with him that walked the walk, not just talked the talk.
Many of them talk about things he has done for them sometime in their careers.
He is the one you really should talk to, even if you think you know everything.
John really does want the best for his clients, he doesn't just do the talking.
John talks the talk, but one look at him and you know he also walks the walk.
He knows very well what he wants, how to get it, and what he is talking about.
It was also very easy to talk with him, almost like talking to an old friend.
Attendees kept on talking about his talk in the next days of the court company.
John doesn't just talk the talk, everything he teaches is tried and tested.
Recommend him to anyone that is even considering what he is talking about.
He seems to always know who to talk to and what to say at the right our company.
Not only does he know how to talk the walk but he also walks the talk.
John can talk tech with the best of them, but can also talk to humans.
John not only talks the talk, but he walks it all the way to the bank.
People talk about him when he is not around, and it's all so positive.
He is one of the few motivating others by doing instead of talking.
Plus, he is always available, even if it's just to talk about life.
If you don't know what that means you must go to one of his talks.
He can talk about it for hours and knows what he is talking about.
He's also been there and done that himself - he walks his talk.
John knows everything, yet talks to you as if you're not inferior.
Leading by example, he talks the talk and can also walk the walk.
Before talking to anyone, he gets to know them from all aspects.
Instead of just talking about them, he did something about them.
Whenever you talk to him, you always know he's really listening.
He most definitely can talk the talk in the field of leadership.
He is always willing to talk and gets on well in any team/role.
John is amazing just being him and this comes out in his talk.
He is the one who does things instead of just talk about them.
John knows how to get done what others only talk about doing.
Plus, if you don't know something he doesn't talk down to you.
He talked to his audience as if he was talking to his friend.
He makes himself available to talk to anybody at an your company.
He does not take more, but lets his our company do the talking.
Easy to be with and talk to inside and outside of our company.
One our company thing though - for those who are going to our company with him, before you talk to him, please make sure you have got enough preparation.
Stef was more than willing to go out of his way to see what he could do for him before we even started to talk about him and his business.
He is one of those people who didn't just know what he was talking about, he knew how to talk about it with you.
John can not only talk to anyone and keep it very professional, but he also gets it when it comes to technology.
He is relentless, when he is after something, which allows him to get things done that others only talk about.
Customers would often bring up his name when talking with other customers about who they should be talking with.
He is always available when we needed to talk to him and he'd let us know if he was going to be unreachable.
He's one of the few people out there who will tell it like it is and actually know what he's talking about.
We never saw each other in person, but when he talks to him and about him, it seems he's known him for ages.
One of those guys who really did appear to know what he was talking about - unfortunately not that common.