Tax Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Tax Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His expertise in the area of tax and accounting is second to none.
John provides accountancy and tax services to him for both of his companies.
John understands the complexities of income tax accounting, uncertain tax positions, and required disclosures.
John is a great accountant for our business, he is always on top of our tax and accounting needs.
John's knowledge of accountancy and tax planning is self evident when you deal with him, and is everything that you would hope to get out of an accountant.
John is our accountant and tax advisor, however, he was much more than that.
He's certainly someone who can help in all sorts of circumstances well beyond tax and accounting compliance.
John is not only one of the best accountants and tax preparers, but he is an amazing motivational speaker.
His computer has crashed during tax season, which is an unbelievable disaster for a tax accountant.
John also took on the challenge of learning about contractor accounting and tax.
John's knowledge of accountancy, and all things tax related, is second to none.
He is also extremely accessible in helping to navigate the complexities of tax accounting.
He answers all accounting and tax questions in a manner than can be understood.
John gave him some great accountancy advice to help him fill out his tax return.
His background includes both accounting and tax which is a great asset.
If you want a good accountant and great tax advice, you have found him.
He helped with all things accounting, human resources and taxes.
Others that know him well have told him to have superior talent in accounting and tax advice.
John has been his tax advisor and accountant for the past five years for his business.
Recently hired him to do the accounts and tax return for his business.
He becomes the best and trusted adviser not only for accounting and tax, but also for our commercial matter.
It's great working with him to get his taxes and other accounting questions answered.
Of course he is a master of tax and accounting policy and tactics.
John is reliable, effective accountant with vast tax knowledge.
John's value to his clients went above and beyond providing tax and accounting work.
His accounting and tax knowledge, especially within the property, is invaluable.
John and his team bring agility to accounting and tax advice.
His work was very thorough and he enjoyed the more complex areas of accounting and tax.
He also goes the extra mile to stay up to date on any and all changes with regards to tax and accounting rules and regulations.
If you are like him, when it comes to accounting and taxes it feels a lot like chewing on aluminum foil.
His ability to break complex accounting and tax issues makes him successful in his role.
His desire to learn all he can in accounting and tax prep is very obvious to everyone around him.
He and his team have saved us so much time and money, taking the confusion out of accounting and tax.
John is more that a tax accountant, he is a trusted adviser that you need to have on your team.
John and his team have prepared his tax accounts for many years, always with excellent advice.
Not only is he excellent in all accounting aspects, he excels as a tax strategist.
His teams of accountants and experts in tax are friendly and super efficient.
He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in the complexity of tax law and accounting principles.
Him accounting and tax knowledge is exceptional, as is his attention to detail.
John does whatever is necessary to help protect his client's interest, whether it is an accounting or tax related issue.
They take away the pain of the entire accountancy and tax process for him and are incredibly proactive.
John did excellent accounting and tax work while working with him.
John really took the time to understand his accounts and went above and beyond what would normally have been required for preparation and submission of a tax return.
John's unique accounting experience is perfect for anyone looking to minimize tax while protecting and growing their assets.
As his accountant, he has without a doubt saved us money, and in some instances made us money through tax rebates.
Gear is a professional account, he can help you to solve your complex tax problems.
And delivery of what you do isn't just doing accounts and tax returns (our team does that well without him).
We have been looking for an ideal accountant - one who is an expert in taxes and accounting, who will partner with us in strategic planning, and who is committed to our company's success.