Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It was because teachers like him were actually there for the well-being of their students.
John is one of those teachers that you might only come across once in your life our company.
John may already know this or maybe he doesn't but he is an excellent teacher.
He became the teacher that could actually do what he preached.
He is always willing to help others and is an excellent teacher.
Accounting has never come so easy to him with any other teacher.
John student will be better for having had him as their teacher.
He is certainly one of those teachers who you'll never forget.
Our company is the best teacher that we had in our more company.
John is himself a teacher of teachers when at college, as he inspired and challenged him teachers to do more than just lecture.
John is also known as the teacher who is always available to help, whether you are in his class currently or not.
Sometimes you have to say that someone is one of those teachers that you'll remember for quite some our company.
He is an excellent teacher that knows how to get the most out of everyone around him.
He is by far one of the most passionate teachers that went beyond for every student.
John always went above and beyond for not only students, but also fellow teachers.
He has been the geology teacher, one of the most popular teachers in the school.
John is a four star teacher and an example of what teachers should be everyday.
But what many people probably don't know is that he is also an amazing teacher.
Which is one of the reasons why he has always been such an effective teacher.
The best part about him is that he never made us think that he was a teacher.
Eloquent and charismatic, he is well-liked by both his peers and teachers.
John would be best described as an ideal teacher for the next generation.
He's also a great teacher and goes above and beyond what most teachers do.
Quite often he seemed much more informed than the teachers in the class.
He is a great classroom teacher and an even better one-on-one teacher.
He is a teacher whom you can always look forward for help and guidance.
John has been both his teacher and his supervisor during certification.
John is truly a "teacher's teacher, " and he is an outstanding person.
He is an outstanding teacher that is clearly liked by all his students.
John has been by far the most influential teacher during his career.
John is known throughout the school as the teacher, you want to get.
John is well on his way towards becoming a very accomplished teacher.
He is also one of the best teachers and presenters in the business.
John even keeps in our company with the teachers after the presentation.
John is one of his first teachers at the beginning of his career.
His teaching style has always been different from other teachers.
John is also an excellent teacher and is always willing to help.
John is an experienced business teacher in our teacher panel.
Which is over and beyond what is required of him as a teacher.
John is an inspirational teacher that can never be forgotten.
He is like teacher to him and supports him every our company.
However, his most memorable teacher was not from the our company.