Teaching Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teaching Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

We haven't run into anything he couldn't teach me or assist me in resolving.

He was always willing to help teach and offer assistance when needed.

John's guidance and teachings assisted myself and others in being the best that we can be.

His teaching style is one that everyone who teaches others should posses.

I was his student, and later became his teaching assistant for the same course in the following term.

He is always willing to help, assist, teach or mentor anyone who would ask him for help.

He was an excellent teaching assistant and needed little to no supervision.

I returned the following year serve as his teaching assistant.

John was very helpful and insightful as a teaching assistant.

Also, he is not afraid to do any task by himself, to help newcomers, to teach the assistants.

Beyond his enthusiasm and his teaching ability, what he teaches is superb.

He always believes teaching in reality rather than teaching from books.

Years ago, he was my teaching assistant and was always able and willing to take on all responsibilities asked of him.

John was picked to be a teaching assistant during his sophomore year.

He has assisted in so many ways and is always willing to help, provide guidance and teach.

He strives to teach and encourage others in areas where they may require assistance.

He not only took the time to assist me, he went the extra mile to teach me.

The things that he teaches in this course will make you and your company more profitable.

He has always been very open and really friendly, always willing to help and to teach.

He knows how to teach someone the most difficult thing, with the at most ease.

John has an enthusiasm to teach others and is always willing to help.

I would search for him and join the course where ever he is teaching.

John is the one to teach those around him and set them up for success.

John strives to get results and that also goes for his teaching.

John, thank you for teaching and for helping me with the results.

He'll teach you a thing or two and he'll help you get results.

He is also the one you want to teach humility and leadership.

He takes the time to teach and assist with the growth of his employees.

He is passionate about teaching and has a unique teaching style.

As a colleague, he is quick to assist, teach, and praise his team mates.

And he knows how to teach others the what, why and how of innovation and foresight.

John was really motivating and really tried to teach the most he could.

John was teaching me, us, how to make those decisions to be successful.

John's competencies in teaching are two very impressive as reflected by his teaching evaluations.

This led to my inviting him to become my teaching assistant where he has continued to distinguish himself.

He would teach us, as well as assist us specifically with any problem areas that needed to be addressed.

He has gone above and beyond the typical teaching assistant role, in time, effort, and capability.