Teaching Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teaching Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We haven't run into anything he couldn't teach me or assist me in resolving.
He was always willing to help teach and offer assistance when needed.
John's guidance and teachings assisted myself and others in being the best that we can be.
His teaching style is one that everyone who teaches others should posses.
I was his student, and later became his teaching assistant for the same course in the following term.
He is always willing to help, assist, teach or mentor anyone who would ask him for help.
He was an excellent teaching assistant and needed little to no supervision.
I returned the following year serve as his teaching assistant.
John was very helpful and insightful as a teaching assistant.
Also, he is not afraid to do any task by himself, to help newcomers, to teach the assistants.
Beyond his enthusiasm and his teaching ability, what he teaches is superb.
He always believes teaching in reality rather than teaching from books.
Years ago, he was my teaching assistant and was always able and willing to take on all responsibilities asked of him.
John was picked to be a teaching assistant during his sophomore year.
He has assisted in so many ways and is always willing to help, provide guidance and teach.
He strives to teach and encourage others in areas where they may require assistance.
He not only took the time to assist me, he went the extra mile to teach me.
The things that he teaches in this course will make you and your company more profitable.
He has always been very open and really friendly, always willing to help and to teach.
He knows how to teach someone the most difficult thing, with the at most ease.
John has an enthusiasm to teach others and is always willing to help.
I would search for him and join the course where ever he is teaching.
John is the one to teach those around him and set them up for success.
John strives to get results and that also goes for his teaching.
John, thank you for teaching and for helping me with the results.
He'll teach you a thing or two and he'll help you get results.
He is also the one you want to teach humility and leadership.
He takes the time to teach and assist with the growth of his employees.
He is passionate about teaching and has a unique teaching style.
As a colleague, he is quick to assist, teach, and praise his team mates.
And he knows how to teach others the what, why and how of innovation and foresight.
John was really motivating and really tried to teach the most he could.
John was teaching me, us, how to make those decisions to be successful.
John's competencies in teaching are two very impressive as reflected by his teaching evaluations.
This led to my inviting him to become my teaching assistant where he has continued to distinguish himself.
He would teach us, as well as assist us specifically with any problem areas that needed to be addressed.
He has gone above and beyond the typical teaching assistant role, in time, effort, and capability.
Him mature and responsible way of teaching made him one of the most favorite and successful teaching assistants.
In addition, he is a great mentor who is always willing to teach or assist any colleagues who might need assistance.
He always goes out of his way to assist with any task as well as teach to those of us who shouldn't be just telling the answer.
He enjoyed teaching and was always willing to assist where ever we needed him.
The way he teaches the class is in itself a fantastic example of how to teach.
Not only does he teach using analogies, but he teaches by example.
If he didn't think he was getting across what he was trying to teach, he would try again with another approach.
He is always looking to help others and teach others what he does, so that they too can be successful.
He doesn't only teach the right way for things to be done but why it is the right way.
What he cannot teach you, he knows someone who can and he can make it happen.
He never teaches anything that he hasn't been through or hasn't tried himself.
He will teach himself to do anything that he doesn't already know how to do.
He knows how to get things done and will teach himself whatever is required.
He does belie the saying that those who can, do, and those who can't, teach.
John does not just teach you something, once he's done, you go and do it.
He will teach you not only how to do something, but why it is necessary.
He is more than willing to teach you things he knows that you don't know.
All those around him are better for his teaching and his encouragement.
John would rather teach someone than tell them what and how to do it.
He teaches you what he knows so that you can become self-sufficient.
He will teach you things that are for most of us counterintuitive.
He will not teach you to be someone else that you would never be.
And, whatever he doesn't know yet, he'll go out and teach himself.
He makes sure that everyone understand the course he's teaching.
Not only has he done what he teaches, but he does it with flair.
John always did that - teaching as though it was his own class.
You can see that he is living truly every one of his teachings.
He always teaches him something new whenever we see each other.
John not only teaches you he is there to make sure you succeed.
Whatever you ask him to teach you, he is always most helpful.
He treats him teaching assistants very well and is always open to suggestions for course improvement.
Most importantly, he's always eager to teach and assist others, and keeps the spirits high.
John's success is defined by his ability to teach and assist.
He is suppose to teach him in the beginning, but it seems he did teach him all along the road.
He teaches us to trust in ourselves and uses teaching methods that go beyond the usual.
If he can overcome his resistance and teach him to appreciate it, he can teach anyone.
John has said, if he ever stops using the stuff he teaches, he'll stop teaching.
John's approach to teaching has reshaped his own teaching techniques.
His ability to teach classes make him one of the best teaches at our company.
Has no problems in teaching his peers and is always eager and ready to assist.
Books are not the be and end all of his teaching, but he allows you to practically exercise what he teaches.
He enjoys teaching the other colleagues from his team and he always found the time to assist him or teach him new things.
He never stops learning and happily always teaches and assists others.
Every day he'd come in with the same enthusiasm to teach us about being and becoming and entrepreneur.
He not only teaches the course well, but he also goes above and beyond his requirements and does more.
If he doesn't know how to do something, he either asks for help or teaches himself how to do it.
John is very enthusiastic and his love for what he does comes through everything he teaches.
John is looking to teach whenever possible and he will empower you to do better for yourself.
And always it was the intent to teach him how to do this on his own, not keep him in the dark.
John is not only willing to teach but he also goes out of his way to give useful feedback.
He always goes out of his way to teach and guide those around him who might be struggling.
What is even more impressive is that he had to teach himself mostly everything before him.
Those that do can always expect that he will teach them something new with each encounter.
He always tried to teach us new things in his own way and he was very successful in it.
He is someone who doesn't force what he knows about you but rather teaches what he knows.
He will teach you things about yourself and your potential that you didn't know existed.
He doesn't do for you, he teaches you to be self-sufficient and that's what matters.
John is able to teach us some things along the way and he made him better salesperson.
The first thing he taught him was to value himself, by teaching him how to be assertive.
Working directly under and with him, he is always willing to teach, share and guide.
Not only does he tell you how he teaches you every step you will need to succeed.
John will go out of his way to help and teach others without being asked to do so.
He wants to see everyone under him succeed as well and always thrives on teaching.
John not only conceptualises but also teaches so is also thorough and methodical.
He is seen by many as an individual who was passionate about what he was teaching.
He said from the beginning that he was going to teach us how to think and he did.
He gauges it just right so that he only teaches you what you need to be taught.
He doesn't just teach us how to get better, but he also shows us- quite literally.
Added to the value he provides, his humor throughout his teaching is infectious.
What's more - he's passionate about teaching others to get the most out of it.
He knows exactly was he's talking about and knows just well how to teach it.
He is so passionate about what he does which further reflects in his teaching.
What is even more fantastic is that he can teach others to do all this stuff.
This is something that you can't teach, this is habit that he has perfected.
Not only has he delivered, but he's also made sure to "teach" along the way.
John always made sure to teach you something not just answer your questions.
He'll teach you something and make you feel like you've done it on your own.
He knows what levers to pull and when and that's something you cannot teach.
And more importantly, he knows how to teach others to do the same - easily.
John, not only knows his stuff, but he's willing to take the time to teach.
He will teach you as much or as little about sailing as you want to know.
Working with him and seeing him live what he teaches was very refreshing.
But he also knows how to apply what he teaches to himself while working
He's enthusiastic about what he does and he teaches other be the same.
He challenges others to make our company while teaching them along the way.
Shafer, but the one thing that is apparent is his commitment to teaching.
It seems like he's always got some new idea or has something to teach him.
Always happy to help and very thorough with his teaching and techniques.
You can count on him to get things done, and to teach you along the way.
He encouraged him to get the best out of himself and taught him so much.
He also was very helpful in teaching others different responsibilities.
Although his teachings were nothing new, his enthusiasm was infectious.
Everyone could tell that he was teaching because he wanted to be there.
He seems to adapt his teaching to get the best out of every individual.
He not only teaches you how doing something, but also he empowers you.
As well as doing his best to pay it forward by teaching them to others.
The best thing about his teaching is that the class is not about him.
He knows very well the matter and he he's also very good at teaching.
He will be the first in the trenches with you, teaching how to fish.
Nevertheless, it was he who taught him how to grow in his experiences.
He knows how to not only teach, but also keeps it interesting and fun.
He's always enthusiastic, fun, yet so serious about all he teaches.
What he doesn't already know, he self teaches quickly and completely.
His way of teaching is unique which makes him different from others.
His teaching was very focused on his needs which was quite effective.
John's classes as he was very thorough when teaching about anatomy.
And while doing so, he has not failed to teach others along the way.
Not only does he know his stuff, he knows exactly how to teach it.
Not only did he teach you, but he made it enjoyable while doing it.
He not only teaches well, but has the experience to back what he says.
He is energetic and truly passionate about the course he teaches.
John is ever improving himself and teaching others to do the same.
John, and we look forward to having him continue to teach for us.