Teaching Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teaching Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He was always available for others, to help and teach.

John knows what he teaches and knows how to teach it.

He is someone who is always willing to teach.

John is always available to help and teach.

He uses this same skill when he is instructing and teaching.

He has the best teaching and presentation skills.

John not only believes in what he is teaching others, he lives what he teaches.

John not only knows how doing that, he knows how to teach others how to do that.

What he cannot teach you, he knows someone who can and he can make it happen.

I'm looking forward to everything else he has left to teach me teach myself.

His teaching style is one that everyone who teaches others should posses.

I have always found his way of teaching is very different from others.

John always did that - teaching as though it was his own class.

John is always willing to help teach you something worthwhile.

He is very knowledgeable, very much willing to help and teach.

He did all of this just by his way of teaching the material.

He went out of his way to teach more than just plumbing.

He used to volunteer himself when it comes to teaching.

Everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

Always willing to help and teach, despite the distance.

Everything that he teaches, he always does it himself.

He is always looking for new approaches in teaching.

And then he will probably teach others how doing it.

John is teaching us how we can be the best we can be.

Thank you very much for everything you taught me.

These same attributes come across in his teaching.

John has the intangibles that you cannot teach.

He is always willing to help, teach and advise.

You can't help but absorb what he is teaching.

He was always there for guidance and teaching.

He has been very insightful in his teachings.

He's done it all and teaches from experience.

John was always patient and always teaching.

I still use many of his teachings from class.

He knows that you can teach and not preach.

John will teach you how making it happen.

John was up for teaching the elective.

He can teach you how to become successful.

He's always willing to learn and to teach.

Kudos to him and his teaching methodology.

John is very passionate about teaching.

And what he teaches, he knows intimately.

He's always teaching himself new things.

He was already teaching me almost as much as I could teach him.

What I liked the most from him was his way of teaching.

When John teaches, you can tell that he loves teaching.

He was always willing to be involved, always willing to help, and always willing to teach those less skilled in his area.

Thank you for being so passionate about teaching us the right skills in the right way.

John is known for his simplicity and his exemplary in teaching skills.

I've always been impressed by his teaching and leadership skills.

He teaches by using the skills of telling, show, do and feedback.

His presentation and teaching skills were so inspiring.

John is very patient with teaching computer skills.

He has really excellent teaching and coaching skills.

His excellent teaching skill can only be recommended.

Very knowledgeable with outstanding teaching skills.

John teaches skills you can implement right away.

His skill in presenting and teaching was evident.

He has amazing research and teaching skills.

He has great experience and teaching skills.