Teaching Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teaching Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was always available for others, to help and teach.
John knows what he teaches and knows how to teach it.
He is someone who is always willing to teach.
John is always available to help and teach.
He uses this same skill when he is instructing and teaching.
He has the best teaching and presentation skills.
John not only believes in what he is teaching others, he lives what he teaches.
John not only knows how doing that, he knows how to teach others how to do that.
What he cannot teach you, he knows someone who can and he can make it happen.
I'm looking forward to everything else he has left to teach me teach myself.
His teaching style is one that everyone who teaches others should posses.
I have always found his way of teaching is very different from others.
John always did that - teaching as though it was his own class.
John is always willing to help teach you something worthwhile.
He is very knowledgeable, very much willing to help and teach.
He did all of this just by his way of teaching the material.
He went out of his way to teach more than just plumbing.
He used to volunteer himself when it comes to teaching.
Everyone has something to learn and something to teach.
Always willing to help and teach, despite the distance.
Everything that he teaches, he always does it himself.
He is always looking for new approaches in teaching.
And then he will probably teach others how doing it.
John is teaching us how we can be the best we can be.
Thank you very much for everything you taught me.
These same attributes come across in his teaching.
John has the intangibles that you cannot teach.
He is always willing to help, teach and advise.
You can't help but absorb what he is teaching.
He was always there for guidance and teaching.
He has been very insightful in his teachings.
He's done it all and teaches from experience.
John was always patient and always teaching.
I still use many of his teachings from class.
He knows that you can teach and not preach.
John will teach you how making it happen.
John was up for teaching the elective.
He can teach you how to become successful.
He's always willing to learn and to teach.
Kudos to him and his teaching methodology.
John is very passionate about teaching.
And what he teaches, he knows intimately.
He's always teaching himself new things.
He was already teaching me almost as much as I could teach him.
What I liked the most from him was his way of teaching.
When John teaches, you can tell that he loves teaching.
He was always willing to be involved, always willing to help, and always willing to teach those less skilled in his area.
Thank you for being so passionate about teaching us the right skills in the right way.
John is known for his simplicity and his exemplary in teaching skills.
I've always been impressed by his teaching and leadership skills.
He teaches by using the skills of telling, show, do and feedback.
His presentation and teaching skills were so inspiring.
John is very patient with teaching computer skills.
He has really excellent teaching and coaching skills.
His excellent teaching skill can only be recommended.
Very knowledgeable with outstanding teaching skills.
John teaches skills you can implement right away.
His skill in presenting and teaching was evident.
He has amazing research and teaching skills.
He has great experience and teaching skills.
John is one of those unique individuals that when he doesn't know how to do something, he will go out and teach himself the skill.
Can't say enough for someone that can make him look good while also teaching him how to improve himself and his skills.
Above all he's skillful and capable and teaches us how things should be done.
He's been there, done it and will teach all the skills needed for success.
He kept the course interesting through his innovative teaching skills.
Leadership skills and teaching abilities were some of his strengths.
Therefore, the skills he teaches will stay with you permanently.
His patience with them has been matched by his teaching skills.
What's more, he can effectively teach these skills to others.
Our company few Instructors ever had the skill to teach an our company.
His skills are profound and his willingness to share and teach those skills is very impressive and appreciated.
John is skilled in teaching, but moreover, he has the ability to transfer his knowledge about teaching.
This was the case not only because of his skills, but also because of his passion to teach.
John stands out because he doesn't only learn, but is skillful at teaching.
John is also another one of his strongest skills, willing to teach and help others was something he also enjoyed doing.
Not only does he know the topic, he also has tremendously skilled at teaching the subjects.
He is also very helpful in teaching others skills that he has already mastered.
John has always been ready to teach him new skill and help him grow in his role.
He uses his passion and teaching skills to help others achieve the mission.
Anyone who plugs into what he teaches will improve their skill level.
John teaches skills that can bring success to an entirely new level.
His teaching skills are both entertaining and extremely insightful.
His leadership skills and honesty are traits you cannot teach.
He is good at teaching his skills and doesn't fluster easily.
His teaching skills are on par with some of the best lecturers in our company.
His managerial skills, coaching and teaching skills are top drawer.
John teaches employees to believe in their skills and always knows how to bring the best in people.
And over the past few years he's further honed his skills in teaching and presenting.
His ability to teach something is very attractive and so as the presentation skills.
He enjoys interacting with and teaching others the skills that he has found helpful.
His people skills are out of the ordinary and his teachings are unforgettable.
But more importantly, his ability to motivate and teach are his best skills.
He teaches the students not only the concepts, but more real skills.
His most useful skill is as a mentor using his teaching experience.
His skills at teaching and openness towards students is legendary.
John became his mentor helping him to improve his teaching skills.
He just doesn't teach, but always see to it that he gets the results of his teaching from his students.
He genuinely cares about the students he teaches, and goes above and beyond to improve his teaching skills.
John consistently modeled the listening skills that he teaches.
Haxton and observe his unique teaching and counseling skills.
Him skills in teaching and motivating people is unparalleled.
His ability to teach others is exceptional and his leadership skills can help many organizations.
What made those skills even more powerful was his willingness and ability to teach them to others.
With his help and guidance, he not only taught him these skills, but taught him how to teach himself.
Not only does he teach extremely well, but his listening skills are absolutely the best.
And more, for spending time teaching him how to at least attempt that skill with others.
This is a rare skill, and not only does he possesses it, he can teach it to others.
His dedication, skills and techniques in his teaching was indeed valuable for him.
John taught him so many skills in that week that some could not teach in a month.
His strong leadership and teaching skills make him an asset to our organization.
His teaching skills are outstanding and by far one of his favourite professors.
He also taught him about leadership and helped him improve his teaching skills.
The way he teaches is easy to understand and his skill level is excellent.
John is a multi skilled individual who delivers on exactly what he teaches.
John taught him a couple of skills about prioritizing to get his target.
His teaching skills are easily understood, to the point and not "salesy".
This is all more in someone's nature than a skill you can teach him.
His attention to detail is fantastic and so are his teaching skills.
A skilled trainer with the experience to back up what he teaches.
His expertise on our company is unsurpassed and his teaching skills are first-rate.
John has a style of teaching that makes what he teaches come to life.
He has been true to his teaching in practicing what he teaches.
As a lecturer, his teaching skills were clear from day one, the students were highly engaged and enjoying his teaching skills.
Highly recommended for his skills in teaching, writing and speaking.
His knowledge, his skills and the skills and strategies he teaches come from the real world experience.
Due to his proclivity to self-teach and absorb new skills, there is almost nothing he can't do well.
They have the skills to teach those who lead how to be our company.
Both students and colleagues highly value his skills at teaching and lecturing.
In his experience, those skills are hard to find, and nearly impossible to teach.
He has the skills to teach and guide people in the entire organization.
Bonaventure our company to come in and teach a lecture on presentation skills.
He's always willing to teach you new skills and celebrates each and every one of your achievements, which is a great skill to have as a leader.
And that's just three of the skill sets that are in his tool box that includes teaching.
Thank you for your help, teaching him more linked in skills and functions great fun.
John also has extensive teaching experience and terrific classroom skills.
And he has the patience to teach skills and tools calmly and reflectively.
He does a great job of teaching others, particularly with skilled tasks.
John is continually learning, applying new skills, and teaching others.
His language skills provide a tremendous teaching opportunity.
Not only is he an accomplished editor, but his skills in teaching are second to none.
His teaching skills are astonishing, he can teach anyone anything, regardless of education or knowledge.
Also, he has outstanding teaching skills which are interacting with all students in his class.
He demonstrated an exemplary level of teaching and engagement skills.
The things that he teaches in this course will make you and your company more profitable.
Something they would not have had it it were not for his expert teaching and style.
He's an asset to any of those around always willing to pitch in or teach.
John taught him the first few months everything about affiliation.
He knows how to teach and he is always willing to listen to us.
Jesper has been always well prepared and his teaching was rewarding.
John strives to get results and that also goes for his teaching.