Team Lead Performance Review Phrases Examples

Team Lead Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John leads his team by example and is always there to provide guidance.

His diverse background enables him to lead a team as well as be an active and effective team member following the lead of someone else.

Not only can he lead a team of domestic reps, but can also inspire, lead, and mentor teams across oceans (INC myself).

I found John to be a natural leader that leads the team from within, which is great for encouraging and motivating the team which he leads.

John truly leads by example each and every day, and any team should be so fortunate to have John part of their team.

He has an art of motivating his team and leads the team by example.

He leads with initiative and is someone you'd want as part of your team.

The John mobile company will do better with him leading one of their teams.

John leads his team with the confidence that comes from experience.

As a team lead, John cares about his team, he respects his team, and he is always encouraging them to do their best.

John actively participated in all team functions and on many occasions lead our team.

He is a very good team lead and he is always available and supportive of his team.

John is a great team lead, he really makes sure his team is always on time with their deliveries.

Very organized and instrumental in leading teams to achieve the team goals.

He certainly leads by example and always has the best interest of the organization and team at heart.

John is consistently setting the right example of an employee that you want to lead your team.

His teams always had tremendous respect for him regardless of the organization he was leading.

He has given me much insight and a different perspective for how to lead and motivate teams.

He leads by example and inspired everyone in his team to give their very best at all times.

He leads by example and makes sure that his team and organization thrives with him too.

John is also a great motivator, and he is someone you would want to lead your team.

He leads by example and motivates his team by showing them how they can be successful.

Our team wouldn't have been successful without him leading us in the right direction.

I could always depend on him to set the best example and lead his team effectively.

He leads by example and is particularly good at motivating teams in transition.

His team and rest of the organization always look up to him as he leads the way.

He is very dependable and his commitment to the team he leads is unquestionable.

I lead my first teams under his supervision, and we had very challenging times.

Furthermore, he is handsome, leads by example and brings inspiration his team.

He leads by example and definitely values contributions from his team members.

He leads his team through example and he was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

He is leading by example, and the team is motivated, focused, and successful.

When he arrived at the lead, the team was underperforming and not motivated.

He leads and motivates from within his team versus standing on the sideline.

He could always be relied upon for leading the team even in difficult times.

He is always first to volunteer to lead any new team effort or initiative.

We found him and the team he lead to be extremely efficient and organized.

He knows how to lead a team, get them motivated and get the best from them.

He's not just having the ability to lead, but also contributing as a team member.

John has expertise that enables him to lead any team in an organization.

John organization would be lucky to have him join or even lead their team.

John knows how to keep his team engaged, and how to lead through change.

I would definitely recommend him as someone to lead and motivate a team.

He has boundless enthusiasm which he uses to lead and motivate his team.

Staffing is in his blood and he continues to lead his team to success.

His way to lead and engage the team was always positive and exciting.

He also has the ability to lead when necessary and motivate a team.

If you need someone to lead a team or an organization, he can do it.

John is self motivated and leading the team with his passion and vision.

He leads his teams through multiple re-organizations and ambiguity.

John always motivates the team to excellence and leads by example.

He is able to motivate and lead both the individual and the team.

He leads by example, which genuinely boosts the team's motivation.

He leads the team to take action towards the final objectives.

He is well respected by both team members and initiative leads.

He leads with passion and understands how to motivate his team.

He really thrives motivating teams and leading them to success.

I believe he will be a leading team player in any organization.

He is very much a valued member of the various teams he leads.

Gave space to all the team members and was leading by example.