Team Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

A leader who knows what he wants and providing inspiration to the team.

He is a leader who is focused on picking the right leaders to build teams.

He is an excellent team leader and he has the ability of motivated the team very well.

His team is lucky to have him as their leader and they know and appreciate it as do all who collaborate with him.

I consistently use him as an example when talking to others about someone who is an ideal team leader.

John is an insightful, collaborative leader that gets the maximum out of himself and his teams.

John is an effective leader because he gets results from his team without getting in their way.

His enthusiasm is infectious, and as a leader, he knows how to get the best out of his team.

He is a great leader and team worker, always willing to help and do the best for the team.

He follows through quickly on the commitments he makes and is an effective team leader.

John was a strong leader on my team and one that has been always there for his colleagues.

I have found him to always be an inspirational leader who guides his team to success.

John is an exceptional leader who is committed to bringing out the best in his team.

He was a dedicated leader and an inspiration not only to me, but to all of the team.

This makes him an effective leader who delivers results with and through him teams.

Furthermore, he a strong leader and collaborator within and outside of his team.

He's a results-oriented leader who has always got the most out of his team.

John is a versatile team leader, he has a passion for doing things differently.

Always willing to take initiative, which defines him as excellent team leader.

I would recommend him for any position as an all-around team-oriented leader.

He is a dedicated leader that will do anything to see his team succeed.

He was an asset to the team and went out of his way to help others on his team succeed.

As a leader, he accepts the responsibility of all the failures from his team and defers all successes to his team.

You can have confidence that he would be a fine pick as a team player or team leader.

He is also an able team leader and works closely with his team members.

John is a leader who empowers his team to achieve the ultimate desired results while creating a cohesive team of leaders.

John is the kind of leader who does not look down on his team, instead he gets along with each and everyone very well.

He is an asset to any organization as he is more than just another team leader.

John was always one of the most respected and knowledgeable leaders on our team.

John brought the team together and asked what they would like in the team meetings.

John is an excellent team leader, protecting the team from unnecessary workload while keeping the team tight-knit and motivated.

Second, he is a dedicated and sympathetic team leader, getting the best from various team members, who remain very loyal.

Finally, he's a great team leader who goes out of his way to ensure that his team members are happy and successful.

He helped each and every team member to be a leader in themselves, thus promoting leadership in his team.

John would be a valuable leader for any team, and command the respect and loyalty of his team members.

As a team leader, he encourages everyone in the team and offer ideas about decisions that affect.

As a result, while being our youngest team member, he was considered as our true team leader.

John is a natural leader, who can command respect of any team and drive his team to results.

He is a great team leader who knows the pulse of his team and motivates all to give their best.

He is great as a team leader, when required, and can be as affective a team member.

He's results oriented and is proven to be a great team leader and team member.

He will be a great team member and team leader in any group that he joins.

He is a valuable team member who will mature into a strong team leader.

He kept the focus on the team and those on his team instead of making it about what he accomplished.

John was the leader for my application security consulting team and was the type of leader that all leaders need on their team.

John has always directed the team as a strong leader by being part of the team.

John is an outstanding example of an enthusiastic and hard working leader, always very committed to his team.

He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the needs of all hiring leaders and teams are met.

He established himself as a consistent leader on my team and was always willing to go above and beyond.

He will be an asset to any company looking for an experienced leader who will do anything for his team.

John is the sort of an all-around player any leader or colleague would love to have on their team.

I've come to know him as a charismatic and successful leader for his team and colleagues.

An inspiring leader, he brought out the best in the team, even during difficult periods.

He is a capable and confident leader, that anyone would be proud to have on their team.

John is that leader that can transform an individual, team, division, and company.

He is an exceptional leader to his team, he set examples and always made an impact.

John's dedication and ability to teach/train makes him a leader within our team.

John is very results oriented, a great leader and one whom you want on your team.

John was committed to helping not only me, but our entire team grows as leaders.

He is a tireless leader who consistently gives his best for the good of the team.