Team Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Team Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He believes in leading his team rather than managing his team.
On the other side, he is an excellent team manager and has instilled a lot of team spirit in the team.
I saw him managing client, teams, management all at the same time.
John was one of the most beloved managers on my team respected by his peers and admired by his team.
He had an incredible way of managing his team and keeping the team focused on their goals.
He established an excellent rapport with his team, other teams, as well as peer managers.
An apt manager who looks after the team he has been known for team building by everyone.
John manages his team with an open door policy that was appreciated by the whole team.
He treated the whole team as a team while managing all of us as unique people.
John is a team player and is also very good in people management of his team.
Great team player and demonstrated excellent leadership in managing teams.
John and his team have been true partners with our HR team and hiring managers.
He comes to management and provides suggestions on how things could be better and shows that he truly wants what is best for our team.
He left all of his teams better off than they were when he got there, and was well liked and respected by all that he managed.
I don't know how you do it, but somehow you always manage to uplift and inspire the best out of our team.
He always manages to go above and beyond for both his own team and that of the broader organisation.
John is one of those managers who is willing to expose his team for the better and the best opportunities.
He does the little things that others take for granted and is an example to his management team.
John is an excellent manager who will go out of his way to make sure his team is successful.
He always manages to get the best out of the team, even in the most challenging conditions.
John extracts the best out of those whom he manages which makes the team so effective.
He does this with everyone, including his team, which is not management, it's leadership.
John is a manager who would believe in his team and back them under all circumstances.
Commercially astute and an inspirational manager, he always got the best from his team.
His management style was such that he was very well respected by everyone on the team.
John will go above and beyond for any of his colleagues along with a management team.
We were each responsible for managing different teams with different responsibilities.
I am still thankful for having you as one of the first managers on our start up team.
He expects nothing less than the best from the team he's responsible for managing.
I found him to be an excellent manager who was able to get the best out of his team.
John team would count themselves among the most fortunate with him as their manager.
He is also very fair to those he is managing, and his teams always appreciate it.
John is that kind of manager that can get the most out of his team and colleagues.
His management style is collaborative and he seems to get the best from his team.
We could not have kept the company going without his ability to manage that team.
John and his team, however manage to not only bring it off, but make it look easy.
John always placed the needs of his team first, as any outstanding manager does.
John is an outstanding manager who does everything possible to serve his team.
I really appreciate his management of teams from different cultural backgrounds.
He managed to keep calm and determined and got along with everyone on the team.
He seemed to manage his team really well and you could tell they respected him.
He is definitely the rainmaker you want on your management and leadership team.
When he hired us he managed us and his team to get the most out of every dollar.
He is very well liked, and respected by his coworkers and the management team.
He manages his team well and look out into the interests of each individual.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to add value to their management team.
He is a great manager that knows exactly how to get things done from his team.
He is the most incredible manager and anyone would be lucky to be on his team.
John was very good at what he did and an exceptional manager of his team.
John is the type of manager you want on your team when the going gets tough.
John was directly involved in managing his team to both of these metrics.
It's hard to believe that any other manager could be so beloved by his team.
John along with his team that he manages, has been great and very valuable.
As a manager he was very approachable, not only to me, but to the whole team.
I'm sure you will have the same positive impact on any team that you manage.
John was a well respected and liked manager by all those within his team.
He has built our team and we all were getting stable under his management.
He got along well with the team and the hiring managers really liked him.
John was always approachable and down to earth with his management team.
He is someone who will manage the team such that we all deliver success.
John always impressed him by him team collaboration ability both within our team and across teams.
Besides his own success he's always there to help the team and is very supportive to the team manager.
John is always well respected from his direct team, the management team and his peers.
He works well with team members as well as other teams and management.
He manages his team to want to achieve the best they can together, not only to win as a team but for themselves and him.
John brings a wealth of experience to any team he manages and also really knows how to get the best out of his team.
John is managing large teams and he always took time to explain things and to help the team in all circumstances.
He manages his team with transparency and friendship and is often willing to put his team's needs ahead of his own.
John always managed his team to get the best from everyone and allow everyone to feel an equal part of the team.
From his outside perspective, it was obvious how great he managed his team, but also all the other involved teams.
More than him, his team is lucky to have him as his manager, visionary, team player and the never ending list.
John provided strong leadership to his team as well as for the management team in solving these issues.
Although the teams he manages are in different locations, he creates an inclusive team environment.
The team seemed to respond to him very well and his management style brought out the team's strengths.
John's management style was to be candid with the team and that honestly made us into a better team.
John would manage all different personas in the team so effortlessly and bind the team seamlessly.
His team raved about him - he was an enabler-manager while also challenging his team constantly.
John is his manager on the extensibility team and he immediately focused on the team's growth.
Regarding team management, the entire team couldn't praise him enough and it's easy to see why.
John always knew how to get the most out of the internal teams and agency teams he managed.
His teamwork within the management team made the entire team more respected and successful.
His connection with his global team and his management team around the globe is phenomenal.
John knows what it takes to manage a team effectively and bring out the best in the team.
He managed his team well during challenging times when the team was still being ramped up.
He managed the team effectively, discovering each team's abilities that we use until now.
He is an excellent team manager and gives enough freedom to his team to grow and excel.
He managed his team well and always gave complete updates on his, and his team's tasks.
He never delivers this pressure on his team & manages team very well at that time too.
A very good team player and manages his team very effectively to get the best results.
And he has managed to keep very good team results and team happiness at the same time.
His ability of managing the team and getting expected output from the team is his forte.
Hr managed the team with that understanding, which gives him a highly efficient team.
Being a good team-player himself, has been reasonably effective in team-management.
The way he manages his team and brings the fun element into the team is exemplary.
He manages the team efficiently and keeps the team intact with minimal issues.
He fosters team-spirit and friendly atmosphere within the team he manages.
John is able to not only manage his team, but was a good team player.
He is extremely gifted in managing teams and is an amazing team player.
He manages a team well and shields his team from unnecessary politics.
The teams he manages teams dig deep to give their all for him.
In a team, he remained as a blend of teammate and team-manager.
He is a good team manager as well as an excellent team player.
A team player, and dynamic manager, our company would be an our company on any team.
Inspiring and motivating people-manager brings out the best from within the team he manages.
He managed his manager and still took time to meet with every member of the team.
John's management and leadership are well respected and appreciated at all levels of management and his team.
John is one of the best domain manager who use to manage all the stakeholders very nicely and he loves his team.
Relationship management comes naturally to him making him very good at team as well as stakeholder management.
He'd definitely be a great manager for others in different organizations and an asset to any management team.
John manages to pull the team up and we kept and having great result under his enlightened management.
He is forced into a position where he had to manage two teams following one of our managers leaving.
His manager and his team always provided excellent feedback on his management style and his results.
He is a good manager - always liked by his team and he manages through encouragement and teamwork.
John managed to keep the management team together and did not shy away from making tough decisions.
He takes the time to understand the style of his team and manages them as they need to be managed.
John facilitated workshops for his management team and extended management at several occasions
He has been a good manager and knows very well how to manage his team to deliver best results.
He is his manage is reliable, easy to talk to, available when needed by the team he managed.
His management style was extremely appreciated by his team as much as the top management.
The ones that impressed him are adaptable, stakeholder management and team manager.
During the leave of our team manager, he would in fact fill in the management role.
Not only did he have to manage a new team he had to manage an entire open deck.
He is held in high respect by both upper management and the team he managed.
John managed to pull out a great outcome from his management within the team.
John is a very demanding manager and expects his management team to deliver.
He always managed a good balance between the management and his team's needs.
As a manager, his team has great respect for him and his managing abilities.
Was able to temper management and lift teams he managed to get results.
He excels in stakeholder management and can manage a team with ease.
John is a very accomplished manager capable of managing global teams.
As a manager, he never micro-manages and takes his team to heart.
He managed stakeholders with ease and is a great team manager.
As a team manager, he appreciates the efforts of everyone in the team and makes sure that every team member is recognised for their efforts.
As manager, he is the kind that is close to his team and consider himself an integrated part of the team and not someone above the team.
When it comes to managing teams, he ranks right up there for enabling team excellence and ensuring the success of team members.
John has managed many successful teams with each team wowed by the mentoring experience and trust that he shows in his teams.
He is a great addition to the team and demonstrated above and beyond team management abilities within the team he led.
John is a wonderful member of his team and showed his leadership ability both on his team and teams he managed.
A great team player and a manager who is always taking care of his team and separate team members.
John will be an asset to any management team, particularly when the teams need some analytical horsepower.
John, as our manager, often helped the team to communicate with other teams.
He communicates clearly and consistently with his team and management team.
He collaborates well with his team and other teams within the company.
John's team first attitude was always emulated from his team.
A good team manager who is always there for the team, motivating, supporting and managing the needs of our company.
He provides his managing team with the autonomy, confidence and knowledge that we needed to manage our individual teams.
Pawan is a great manager, his team members used to always give positive feedbacks about his management in the team.
John's strengths also include building and managing global teams, and collaborate with the management team.
He's the guy you want on your team - whether it's an executive management team, integration team, or table tennis team.
He has honed him client management and team management capabilities.