Team Member Performance Review Phrases Examples

Team Member Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John makes work fun, he gets to know team members, and has been a valued member of our team.
He is not only a reliable team member, but also an inspiring team player who always keeps the team highly motivated.
Because of him example, my desire for a total commitment from each team member to help the others on the team is now within reach across a majority of the teams.
John is an excellent team player and ensures all members of his team and the greater team are involved in what it is he is attempting to achieve.
A great team player; he empowers each and every team member so perfectly ensuring that everyone in his team delivers their best.
Amongst the team members, everyone found John to be very friendly and personable and he got along well with all team members.
We worked as members of the same team and later as members of cross functional teams.
He is also very committed to his colleagues and will always help out not only his team members, but other teams as well.
Coupled with an amicable nature, he is linked not only by his team members, but by other teams as well.
He understands the team very well and knows how to utilize team members for the best results.
He is one of the best team members I have ever had and would always like to have him as a part of my team.
John is excellent at getting the most out of his team members, to include even those members outside of the company.
A member of two upgrades with us, he is one of our most loved team members in our company.
Good team player: a very good team player and has ability to take team member from across functions.
John is a shining example of collaboration and has gone above and beyond to help not only his own team, but even many on my team.
John knows how to push and motivate his team to become better than themselves and the team members always clearly know what's expected of them.
He also was always willing to help other team members to complete their tasks to make the whole team to look good and be successful.
He was able to get each team member of his team motivated to do what need to be done (even if we didn't really want to do it).
He's always looking out for the best interests of the team members and has been very helpful in resolving team conflicts.
Everything he sets out for his team is achieved thanks to his motivational approach with all the members of his team.
A very good team player, get along well with every member of the team well and provides guidance and help proactively.
He is an engaged team member, proactive in his team responsibilities and goes over and above what is needed.
Talk to him team members and you will find one of the most passionately engaged teams in our company.
John is a truly dedicated team member that goes above and beyond to help the team and the client.
He is a team player, extremely dependable and always available to help others members of the team.
He listens to every member of the team and he was able to keep our team motivated and connected.
His commitment to the interest of the team, its objectives and its team members was delightful.
Constantly motivating, team player with the ability to bring out the best in the team members.
John was well respected on the team and always took time to help & mentor other team members.
John is well respected by his team and members of virtual teams he has been involved with.
He is able to bring the best out of each team member and motivate his team consistently.
I believe there should be a team member who pushes and motivates the team when in need.
He is certainly a kind of team member any organization would love to have in its team.
John was a reliable team member and his deliverables to the team were always first class.
He is team focused and has an outstanding rapport with his employees and team members.
Him team members have always commented on his great team spirit and can-do attitude.
He is definitely a team player, often raising his hand to help other team members.
He conducted regular team meetings and one-on-one sessions with every team member.
The success of an Agile team is dependent on the initiative of the team members.
He is always looked upon by him team members as their mentor and that has helped in him deriving maximum value from his team members.
Above all, he listens the problems of team members and does his level best to resolve them without any inequality among team members.
John listens actively to suggestions from all team members and considers input from every team member.
I can do nothing but endorse John and urge anyone looking for a successful team member to consider him becoming a member of your team.
Although he has never worked directly with me, but am sure he is a team member any team would like to have on their side.
He was also always available for help other team members and his team work initiatives are great.
He makes sure that every team member in the team is recognized for their work and help them grow.
He looks out for all his team members and is very involved with the team and the work we do.
John integrated into the team fairly easily and was respected by the other team members.
He has also worked with other teams closely and was an inspiration for him team members.
John works very well with his team members who are onshore and offshore in his team.
I have seen him always encouraging his team and giving credit to his team members.
A perfect team player who knows exactly to leverage the strength of all team members and to drive a team towards success.
John articulates, an excellent team player and a team motivator who recognizes the strength of each team member.
Supports other team members with all he can, and tries to win the game for the entire team.
John's respect towards the team member's opinions and suggestions kept different teams together and made teams work with strong collaboration.
He works well with all team members, respects them as individuals and focuses on the team succeeding as a team.
I found an amazing partner and team member, always there to help, always being available for anything needed from his teammates.
John is very dedicated to his team, always standing up for his team members when necessary and providing help when needed.
His enthusiasm for getting the job done was contagious with the other team members and that's what every team needs.
John also has the ability to bring all team members together and make sure all the team goals are accomplished.
John team, which has the good fortune of having him on their team would be a big plus for that team.
He trusts his team, empowering the team and he is committed to team success.
John's teams are always one of the top teams in our company and it was a pleasure to be on his team.
An asset to any organization's leadership team & great team member for his peers & team.
John is one of the most dedicated team members in his creative team.
John team would benefit from having him be a member of their team.
He knows how to get the most out of his team and is always willing to do anything to make sure the team gets to their goal.
John is always very willing to help other members of his team and without reservation, recommend him because he would prove to be an invaluable member of any team.
He values every team member's suggestion and makes everyone feel as an important team member.
John has not only provided the example for others to follow, but he has done so with each member of his team.
Decisions were always made in the best interest of his team, and the well-being of his members.
He truly wants the best for each team member and will do his best to help them be successful.
He is always willing to take on new challenges and was well liked by all his team members.
But more than everything, he is always willing to help his team members as much as he can.
John made sure that he was available to any member of the team, he was very approachable.
He does not ask anything of the members of his team that he is not willing to do himself.
He gets things done, done well, and inspires the same of every member of his team.
You can also see how other members from different teams also go to him for advice.
John knows how to get the very best from both members of his team and suppliers.
He is also always very concerned with the well being of each member of his team.
John provided him with our first two team members, both of whom were superior.
John will be the organization which is going to have him as its team member.
John can make him available and is always attentive to his team members.
He cannot let go of his team members and they just can't have enough of him.
Reliability to deliver both his best and the best from all members of the team.
Simply put, he knows more and does more than any other member of this team.
If you're his team member he never lets you down and always has your back.
But most of all, he always took the time to get to know his team members.
Some of his best team members came through him, would definitely recommend.
Moreover, he also wants his team member to the thing with the same perfection
He used initiative and has been much liked by other members of the team.
He also gets along well with everyone and is an excellent team member.
He has always been someone who other team members look up to for help.
He has his own unique way in getting things done from his team members.
This is one of the things that makes him such an effective team member.
Prospects want to know him and members of his team want his attention.
Furthermore, when any team member needs help, he will always be there.
Certainly he'll be one of the better members of any team he gets into.
Additionally, he goes out of his way to help him fellow team members.
Without team members like him, none of this would have been possible.
He knows how to inspire the team and get the best out of each member.
John is serious about becoming the best he can be as a team member.
John is always well-liked by all the team members of the resort.
Besides his team members, he is always very willing to help others.
He will do the best he can to help his team member be successful.
He is definitely the must-have member to be included in your team.
He always got along with members of his team and others globally.
He does not expect any more or less from any of his team members.
And he's always there if team members need any help or guidance.
John will also will back up any team member as and when needed.
John is well liked and was an enthusiastic member of the team.
Testimony to this is the way he explains to other team members.
Furthermore, he is very cooperative to each of the team members.
Within his team he has been respected and liked by all members.
He is always looking out for his team members, in all aspects.
You could say he the was the benchmark for other team members.
John did this without hesitation for all members of the team.
Also, he collaborates very well with other members in the team.
Meanwhile, he is also very considerate about his team member.
John used to be on of his best team member and will always be.
It's no wonder he is one of their most valuable team members.
He will be a welcome member of any team and is quite assertive.
He is very dedicated and one of the go to a member of our team.
Because of this he is well respected by all his team members.
This applied not only to him, but to every member of our team.
John is on another team, but it was almost like we were on the same team because of how responsive he was.
Though we were on different teams, it was always clear to him we were really on the same team in this effort.
John also goes above and beyond to help his teams and individuals on his team be the best they can be.
Focused on the team he always looks for conditions to make the things happen through the team.
Having him in the team has always been of the highest value and much appreciated by all of our team.
He always got the best from his team and that is because he trusted and respected his team.
The one take away, he gave him was to "put into your team what you want out of your team".
John is one of those individuals and the team he put together was one of those teams.
The team, which he leads/manages would definitely be the best team in the organization.
Always the team player, he'll help out regardless whether you're on his team or not.
John always made anyone from another team to feel as if he belongs to the same team.
Leads by example to our team and also ensure always that his team is never failing
He truly makes the team better, he knows how to leverage the strengths in any team.
He always puts the team first in anything he does and that flows through the team.
Great team player & wants success not only for himself, but everyone on the team.
John team should pull out all the stops to keep him / or get him / on their team.
John always came through not just for him, but for the team - true team player.
With this, he was able to do more with his team and expect more from his team.
Adds flavour to the team and its really been pleasure having him in his team.
John assimilates well with him teams and is great to have on the team.
John and his team allow us to get on with what he and his team are good at.
He makes sure that each individual in his team moves along with the team.
He always has the team's back no matter who they are, fostering his team.
He connects well with folks in his team and especially well across teams.
A collaborative team player that he is, gets along very well with teams.