Teamwork Performance Review Phrases Examples

Teamwork Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Listens carefully to what others are saying without interrupting them.
Respects the ideas and opinions that the other team members have to say.
Displays good planning and organizing skills and ensures that all team activities are run in a proper manner.
He shows a high level of team spirit. John readily cooperates with his team members to get the job done.
He is very good at encouraging other members to do the job, according to their best efforts.
Contributes to the success of the team on a regular basis.
He knows very well how to keep a good relationship and communication with others to finish team work.
He shares expertise with others, to teach as well as achieve goals.
Always ready to help other team members with their work to ensure it is completed on time.
He respects every team member.
He manages relationships with coworkers in a professional manner.
He works well with others.
He always helps out to achieve the goals of the group.
John is a good team member. He is very cooperative and helpful in times of need.
He makes new employees feel welcome.
He creates good relationships with his colleagues, managers and staff in a professional environment.
Does not listen to what other team members have to say and, always interrupts when they are talking.
Always criticizes the other team members and does not appreciate their efforts.
Does not offer concrete solutions and ideas that will help the group in the long run.
He does not actively cooperate with others.
He does not understand how to share tasks with others.
He does not assist his teammates as required.
John pays such strong attention to his own tasks that he does not consider the needs of his teammates.
He holds on to too much and does not delegate to his team effectively.
He has a tendency to blame others for problems or poor results.
He focuses on accomplishing individual tasks and neglects to consider what could be accomplished if the team worked more cohesively together.
Since I interviewed John, I knew that he would be an indispensable asset to the business and a great addition to the team.
A proof of his success is the rapid growth of his team and the increase in workload by taking on vital tasks for the team.
John is a truly accomplished innovator and leader, I had a wonderful opportunity to have worked with John in the company.
He always generated a positive influence and direction for the team.
Very dedicated and always very professional, John has excellent leadership skills and is a great team player.
He was enthusiastic to share his expertise, ideas and industry background with me when I joined his team.
John is an ideal teammate and excels in cooperating with others for the benefit of the organization.
I would definitely recommend John as a strong member of any project team.
His enthusiasm, motivation and positivity is something which always kept me going and helped us grow as a team.
He is a true professional and a great person to have on your side.
He is a good team leader and always encourage the team to reach higher.
I would work with John together at any time.
It was an overall enjoyable work, cooperation.
Thanks John for all of your excellent work.
We have already started putting things into action.
We have worked together at three different corporations and John has always been an excellent colleague and producer.
Not much can put him off his game.
We have already put this into action and are reaping the rewards.
It won't give him justice.
We went home with a system that we cannot wait to put into action.
He works as he is playing a game.
We give him our highest recommendation.
It is a pleasure to get to know him on line.
In brief, thank you so much for your excellent work and professionalism.
It's a pleasure to work in one team with such a fellow.
It was an excellent experience working with him.
When you work with John, you know he's giving you the same advice he put into practice somewhere in the past.
Anything John puts his mind to will be accomplished.
John was one of the excellent colleague to work with.
We look forward to working with him over the long term.
It is my honour to work with him and will try everything to work with for a long term.
He's been a pleasure to work with for many, many years.
He is also very passionate about his work and his friends.
During our times working together John has not only been a great assistant, but a great co-worker in other positions and a great friend.