Technical Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Besides, his technical knowledge makes him an even better manager.
John helped me acquire key accounts with technical demonstrations and general account management.
He knows exactly when to dive in to contribute on technical issues and when to make others accountable to get things done.
John is an outstanding individual both in his technical abilities and his approach to his accountabilities.
John has the ability to deal with technically challenging aspects of accounting.
John combines this account insight with great technical insight.
He combines the technical side of accounting with common sense.
Important as an account manager, he knew when he did not know and drove issues to the technical staff.
John is one of those rare managers who understands how to integrate well with both technical and non-technical people.
There have been countless times his technical expertise has saved an account.
John exhibited leadership and foresight as he engaged with us from a technical account management perspective.
John is an excellent account manager who also possesses the required level of technical competence.
He has great accounting and technical savvy and is very diligent about his job.
I always look forward to his mentorship in management and technical knowledge.
He was our temporary staffing account manager and technical recruiter.
He has helped me prioritize, organize, and manage an account that has been riddled with tactical and technical headaches.
I have seen him the way he handles service management and then how he handled technical details in the accounts he managed.
John was a very good account manager who really had the technical expertise to his customers.
He went out of his way to make himself available to the account as well as making sure there was always a technical contact with him when visiting them.
He is a results-driven and able of taking into account all the contingencies which are technical or other.
John is not only technically capable, he is also highly accountable and strongly believes in teamwork.
He knows the fundamentals and also has the technical expertise to push his accounts to the next level.
He knows his stuff technically and knows how to land the deal, but also make it a referenced account.
Of course, he also possesses the technical knowledge necessary to compete once inside an account.
He is very strong in his concepts, technical and people management.
Though he was technically competitive, he was always eager to learn new things, technical and managerial.
A highly technical manager who consistently delivered on his commitments.
He was immediately assigned to our most critical account as the technical manager and performed flawlessly.
John's professionalism, accounting and technical abilities are excellent.
John is incredibly well spoken (whether you're technical, creative, or account).
He is also a go-to person for technical issues with the account.
He is not only a responsible and excellent & thorough technical account manager, but also an inspiring person.
He is also very technically astute and masters any technical problem in an efficient manner.
John is a very technically competent and result-oriented manager.
John's management style is a good balance between technical leadership and personnel management.
His technical knowledge and account management and support is second to none.
He is not only great in management, but also have in depth technical knowledge.
John has been an excellent manager with deep technical knowledge.
He also has the ability to listen to his technical staff and take opinions into account.
Our accounts simply adore his presence, calm nature and technical expertise.
He is able to tackle multiple large accounts, and highly technical to boot.
One can feel safe when he is technically controlling your account.
Also, his role in organizing events both technical and non-technical is outstanding.
His leadership was vital in bringing together technical, non-technical, management, executives and vendors.
John has great technical knowledge to solve some hard technical problems.
He's technically outstanding, and he is alert to the business/sales aspects of his accounts as well.
He has deep technical skills in risk management and accounting.
John handled account management, project management, vendor management and technical analysis, switching roles minute by minute.
His professionalism and technical aptitude is welcomed and looked up to in many accounts.
He has the perfect blend of technical knowledge and enterprise account management experience.
He understands very well both, the technical side and the human side of each account.
He has an aptitude for making technical accounting issues interesting and at times, even humorous.
He knows how to drive a consumer-oriented vision with technical and accounting constraints.
John helped me juggle lots of technical activity on our account, with grace.
Not only does he manage and code well, but he also drives technical change.
I relied on him for technical accounting, forensics and investigations, and channel management issues.
John is diligent in looking out for the customers he works with in his technical account management role.
John has provided our account with several highly qualified technical resources over the last few years.
He has raised the bar in terms of account managing, technical support and much more.
He is also on top of his game with regards to technical accounting issues and knows his stuff inside out.