Technical Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Aside from technical astuteness, he's been a great friend and advisor.
His breadth of knowledge makes him an excellent technical advisor.
Our company and later on through his work as a technical advisor in Athens.
Works more as an advisor to his partners/customers with sound technical knowledge.
This made him a very trusted advisor, something everyone should look for when it comes to technical service.
Anyone who needs an advisor, with an understanding of technically complex challenges should seek him out.
John, as the technical advisor, provided his internet startup company with some much-needed expertise.
John stayed very technical given his role and because of this, he was a trusted advisor for him.
He becomes an extremely trusted advisor whose judgement and technical ability were invaluable.
John served as a subject matter expert and technical advisor.
Additionally, his technical capabilities make him a trusted advisor to most of the customers.
He connected us to the right business and technical advisors within and outside of the company.
We kept a separation of roles: him as the technical advisor and he as the deal closed
John also provided technical reviews and technical documents to our team.
Customers relied on his technical knowledge and they trusted him as their partner and advisor.
John can easily communicate technical concepts to those less technically inclined.
At our company, he was the trusted technical advisor for our application partners over the past few years.
John's talent and technical abilities make him an asset to any technical team.
He executes his technical and non-technical tasks effortlessly because of his technical competence gained over years of experience.
As technically advanced as he is as an advisor, he brings forth his vision and provides drawing tools for your future.
He clearly articulated solutions to customers' technical problems and became their trusted advisor.
Since becoming an advisor with us he has been very thorough in his participation and outreach with fellows.
He also does an excellent job of helping explain the value of his team to others both technical and not technical.
He communicates in a way that allows non-technical audiences understand technical concepts.
He plans ahead, always delivers and is a trusted technical advisor to his customers.
John is not only strong technically, but he gives you the opportunity to learn from him as he is a strong mentor and advisor.
He knows how to translate customer needs into technical requirements.