Technical Architect Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Architect Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an architect with a deep technical understanding and practices.
John is an excellent architect and his overall technical knowledge is amazing.
John is a very articulate technical architect, very diligent and always open and considerate.
He is an extremely intelligent, dependable technical architect.
John is an outstanding professional and deep technical architect.
John is a highly talented technical architect who is certainly going places.
He served various roles such as architect and technical lead.
John is an incredibly technical and credible system architect.
He has the ability to comprehend technical problems and provide inputs to the architects.
As a technical architect, his constant forward-thinking approach was inspirational.
His technical abilities are at architect-level and he repeatedly plunged headfirst to solve technical challenges.
John has a wealth of experience as a capable technical architect.
John is a strong technical architect that will only engage when all pieces of the puzzle are in play.
He has proven to be a top technical architect, who has always thought things through in his work.
John's technical background allows him to architect a solution and also help troubleshoot an issue should it arise.
As a technical architect, he conceptualised several solutions that had a lasting impact.
John is technically brilliant, truly agile, software architect.
He is an incredible technical evangelist, visionary and architect that will always be in high demand.
Various technical initiatives he has architects have served us well and gotten us out a tight spot on many an occasion.
John is a software architect who has an excellent technical background.
John is one of our company's top technical architects and customer facing technical leads.
His technical abilities are pretty awesome, but he also has a very broad functional knowledge that enables him to understand the context of technical decisions much better than many technical architects.
John worked for me for several years as an architect, technical strategist and evangelist.
John's technical capacity to understand issues and propose solutions alongside technical architects makes him invaluable to any team.
John works very well with the client, other colleagues and technical architect personnel.
His technical and architect background is at the extreme level, having worked with him over these years.
John is a great technical architect with inspiring grip on anything/topic on which he works.
John is a prodigious architect with an impressive breadth and depth of technical knowledge.
I recommend him as an application architect or like a technical leader.
John has been everything you would ask for in a technical architect with great technical knowledge and a willingness to work on roll out issues.
John is highly competent in architecting technical solutions as well as programming.
John is also strong in moderating technical discussions with solution architects to pick up right option among several available at the table.
John has some of the most sought traits of a cloud architect, he is not only methodical and diligence but also sincere and technical.
His role as a technical architect spearheading transformation in government has been challenging and important.
His technical ability to glean requirements and architect a solution is top notch.
John is a solid technical solutions architect and a great trouble shooter.
He is an excellent architect, he has a very strong technical background and this helps him to be accurate and assertive in his recommendations.
John is undoubtedly a great polymath and technical architect, but beyond this he is an exceptional leader.
He single handedly architected a slew of eLearning courses for very tough technical subjects.
John is an elegant architect, a brilliant statistician, and an inspiring technical leader.
Clearly outstanding technical capabilities make him a well respected software architect.
Allows him to solve technical problems quickly, in classroom situations & technical architect situations.
John as a technical architect is outstanding, not only with his technical ability, but also his ability to assimilate new knowledge.
As an architect, he is competent and is valued for his technical expertise within the organization.
John is seen as both a strong technical lead/manager and application architect.
He collaborates very well across multiple functions, whether they're technical or non-technical in nature.
His technical depth is very strong owing to his experience as an enterprise architect.
John's technical knowledge and know-how are stronger than most technical architects, which allows him to understand the challenges and shape solutions.
John also has the technical knowledge to understand how to architect solutions.
John's roles were as the technical architect and technical lead on the deployment team.
The technical architects he worked with held him in high regard.
John has proven himself to be a very competent and diligent our company technical architect.
He is an excellent technical architect who can also translate a functional vision into detailed technical specification.
John is the type of technical leader that other architects aspire to be.
John is not your typical technical architect - he has an unparalleled passion for the cloud and its potential.
John has amazing technical depth, but that only scratches the surface of what he brings to the table as an architect.
And he is both technical as well as functional in this respect.
His technical competency enables him to be creative and dynamic when architecting technical solutions and solving problems.
He possesses a wealth of technical knowledge that he can easily convey to his audience - be they users or technical architects.
As senior architect, he always found time to help with even the smallest technical issues.
From a technical perspective, he knows as much as an architect would know and has both breadth and depth of his knowledge.
His technical knowledge is very broad, this gives him a great base to work off as a technical architect.
He brings technical breadth and depth to the table, and is excellent at architecting solutions.
John's technical background runs the gamut, which makes him an exceptional systems architect.
He is a reliable, hard-working and technical minded architect.
John's can do, go getter attitude, apart from his role as a technical architect, is a real asset.
His ability to both architect and tackle difficult technical and strategic issues is amazing.
John is unique in that he is both a business architect and technical architect who understands our company in great detail.
He also has the ability to explain very technical details to colleagues of all levels of technical experience.
This, coupled with his technical ability and willingness to listen make him an ideal implementer and architect.
John is very technical and very professional in his approach.
He is always available for professional / technical guidance.
These mentoring experiences have helped him become a better architect, both technically and professionally.
A shining example of a technical architect who cares about the environment in which he works.
His technical knowledge and architecting abilities are a great asset to the organisation.