Technical Artist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Artist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He often exceeds programmers on technical issues and artists on artistic issues.
John is an extremely driven and technically competent artist.
As an artist, he understands the technical terms of graphics.
His artistic technique is coupled with deep technical expertise and an understanding of gameplay that is quite rare amongst artists.
Because of this, he is the man to go to for any technical problems the artists run into.
He not only shines in the technical arena, but he is a serious artist in his own right.
Altaf has been the target of his non-technical, artistic queries for some time now, and he has always guided him and fellow artist to be at our creative best absorbing all the non-artistic glitch through out.
He is very creative and knows how to achieve the things he envisions both artistically and technically.
As well, he has the technical knowledge to go further on technical discussions when needed.
And he can explain complex technical topics with ease to technical and non-technical co-workers.
Add to this his technical and artistic capabilities and you would be well advised to consider him for your team.
His website was and still been one of his references for both technical and non-technical information.
With his technical expertise, he comes up with innovative technical solutions whenever required.
If you are very technical, he will speak to you in a technical fashion.
He delivers scalable technical solutions to non-technical problems.
His grasp of animation principles, both technical and artistic, are stellar.
He works well in that often undefined area between the technical and the artistic.
His assets were always of the highest quality, both technically and artistically.
He directs artistically while having comprehensive technical knowledge.
He is not only very artistically inclined, he also thrives technically with shared creation and rigging.
You could say he is a "technical guru" but he is also a phenomenal photographer and artist.
His abilities and contributions range across the full spectrum from technical to artistic.
John did the wonderful artwork for us and showed great artistic and technical ability.
During that time he assumed many responsibilities and exceeded as a technical artist.
His eye for rich imagery and technical understanding make him an outstanding artist.
He has great artistic ability balanced with an ability to be technical when needed.
He tackles technical and artistic challenges with an amazingly cheerful attitude.
He's an amazing technical artist, and a super down to earth guy.
Among other things, he does speak to people at their level, explains the technical to the non-technical.
Being technical it's easy to reason with him the technical difficulty in the implementation.
He also keen-witted when it comes to technical discussions and technical implementations.
His artistic talent and his technical knowhow are simply amazing.
John completely understands how to create meaningful artistic experiences for non-artists.
His technical acumen always was impressive, and he worked well with our non-technical users.
The breadth of his knowledge on diverse subjects-technical as well as non-technical-is amazing.
He will work out the issues (technical or non-technical) and escalate only when needed.
Strong approach on technical critical situations related to his technical expertises.
John is technically very good and has broad technical knowledge and expertise.
A lot of technical, non-technical points can be learned while you work him.
What is really great about working with him is that he has an artistic eye, but he is also very technically savvy.
He is both technically and artistically knowledgeable, enough so that he can recognize contributions from others.
John is very knowledgeable and technical, he also offers an artistic aesthetic to his position.
John continues to astound him with his technical knowledge as well as with his artistic ability.
Give him challenging artistic and technical audio work and you won't be disappointed.
His technical knowledge is vast and his artistic abilities are outstanding.
Our company top of his technical knowledge, John is also an incredible artist.
He is technically adept and always willing to help, even if he may not own the particular area.
He just can make anything possible when it comes to technical work.
He is an outstanding artist, producing fantastic work that is artistically and technically excellent.
His contributions to projects are both technically and artistically amazing.
John recognizes that not every technical problem requires a technical solution.
He can speak at a very technical level or to a non-technical audience.
His artistic flair and technical know-how, are always welcome both on set and at creative meetings.
He is very articulate and is a strong, effective presenter of technical information to both technical and non-technical groups.
He knows what he wants and can easily relate that to the artists.
He knows how to bring technical knowledge down to an appropriate-level for non -technical people.
John worked well with technical and non-technical members and was trusted by many.
His experience has gotten him a reputation for having a solution for almost everything, both technically and artistically.
He is not just having the great artist mind, but he is very technical in rigging character for animation.
He'll tell you he's not really very technical, but that's just him modesty speaking.
John combines the very best in technical know how and its application.
And when he speaks, everything 'technical' becomes 'understandable.
He strives for the best in everything he does technically speaking.
He doesn't see technical problems, only the possible solutions.
It is highly technical, but he could answer any technical questions from the clients; which to him showed him high degree technical mastery.
Not only does he have the artistic eye, but he has the technical knowledge as well.
He will be an asset to any organisation since he has a very good mix of technical and non-technical experience.
An all round nice guy and a guiding light, both technically and artistically, for any artist working with him.
He also mentored other artists and worked with them to solve technical issues.
John's technical competency is well known throughout the department.
John is the best of both graphic worlds, technically adept and artistically creative.
He's a very talented artist and animator and also technically excellent.
He also has excellent rapport when dealing directly with clients, both technical and non-technical contacts.
Despite this, he always kept things calm and got it done while helping out any of the artists if they had technical issues that needed to be dealt with.
He can handle just about any kind of technical request and he always accomplishes it with an eye for what is truly useful and convenient for the artist.
John is one of those guys who truly enjoys what he does, and therefore grows artistically and technically at a fast pace.
Meaning, he is able to maintain the artistic vision without having to compromise due to technical obstacles.
The artistic and technical feedback he provided was always focused and allowed to reach approval quickly.
He reached him on technical levels, artistic levels, and most importantly, on the level of trust.
He's very technical and equally artistic, which is pretty rare to find nowadays.
He possesses a rare balance of artistic ability and technical expertise.
He is technically good and for any company he will be an asset.
John is deeply technical - he would often code through the night to explore technical options.
He thinks outside the box and his technical solutions are always technically sound.
Both his artistic and technical feedbacks were also spot on and highly constructive.
John, as a faux artist, possesses a great combination of artistic and technical talent, which is essential to the role.
Not only is he technically smart, but he is most of all a great artist with an extraordinary creativity.
His combination of technical and artistic sensibilities allow him to communicate across disciplines.
He's an inspirational, gifted individual and creative dynamo - as artistic as he is technically
He is a highly talented artist, with an excellent technical understanding.
John has a rare talent of being technically versed and being also artistic.
He made several artistic recommendations that made the film really nicely
John is an artist who doesn't believe in doing things part way.
This was across technical and artistic (which he created personally) elements.
His technical understanding is very knowledgeable yet he comes across as very down to earth when talking to others about very technical concepts.
As a technical mentor, he made himself very available to answer technical questions or find someone who could help him.
He also is very adept at taking technical knowledge and putting it in plain speak for non-technical audiences.
His wealth of technical experience allows him to talk with authority an influence his technical peers.
John took on a ton of challenges and had to work through both technical and non-technical issues.
The width and depth of his technical as well as non technical knowledge have always amazed him.
He moved him from a technical skill set for a technical commercial.
He's one of those rare artists that possesses a technical mind as well.
He goes above and beyond what he is technically contracted to do.
Always ready to give technically artistic advice to his fellow artists while also being open to accept criticism about his own work.
John consistently demonstrated an astonishing level of artistic, technical and conceptual aptitude.
Besides the artistic aspects of his work he efficient, fast and technically savvy
He's technically excellent, easy to work with and demands artistic excellence.
John is also knowledgeable, technically although he doesn't seem to want others to know him secret.
First of all, his technical knowledge goes further than anybody could every imagine.
John is excellent at what he does, really knowledgeable technically.
He's also technical enough to know why certain things will work or not.
He even willingly took on issues that technically are not in his area.
Great to work with, technically no one better - really knows his stuff.
John's technical knowledge goes above and beyond the "requirements".
Technically his understanding in the technical area is outstanding.
But it's not just his technical knowledge that makes him an asset.
He understands the non-technical areas of how they are perceived.
John would be an invaluable asset to any technical department.
His technical contributions in these areas have been outstanding.
He articulates well in meetings and during technical discussions.
His technical acumen is second to none in his area of expertise.
He separates himself from others with his technical knowledge.
John provided much needed technical direction for the company.
John is the guy you need for the hands-on technical problems.
John is second to none in his knowledge, technically brilliant.
His technical knowledge always was, always being inspirational.
He is extremely knowledgeable about so many things technical.
John can take complex technical solutions and present them such that non-technical people can understand.
In all projects he faced very difficult an different challenge, both artistically and technically.
He soaked up everything we taught him and combined the technical instruction with his artistic flair.
John has a wealth of technical and artistic information that he shares freely.
He always took the time to understand and explore any technical solutions so that we both understood the technical aspects.
He also has the unique ability to speak in layman's terms of those less technical or get very technical as required.
In terms of innovation, he was coming up with better solutions, both technical and non-technical to solve problems.
He knows how to speak to them on both a technical and a non-technical level, depending on the need.
John studio would be lucky to have someone so technically gifted and so artistically talented at the same time.
Easy to work with, and definitely an artist of his own making.
He's able to wrap his head around technical puzzles that would stump many artists.
John came from a non-technical position to work with technical people, which can be quite challenging.
Being technically sound, he is a must-have in all technical discussions and decision making meetings.
He is able to speak as easily with the most technical of our contacts as he was with our most non-technical customers.
He can often find solutions that don't come as easily to others, perhaps because the conjunction of his technical background and artistic eye.
John is the technical artist on his mission, and he always had the ideas and solutions we needed to overcome our various hurdles.
He pays attention to both the technical and artistic aspects of the job and ensures that things get done.
Though he is little reserved; but when it comes to taking technical challenges he will be first to take that up.
John would always come to him with technical solutions to the issues he saw in the pipeline.
He usually has solutions to almost all problems (technical or non technical).
John always strives for the best and most complete technical solutions.
Equally, he can speak to the level of the most technically minded.
He can speak with the technical experts and also with the layman.