Technical Business Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Business Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent business analyst who is also capable of getting involved in the technical aspects of a solution.
East communicates clearly and articulates himself well, to ensure that he is understood by both technical and non-technical business audiences.
His technical background and knowledge allows him to deal with both business and technical staff.
He works well with those who are in the technical organization or the business.
John understands the importance of defining key business requirements from both business and technical perspectives.
His technical acumen and business savvy make him an excellent person to do business with.
Coming in from a technical background also helps him tie the core business problem to the technical solution.
John is brilliant at translating business needs into technical solutions.
He is comfortable in presenting in both technical and business meetings.
He's very technical, but at the same time understands the business goals.
John earned respect and credibility across departments and the business via his strong understanding of business and technical issues.
I would go to him any day to ask any technical, business doubt and no matter how busy he was, would guide me with a smiling face.
He had a flair for business issues and combined them with his technical expertise to achieve business solutions.
He also has made the transition from coder to business analyst while maintaining deep technical knowledge.
John has been the focal point for creating the technical plans collaborating with technical, and business stakeholders.
He is quick at grasping the technical issues and help reduce the gulf between business and technical teams.
He takes his role as a business analyst very seriously and ensures that he understands the business; its requirements and limitations.
John understood the needs of the business, the users and how to actually make something come to fruition technically.
John has the passion and the technical expertise to outperform anyone in the business.
Not only is he technically excellent, but his business sense is second to none as well.
He is at ease just as much with technical details as he is with business problems.
His articulation of details both technical and business are second to none.
He is not only business-savvy, but is technical and detail oriented.
He's technically and business savvy, detailed, and very kind.
He is strong technically, but also able to communicate with non-technical business users.
John is a strong technical leader with the ability to grasp technical problems quickly and translate them into business and technical terms.
This combination makes him a great analyst and liaison between business and technical groups.
I highly recommend him in the role of a technical liaison and as a business analyst.
He understands complex technical issues and can articulate those issues in clear business terms to non-technical audience.
He has a sound understanding of whatever business he touches, and mates this with technical excellence in business statistics.
He is particularly astute at translating business needs and technical needs back and forth because he thoroughly understands both.
You can also count on him to influence stakeholders towards the right technical option for the business.
John takes the time to understand not only your technical needs but also the business needs behind it.
I always recommend him to my clients so that they can get the most to enhance their technical business.
I was always able to get sound advice from him whether or not it was technical or business in nature.
John knows everything about everything technical, as well as the relevance of technology to business.
He also provided me with lots of technical expertise on all aspects of running my own business.
John is one of those rare individuals who are both technically competent, and business minded.
He has always taken the time to understand our business philosophy and technical requirements.
He understands business needs and can effectively translate them into technical requirements.
Besides his technical capabilities, he also contributes ideas to other areas of the business.
He understands both technical and business environments using both to drive opportunities.
He can be as technical as needed while always focusing on the business problem at hand.
John has both solid business and technical acumen, and is articulate and innovative.
John can transverse technical discussion as well as a business discussion in this area.
The attitude of understanding the business along with the technical things raised him.
Also, he was the owner (technical & business) of the whole authorization platform.
John excels at taking innovative approaches to technical and business problems.
John always looks for ways to solve the technical and business issues at hand.
Operations and technical personnel, both counted on his sharp business acumen.
John is technically good and is always tinned tune with business objectives.
He is very proficient in business and technical areas, positive and driven.
He has helped me numerous times with business, as well as technical advice.
I had learnt a lot from him both from business and technical perspectives.
John has the powerful combination of business acumen and technical prowess.
He rapidly came up to speed on the business and technical issues at hand.
His technical expertise was terrific and his business judgment was sound.
His approach to business and technical problems is reliable and thorough.
He has the ability to translate technical concepts to business outcomes.
He has innovative thoughts and ideas on business and technical problems.