Technical Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His technical knowledge means that he as able to offer the best level of consultancy to both technical and non technical clients alike.
John stands out because he's technically aware, stands by his consultants, and will tell it like it is.
He is consultative, technical and has the ability to mesh in diverse situations.
John's mentoring is extremely useful to less experienced technical consultants.
He could be continually relied on from both a technical and consultative perspective.
He then gathered the necessary technical consultants to bring forward to the client.
He could do it all: presentations, demonstrations and technical consultation.
Him technical screening and relationship with the consultants is his strength.
John is very technical and experienced consultant, willing to deliver the best solution and his own best.
He was particularly helpful to consultants who were strong technically, but were less experienced in 'pitch' situations.
I would gladly recommend him to everyone who is looking for a mature and experienced technical consultant.
John is a very dedicated and smart technical consultant who is challenge ready.
John's technical knowledge surpasses the competition and gives him the presence to take a consultative approach to any technical situation.
He also took a time to train me on some technical tools, which no other technical consultant did.
His vast technical knowledge as a senior technical consultant makes him an ideal candidate for any position or consultation.
John is an exceptional technical consultant, and who goes greatly beyond his duty to help clients.
John is definitely an asset in terms of technical competency and consultancy for any organization.
John is also an accomplished consultant, author of technical books and papers, and much more.
John provided a number of consultants in both the technical and the validation areas.
During this time he became one of the most knowledgeable technical consultants in our organization.
John is an enthusiastic and hard working, technical evangelist and consultant.
I'd highly recommend him for any technical infrastructure consulting engagement.
He is always happy to help to consult and go through any technical issues personally.
He always finds the right technical solution in a balanced and consultative way.
He embodies the rare combination of technical consultant and savvy salesperson.
His personality made our technical consultants completely comfortable with non-technical creative ideas.
John's consulting and technical background give him the very rare and valuable capability of going in on his own.
John joined our company as a technical consultant and platform evangelist, and what we got was much, much more.
John would be a valuable asset to any company looking for a technical consultant.
Combined with exceptional technical ability, his people skills far exceed those of most technical consultants.
John is a solid technical consultant who gets the job done no matter what crisis comes up - he always succeeds.
John is a dedicated and talented technical consultant who can converse and consult with confidence at all levels within an organization.
John is the kind of technical consultant you want on your team - he is both technically savvy and customer-oriented.
He is the kind of colleague you want to consult on big and small technical details.
He is not only deeply technical, but is the consumer consultant, always putting the client's needs first.
John proved himself to be the ultimate in excellence as a technical consultant for one of my clients.
John is an articulate, knowledgeable (and will tell you when he doesn't know, lol), and very responsive technical consultant.
I consulted with him on many technical issues, and am impressed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge.
John is firmly grounded in his technical knowledge and is a very effective consultant.
John is an experienced person in both technical, consulting and managerial aspects.
Aggression has a great experience in technical consultation, he is self motivated and proactive.
John consistently provided highly qualified candidates for our technical consulting team.
This made him the team's go to guy whenever someone needed a bit of technical consultancy.
He brought not only a high degree of technical expertise to the table, but also an entrepreneur perspective that is rare in technical consultants.
John is always someone you can depend on and brings the perfect mix of consultative expertise and technical know how to any engagement.
He brings a very consultative approach to meetings with the added value of being very technically sound.
He had the technical orientation required to be credible and consultative to his customers.
This is not solely due to technical prowess, but the ability to add him consultative bend to the best way to do it.
John is a technically gifted consultant with a no nonsense style that gets right to the heart of the issue.
John's consultative approach and easy going manner have helped us avoid many potential technical pitfalls.
He has the ability to transition from a technical role to a consultant role where appropriate.
John is awesome when comes to consulting position / placements for real technical ones.
John is an exceptional consultant; able to easily traverse through both functional and technical requirements.
John is at the top of the heap when comes to technical writing, publishing, expert testimony, and consulting.
He is a very good technical consultant, who brought in all his experience and expertise to his deliverables.
Not only does he possess a strong technical comprehension, but he also knows his consultants extremely well.
He has also shown his strengths in other areas and helped technical consultants in fulfilling the technical requirements at any projects.
Perhaps best of all for a technical consulting salesman, he always made sure what was being asked for was possible and reasonable within the requested time frame.
I would recommend him to any company that were looking to add top talent to their technical or consulting divisions.
John is an exemplary technical consultant and a remarkably innovative 'out-of-the-box' thinker.
John's deep and varied technical knowledge makes him an excellent technical consultant and troubleshooter.
Partnering with the technical consultants, he then implemented that vision.
His technical expertise and competence has also gained him the respect of his fellow technical consultants and peers.
He is one of those rare consultants who can be placed on technical as well as functional tasks.
Due to his technical know how he acts as consultant guiding to the best solution.
Coupled with an approachable and consultative manner he also has outstanding technical abilities.
John is innovative and technically deep, he is an inventive and dedicated consultant.
John is an energetic consultant whose eye for technical excellence is unerring.
We used him as a technical consultant in many (often critical) situations.
John's consultative, confident, technically savvy and highly adaptable.
He started out as a very successful technical consultant for our company.
John undoubtedly is going to become the world's best our company technical consultant in the near future.
Everyone in the team used to consult him for any technical solution.
He has a loyal following from both customers and technical consultants.
Senthil proved his technical competency time and time again and was often sought out for consultancy on technical issues across the group.
Yousuf is a quite technical security consultant and happy to share his experience with other consultants.
He becomes their consultant for both technical and business sides.
He's much more than a technical consultant that can do demos - he can sell solutions.
John is an expert consultant with a particularly strong technical focus.
John is a dedicated, technically superior solutions consultant.
With his background, he was also very technical, and was a very well rounded consultant, that needs little supervision and is very reliable.
He is even there, if needed, after he leaves an organization for consultation, follow up, and technical expertise.
He always provided exceptional advice and consultation on technical issues, challenges or problems.
John is a solid technical consultant who should be hired by all organisations for which he applies.
John is very versatile and can take on both a technical role as well as a consultant role.
He quickly solved some very technical firewall issues that had other consultants baffled.
John provides a thorough and professional approach for technical consulting.
While he was technically a consultant, he behaved like a dedicated employee.
He got him off to a good start technique in the consulting world.
John has the technical ability required to be a first class our company consultant.
As a technical consultant, he was well-respected by both clients and coworkers.
Always on time, with the best advice and technical ability - he would be an asset to any business in need of good technical consulting.
He is an excellent technical resource, as well as an extremely reliable consultant.
John is the epitome of what you want from a senior technical consultant.
His characteristics make the perfect technical and business consultant.
He is technical consultant who has very strong business acrument.
Professionally, he is very technically savvy and is very focused on providing the most consultative advice and counsel.
John's technical knowledge along with consultative approach makes him an asset to engagements.
John remained available for consultation at various times, and does not hesitate to pitch in with technical advice when needed.
John's abilities to think outside of the box and to the future make him a valuable technical consultant to any company.
He checks for understanding along the way and suggests aesthetic or technical changes with a consultative approach.
He never had a problem making and sticking with his decisions after consulting with his technical group.
He is very valuable to consult with as he had a great deal of leadership and technical experience.
For companies seeking to enter the technical textile marketplace, his consultation is invaluable.
John has the rare ability to wear both the technical consultative hat and the salesmanship hat.
John showed a high level of technical capabilities and was an excellent consultant.
As a consultant, he is very adept at translating technical jargon into simple terms.
John has a consultative style with a solid technical understanding and background.
Being customer oriented, he is also very technically adapting which is an excellent combination for any consultant.
John uses his extensive technical expertise to consult with clients and to challenge them.
He is a real team player and would always be available for a technical consultation.
During our consultation he provided lots of help and advice for both business and technical matters.
His ability to solve any technical challenge is unparalleled, and it is because of his excellence in the consulting area.
His deep technical knowledge, along with his calm demeanor, made him an ideal consultant.
This knowledge is backed by solid technical know how add to his value as a consultant.
He could handle both the consulting and technical side of the work with equal brilliance.
His knowledge and capabilities with strategic technical consulting are amazing.
He used to work on a wide range of technical consultancy and advice
Our company his technical expertise, John is a great consultant to work with.
John is a technically sound our company consultant who is aware of the big picture.
John consulted him on a technical training presentation for his workplace.
John is an outstanding technical consultant who knows how to think creatively and drive successful outcomes.
John is a very experienced consultant: his technical and process expertise is very deep.
John worked as technical consultant and partner advocate in his organization.
He displays a huge appetite for learning, and is an exemplary technical consultant.
In his consultant role, his technical mastery of the complex our company solutions were second to none.
His technical expertise had grown exponentially and his personality gave him all the assets he required to be a high level technical consultant.
He ensured all consultants in the region were well versed in the techniques via technical oversight and team-teaching of new consultants.
This allowed him to act more as a consultant and also removed the need for "technical support".
He's got a hands on technical knowledge lacking in many other deliverability consultants.
John has been a tremendous support, and is a very capable technical consultant.
John supplied us with very good technical consultants for staff augmentation.
We've consulted with each other, various times on all sorts of technical topics and he's always contributed to our brainstorming sessions immensely.
His consultative selling approach and technical experience are an asset and know that he will ensure the success of his clientele.
He first came to us as a consultant and was a huge help in resolving many complex technical issues that we were experiencing.
His background as a technical consultant allows him to ask the right questions and analyse and challenge the answers given.
John providing tremendous consultation with his competitive group on our advantages from a technical perspective.
As a consultant, his capability to map & remap between the domain requirements & technical ones is amazing.
John always brings a high level of enthusiasm and technical expertise to his consultation sessions.
John provided an excellent consulting service and technical expertise that exceeded expectations.
He is a very effective consultant with deep insight into the technical problems organizations face.
He's definitely a guy you can count on as a pathfinder and trusted technical consultant.
He is very helpful and gives a lot detail which is needed by a technical consultant.
John is extremely technical and hands on and he is often approached by members from other teams to provide a technical consultation or help.
His technical knowledge is extensive and invaluable to more junior consultants.
He possesses the ability to be technical and provide exceptional consulting abilities to his customers.
John is technically astute and has a consultative approach to understanding customer challenges.
When he was a consultant his technical solutions were inspired in their clarity, with no obfuscated code.