Technical Delivery Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Delivery Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was an excellent technical manager who focused on client satisfaction and delivery.
John is a hard working and dedicated technical delivery manager.
He understands how to speak to and manage technical teams towards delivery.
He is organized, dedicated to formal methodology in both management and technical delivery and he is always on time.
He has the rare ability of being extremely capable both technically and in delivery.
When we had delivery or technical issues, he gave it his all to resolve each issue.
John has great management skills and is very smart, technically and non-technically.
Finally, he will tell you things as they are, in case of both technical as well as management blunders.
He has immense patience with non technical minded managers whom he steered through complicated technical changes.
These technical deliveries are very complex, but he will always try to put them into a language that is understandable to those who are not technically competent.
He had excellent technical expertise, deep technical background and made major contributions to the success of several crucial deliveries.
John successfully managed client's expectations and was fully involved in the technical delivery.
His website was and still been one of my references for both technical and non-technical information.
His technical background coupled with his functional knowledge empowers him to manage end-to-end delivery of complex technical solutions.
He has excelled in his technical delivery, and his contribution has been central to the success of the transition.
His enthusiasm and entertaining delivery can make even the most technical of the topics interesting and exciting.
I can share that he is a technical evangelist that not only inspires, but carries through to delivery.
He was apt in his delivery of the content and the technical acumen.
John is an outstanding performer in both technical and management spheres.
John is a talented technical manager and is highly capable both on the technical and people management sides of the job.
He has the ability to communicate with technical and non-technical personnel.
John always excelled in timely deliveries of the technical solutions to the problems.
John is an extremely creative and technically oriented manager.
He is adept at managing difficult and complex engagements from both a technical and delivery perspective.
John is very insightful technically, and has progressed very nicely from technical contributor to technical team leader.
He is consistent in his delivery and knows when to ask the right questions.
He has a strong delivery management, technical and business sense.
His technical delivery of the user experience is exceptional.
John had the latest information what is happening around the world, be it technical non technical.
I have found him easy to deal with and he relates well to both technical and non-technical people.
He was not only diligent but also thorough in his analysis and delivery.
His delivery was polished, and his time management relaxed and precise.
His technical acumen is especially strong and he is often able to identify technical solutions that even the delivery teams did not consider.
John is a highly technical manager who has a great eye for detail and can identify solutions and manage complex deliveries.
John is an excellent manager who can be very technical, but always human and respectful.
He has the ability to explain complex technical matters to non technical management and to connect effectively at all levels in the organization.
He is a hands-on manager who understands the technical side as well as the managerial.
John consistently demonstrated his commitment to technical excellence and on-time delivery.
He is highly technical and works well with all levels of management.
I have been given very solid performance results based on his delivery and technical expertise.
I recommend him for technical roles as well as for general management.
He is respected not only by the management team, but also among our technical people.
His combination of technical capability, diligence and delivery focus contributed to an excellent delivery record.
His technical expertise made it so he could manage all types of people (from highly technical people, to generalists).
And he was also there when the deal was closed to follow you up through delivery.
John is thoroughly conscientious and focused on the delivery of what is required.
He is very dedicated & committed to the delivery, which he undertakes.
He is hardworking, persistent and always consistent in his delivery.
I like the warm, conversational style that he uses on his delivery.
His enthusiasm, commitment, and delivery have all been excellent.
His commitment and discipline to the delivery are noteworthy.
John provided technical vision and requirements that became the foundation of our video delivery platform.
I have learnt a lot about relationship management and delivery management from him.
He combines technical excellence with highly personable delivery.
He provided great enthusiasm and technical expertise to deliver a successful project delivery.
John managed to negotiate his way around these very significant technical and political obstacles and helped us achieve an on-time delivery.
John is very technical and solutions focused on his delivery to customers.
His technical knowledge, analytical delivery capabilities are excellent.
His deliveries are always sincere, more importantly in formats that people with different technical background will understand.
Highly qualified and technically astute, he adapts with ease to both traditional and agile delivery.