Technical Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always willing to try a new approach and can iterate through designs or technical concepts.
John also understands the technical aspects very well, so agree on designs was effortless.
His designs are always to specification and he is proactive to correct any technical oversights.
I have always been amazed at the depth and breadth of his technical and design capabilities.
He can create truly scalable designs for both technical and cultural opportunities.
Plus, he has a vast technical understanding that he shares with the other designers.
I always found him very helpful in resolving any design queries, technical doubts.
His technical design is clear and effective and always does 'the right stuff'.
Not only is he incredibly bright and truly understands design, he's deeply technical and can design interactions for what's actually possible.
John is technically astute and will challenge you to make well thought design decisions.
John is also an accomplished musician and a fairly technical all-round sound designer.
I collaborated on most of my designs because of his technical expertise and his keen sense of design, he always inspired me to create more interesting concepts.
Because of his technical background it helped during discussions and solution designing.
He has handled complex designs and is always at the forefront with technical solutions.
John is one of the few designers who has technical perspective in concluding a solution.
While his title reads 'technical designer', he is and was much more than that.
His design sense and technical know-how made him invaluable to everyone on the team.
He not only has a tremendous understanding of technical design, but he can translate it and paint a picture for his non-technical colleagues.
He was always keen to understand the rational behind the technical design rather than just follow it.
John is an extraordinary designer who combines aesthetic flair with technical brilliance.
He is great at describing technical constraints to designers in terms we can understand.
John has both design sense and technical proficiency which is a valuable combination.
His technical background provides him a good perspective when designing new features.
John has a terrific design intuition and that is augmented by his technical ability.
His technical prowess and humor have helped us through many difficult design issues.
John possesses the rare, valuable combination of both design and technical savvy.
His expertise in interaction design is impressive and he a solid understanding of numerous technical aspects of design.
His design ethos, and his ability to transfer those design concepts to a technical implementation, is excellent.
He is a passionate, talented designer with good design sensibilities as well as excellent technical abilities.
He is patient with his technical explanations, always ready to help me understand the technical design being proposed.
John is a very intelligent and experienced designer who equally understands the technical as well as story/content elements of design.
His designs are not only well thought out and functional, but also technically accurate and scalable.
If there's an issue with your technical design or architecture be sure to run it by him.
John was delivering the technical design and implementation of the solution.
He is very technically savvy and would participate in design discussions as well.
He clearly understands the technical and esthetic details of website design.
He consistently comes up with innovative and well thought out designs to some of our most difficult technical problems.
He is technically minded and understand all the little intricacies and nuances of his design decisions.
Him design talent always pushed me to be better and he could not have been a better technical guide.
John is one of those rare individuals who has both design and technical backgrounds and talent.
John combines strong technical abilities with an eye for design and usability.
John is very technically able designer who is passionate about his work and gets things done.
John will do the right thing, technically, in order to achieve world class design.
He is that rare breed who can work both in the technical and the design side.
He was an excellent all-round designer both in his creative ability and his technical know-how.
A creative thinker, with the technical knowledge and ability to back-up his designs.
Two, he understands design from both the creative and technical side of things.
John is very outgoing, extremely creative and technically well with designs.
John is technically minded designer, who has an intimate knowledge of what is possible and how to achieve the design goals within the technical and production constraints.
He was always present at our technical design discussions and always provided extremely valuable feedback.
John is a smart and capable technical designer willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
John is an excellent designer who's also got the technical ability to bring his ideas to life.
John was the technical designer for multiple levels and did an excellent job.
John continuously impressed me with his design, implementation, and technical abilities.
John is a great all-rounder with an eye for design as well as an unquestionable understanding of all things technical.
John is gifted at creating those with his rare combination of technical insights, storytelling, and design.
John has a wide range of technical abilities, but the one that stuck out the most was his design expertise.
He was on top of many designs and we constantly had technical discussions and witnessed his keen intellect.
John's conscientious and methodical approach to tackling the design and technical challenges is invaluable.
John is the rare type of a designer who's conceptual abilities is matched by his technical finesse.
He will thrive collaborating with other designers / design leadership, as he is eager to grow him design practices.
John hasn't just shown him the technical aspects of designing a dust jacket, but impressed him with his beautiful designs.
John can swiftly jump from overall concept design to dive into the technical constraints of a design problem.
He is not only technically strong, but also in designing aspects of the application.
Subsequently, he functioned as subcontractor to our technical design firm.
Be it technical or design oriented he is the name for the job.
John is an excellent graphic designer and all around technical our company.
His designs are well thought out and he has the technical and communication capability to explain, and defend those designs.
Our company a technical side, John clearly understands design implications of "designing for Sharepoint".
He excels at understanding functional designs and translating them into exceptional technical design and code.
Through his technical ability, he is able to deliver designs that others cannot even imagine.
John understood the technical requirements and factored that into his responsive designs.
If he questions, technical choices or design, you should definitely listen to the question.
John has excellent technical and imaginative capabilities in website design.
He appreciates the technical and end-user aspects of any problem or design.
His designs are consistently awesome and his technical expertise is vast.
His designs were technically solid and yet also had a pragmatic element.
He is very good technically and very good at designing user interfaces.
He is a very experienced designer, with strong technical capabilities.
As a designer, he excels in both aesthetic and technical aspects.
He leverages his strong technical background so that he has a good understanding of the technical design and implementation.
He is very technically adept thus he can deliver on the technical front whilst providing simplicity to the design team.
He designs for his clients whether they are technically proficient or not.
His technical and design ability would make him an asset for any team.
He tends to know his people, so he knows quite well when to leave design considerations to the more technical guys.
He is technically sound and has good suggestions for improvements in the design.
John's technical designs are robust, concrete, and elegant in their clarity.
In addition, he's very technically sound and makes good design decisions.
A good all-rounder he has got both design and technical knowledge.
John's technical knowledge is deep and thorough in chip design.
John provides leadership in projects as well as technical design.
John provided new vehicle concept designs, technical illustrations and new designs for domestic and international exhibit efforts.
His design was always simple, concise and user friendly while creating a beautiful design within our technical limitations.
He delivered on a number of technical and creative fronts, including software design, our company design, security/encryption design, and game design.
His design solutions are exceptionally beautiful without ever overlooking the technicalities.
He provided his technical expertise to design strategic solutions.
His technical background also puts him in a unique position to not only conjure up innovative design features, but also contribute towards their technical design and implementation.
His passion for design, and dedication to all aspects of design, set him apart.
He also contributes valuable insight to design discussions with both technical and non-technical personnel at customer locations.
His dedication alongside with ability to tackle both design and technical challenges have always been inspirational.
John confidently combines his eye for design with his technical appreciation and ability.
John's experience and passion for design can bring to any technical vision into reality.
His technical acumen and availability always made it easy to design new ideas any time.
He not only has a great eye for design, but also understands technical ramifications.
John is very technically minded and picks up the architectural design very quickly.
His feedback was always a great inspiration to technical design and requirements.
He's always open minded when discussing technical issues about a certain design.
His technical expertise helps him to catch design issues as well as tricky issues.
His outstanding technical and design sense is always spot on and player focused.
John has a deep technical understanding of the semiconductor design methodology.
He gave his expert, honest advice on both technical and design considerations.
John is a great self-starter and very technically gifted level designer.
He grasps challenging technical details and designs for them.
John understands how technical minds think and the culture and demands of technical organizations.
He understands how to bring good design to fruition and can work around technical and design limitations when necessary.
John is very talented in technical design and he does not hesitate to improve what is already done.
He's not only a talented designer, but also someone who doesn't shy away from technical hurdles.
His technique, but also creative and has great design and story-sense.
He offered good suggestions to technical challenges and was always an active participant in technical design meetings.
As a designer, he provides clear and concise designs with easy to assemble requirements on the technical side.
He even designed a brand new way of structuring our technical design plans which we still use to this day.
Obviously, he's very technically adept, however, that's not enough these days.
He understood not only technical implementation, but also had faith in the "why" of the design.
As a sound designer, he is more than technically proficient and as a composer/musician, he is inspiring.
His ability to spot the technical inefficiencies in the code or design was exceptional.
He pushes the design envelope while balancing technical and usability requirements.
He usually led the technical feature design as well as an agile story breakdown
He has more technical knowledge than most designers, which is a big plus.
John's technical breadth is impressive, whether it be design or execution.
John is able to handle both technical and design-related activities.
Our company the technical design bench Collet was a brilliant salesman.
John taught him a great deal about technical design, analysis and how to be a technical leader.
John is technically very sound and he goes into detail of every technical problem he faces.
He brings nothing but innovative design ideas when it's time to come up with design solutions.
He is competent in photography, graphic design, and technical writing.
John is strong enough technically that he really understands what the technical people under him are doing and can lend keen insight to design and architecture.
Smart, engaging, very technical and follows through on all of his actions.
He not only knows how to cater his designs for his audience, but he can successfully overcome any technical constraints.
His portfolio strikes him as someone who is thoughtful, both in technical consideration and in designing for users.
John sees clearly to the heart of technical issues and excels in designing and facilitating solutions.
He volunteered his technical expertise by being one of our chapter's first web designers.
During system architecture and component design discussion, he was quite technical.
He possesses extraordinary aesthetic and technical graphic design capabilities.
His deep technical understanding allows him describing complex solution designs.
One of the requirements from the our company was that the functional and technical design had to be approved by our company.
John did first-rate technical work, from design through implementation.
His designs are not only well done, but are always designed to accomplish the objectives and goals of the clients.
He is easy to talk to and uses time efficiently, whether he's designing or giving him feedback on his his designs.
He's technically very competent, but he also has a very good feel for usability and design.
He understands the technical limitations of web design since he can code, but always keeps the user experience in mind when he is designing.