Technical Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His technical background gives him the ability to understand and discuss complex technical subjects with both non-technical and very technical team members.
He knows, how to convince people with technical and non technical topics.
John is one of the few directors that was a technical leader.
John is unique for a technical director as he has attributes that interlink interpersonal, technical and managerial skill sets
You can reach out to him for any technical or non technical issues, he would have an answer for everything or will get it for you in no time.
John's 'make it happen' attitude sets him apart from most technical directors.
If it needs to be done, he will make sure it happens - whether or not it's technically his problem.
He also assigned mentors - both technical and non-technical that we could reach out to for help.
John is a really knowledgeable and dedicated technical director.
He demonstrates deep understanding of technical concepts and is at ease when presenting them with both technical and non-technical audience.
His technical expertises are unsurpassed and he was always willing to share the reasons for his technical decisions.
His technical abilities are too strong which makes him an authority on complex technical problems.
He helped him in troubleshooting technical problems with his technical expertise.
If you need a technical director prize all the way to on site and beyond, he is an amazing choice.
He thinks differently compared to your average technical director.
He is definitely very efficient assessing and addressing the customer's needs (technical and non technical).
He's excellent with customers, no matter how technical or non-technical the audience.
People from throughout the company would come to him to get help with various technical issues.
Throw any technical problem at him and be sure that it gets solved.
John also has the rare ability to deal with technical issues as well as effectively interact with both technical and non-technical customers.
John can take very technical concepts and explain them to non-technical people in a way that they understand.
There is none of the technical arrogance that is common amongst gurus of his supreme technical competence.
He is also pragmatic; being able to balance competing technical and non technical considerations.
He can explain technical concepts well to people who may not be as technically strong as him.
As a director, he pitched in and did technical work when needed.
John is very technically competent and follows through on all matters.
Business objectives are always in focus and he never gets lost in the technicals, despite him technical depth and capabilities.
Takes the time to explain technical terms to non technical individuals to that they can truly understand what he is trying to convey.
John is always ready to help fixing technical issues, he has the technical background and the right attitude in any occasion.
Then he has the ability to take those concepts and translate them to the written word for the non-technical and technical alike.
John's technical expertise allows him to solve technical challenges with the larger objective in mind.
He is eager and enthusiastic to solve technical problems and he used to enjoy technical challenges.
He participated in technical decisions and his recommendations were appreciated by our company technical experts.
It is comforting when a director technically knows what he wants and delivers clear, concise briefs.
Him documentation was well written and catered to technical and non-technical audiences.
When there were technical problems he was always available to help and did whatever it took to rectify the problem.
He took it upon himself to solve problems that he found, both technically and organizationally.
He knows how to listen to suggestions and concerns, even in regards to a technicality
He took the time to understand all of our needs, beyond just the technical specs.
This ability is clearly seen in the many technical articles that he has written.
He listens and understands your needs, whether they are budgetary or technical.
His attitude and technical expertise will always take him to the next levels.
He is very strong technically and he is willing to collaborate at all times.
In discourse he can go technically very deep to come to the right decision.
Not only is he strong in journalism, but also is very technique oriented.
For him, what really sets him apart is his strong technical understanding.
John can do anything - he can solve any technical problem under the sun.
He will always do all he can to solve any technical issues you may have.
John's technical and interpersonal abilities have been outstanding.
The John technical problem we were experiencing, he was into it immediately.
His can do attitude and technical know-how leave little to be desired.
He always had the company's best interests in his technical approach.
Heart and technical know how make the difference every time with him.
His strong technical background allows him to make the right decisions.
Working with him was fun, and at the same time tough technically.
He would also jump into any technical problem that was brewing.
His technical abilities were recognized throughout the company.
Sales oriented and technically brilliant, he is the right mix.
He's technical and savvy enough to contribute at any company.
Working with him was an extremely pleasant surprise, given that technical and creative directors often clash.
In both roles, his technical ability and his personality made him an ideal director.
He would be a great asset to any teams looking for a technical director.
As a technical director he always helped to figure out and effectively solve every technical issue on the project.
His business and technical acumen were a lesson to all other directors.
In more than a few instances, he recognized his technical knowledge and recommended the same to our director.
As an artist and technical director, he is at the top of his game.
Not only is he strong technically, but he is self-motivated and gets things done.
Clients clearly value his technical competence as well as his insightful comments.
His technical competence allows him to see the destination no one else has seen.
He also is very entrepreneurial which is not as common with technical people.
Not only is he technically competent he is mature, well beyond his years.
John is self motivated to keep technical certifications up to date.
John' brings so much more than technical competence to his efforts.
John has been his technical mentor when he was at our company.
But most of all because he fosters an element of trust with all of his team members, whether they are technical or non-technical.
He is pretty considerate and tries to help his team members as much as he can, be it technical or non-technical issues.
Combined with his technical competence, he becomes a significant contributor to any technical team.
John's ability to advise on both technical and non-technical issues creates a skillet and relevance that most deeply technical companies need.
As a technical director his ability to articulate complex technical detail to the layman was in a class of its own.
He takes the time to make sure he understands an issue/problem so he can find the root cause of an issue, whether it is technical or not technical.
John takes the time to ask the right questions and to really understand, and help solve, complex technical and non-technical problems.
He helped him start his technical book club and we had many interesting conversations, both technical and not.
He is able to bring together technical and non-technical groups all to achieve a positive end result.
John earned the respect and title of "technical guru" during the time we were both directors at our company.
Due to his technical background, he is able to engage with both technical and non-technical members of his team at many levels - something which he is respected for.
Additionally, he was technically competent in the configuration of the toolkit.
He is not only competent technically, but he is also very people orientated.
He always had an attitude that anything is possible no matter what technical limitations might be in the way, and that we should always do whatever was necessary to get it done.
John made himself available as much as possible and always had the technical chops to be of great help to him with even the most complex problems.
He's also someone who doesn't need to be explained, things a second time, even if the explanation is very technical.
His attitudes towards his colleagues is very positive and never let them down if they don't know anything technical.
In our discussions about technical things, he always had a thorough way of looking at problems and situations.
John got us sponsorships from other companies as well as his own to pull off these technical advances.
He made this accomplishment despite many technical obstacles and he should be proud of the results.
He's always very responsive to our companies needs, and brings more than just technical expertise.
At all times he was passionate about what he did while having all the technical expertise needed.
Excellent technically, he always had some answer to any and every problem we would get stuck at.
John also found alternatives for some of the technical aspects which were causing problems.
Not only for his own matters, he has this habit of pulling others out of technical problems.
His technical expertise is well known, but what sets him apart are things not easily taught.
Furthermore, he has the technical brilliance to help companies seize on those opportunities.
They look up to him for discussing technical problems and also the career/personal aspects.
You can consider him, the go to guy for any technical problem and he will solve it for you.
We then came back together to review the result, where he would give him technical feedback.
He's friendly and always willing to take time to explain or help less technical colleagues.
His contributions have been always the most valuable whether they were technical or conceptual.
His technical prowess only empowers him to make the best decisions for the organizations.
He took the initiative to break down barriers whether they be technical or interpersonal.
He addressed and resolved all technical issues that we've had with little to no problem.
His desire to do always what makes sense technically and for the company is invaluable.
He's technical abilities is unsurpassed, and at the same time he can make anyone laugh.
He is always keen to take on new challenges, and to help others solve technical issues.
John's technical know-how and passion to deliver the best results are second to none.
Besides his technical capabilities, he is very friendly and helpful at the same time.
At the same time he was always joyful and eager to take up new technical challenges.
During our company his understanding of the technical challenges has been excellent.
Both strong in technical and interpersonal, he would add value to any organisation.
John provides excellent technical and managerial experience to our organization.
He always kept his cool and could figure out any technical/non-technical problem.
He says what is or is not possible every time with a realistic technical workload.
His enthusiastic transfer of technical know-how has been critical to his success.
His technical expertise along with his persistence sets him apart from the pack.
Both times he has impressed him with both his technical and leadership abilities.
He is very good technically, and used to be very methodical in problem solving.
He's the champion in establishing various technical committees for the division.
Letting him make the technical decisions while he focused on the bigger picture.
John's technical expertise, experience, and troubleshooting are second to none.
At the same time he was also dealing with all kinds of of non technical issues.
John's technical expertise was critical to the success of these initiatives.
With his technical expertise, he would be a welcome addition to any company.
John's exceptional technical ability will be of great value to any company.
His technical abilities to fix anything within no time are very noticeable.
And at the same he has the technical capability to solve any complex problem.
Solving the most complex technical problems seems to come naturally to him.
He overcame many technical challenges, and kept focused on the end result.
John's technical ability and can-do attitude have always stood out for him.
During that time, his technical abilities go unquestioned and are superb.
John can be counted on to resolve the most complex technical problems.
He is the go to guy when there are difficult technical problems to solve.
John would be an outstanding addition to any technical group or company.
Quick decision and technical expertise could be the right words for him.
John cleared up thorny technical problems and provided welcome clarity.
For every technical problem we encounter, we can always rely on him.
John brings both technical credibility and interpersonal effectiveness.
He's the type of guy that just knows how to solve technical problems.
He's technically opinionated yet very good at cooperative compromise.
When technical problems are escalated to him, he is nigh-unstoppable
He helped him get settled and often helped him with technical problems.
He came up with many ideas to solve many technical issues we faced.
John gets on a technical problem and sees it through to the end.