Technical Editor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Editor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Importantly, he effectively translates between technical and non-technical people.
He listens and excels at solving problems technical and non-technical.
At the same time, he is very technical and has that can do attitude.
When we worked together, he was editor and also helped everyone to resolve technical difficulties.
We were one of the first companies to do this at that time and we couldn't have done it without his technical expertise.
John would always ask the right questions when we were brainstorming through technical problems.
John easily help anyone in the company with technical questions.
John is often the visionary that solved technical roadblocks.
John gets things done and can solve just about any technical problem within our company.
This combined with his dedication and outstanding technical insight gives him the availability to deliver a technical message to non-technical people.
He's also more than an editor in that he understands complex technical subjects and can add value through asking good questions.
Nonfiction, fiction, poetry, technical or unique genre books, he's the editor you need.
Excellent at 'translating' difficult, technical subjects into something that is understood by non-technical people like him.
He can succinctly converse with the most technical people, all the way to high-level overviews for those less technical.
He can have an extremely technical conversation yet put it into terms even non-technical people can understand.
John understands his audience and he is able to translate technical subjects to non-technical people.
He also takes the time to explain difficult technical concepts to non-technical people.
Throughout that time and up to the present, he has always been been ahead of the technical curve.
He's very organized and strong enough technically to ask the right questions of the technical staff involved.
He always took the time out to teach him technical things when others would not.
John keeps his focus on the technical problem and does not get distracted.
His creative vision and technical know how make him one of the best editors in the business.
He keeps a positive attitude and is always available to help in any technical / non-technical issues that arise from time to time.
John technical and logical thinking always help to resolve those technical challenges we encountered.
John exemplifies all that is right about a publisher and editor.
John constantly pushed him to better himself as a technical editor and as a leader.
He always has a can-do attitude and will help everyone with all sorts of technical questions.
He's always ready to help colleagues with their technical problems and questions.
John never ceases to amaze him with his technical know-how and forward thinking.
He solved them every time with incredible technical know-how and wizardry.
John is the go to guy for expertise on technical questions and problems.
If anyone requires any further technical details please let him know.
He's thinking about any challenge both technically and operationally.
He is outstanding and timely in resolving technical problems.
He always has time to listen, and trusted his technical advice.