Technical Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His ability to communicate technically complex ideas and concepts from engineers to non-technical or less technical individuals are superb.
His people looked up to him for his technical and non-technical advice.
He can talk to both non technical and technical people effectively.
He is a great example of an engineer who knows what he is doing, and yet can explain it in a technical or non-technical audience as appropriate.
His technical understanding is first-class and earns him the respect of fellow engineers as well as less technical colleagues.
He began as a technical engineer several years ago, so he has a good technical background.
His technical background enables him to be an effective liaison between engineers and non-technical audiences.
Executives and engineers, including himself, turn to him whenever we are puzzled about something technical.
He is not necessarily technical but it is understandable as he has no engineering background.
His technical background and engineering prowess is beyond exemplary
His technical & engineering bent of mind makes him very popular.
He made him comfortable in the organization and guided him on both technical and non-technical challenges.
John would be a great technical asset to any technical endeavor.
Additionally, he has the ability to speak at great technical depth with other engineers while also being able to make those same technical concepts easy to understand for non-technical personnel.
He made himself available for any of the engineers when we had either technical questions or just simply looking for direction.
Not only people manger, he is also very technical so that engineers go for his advice.
John took responsibility for technically challenging areas of the engine.
Through his technical background, he easily interacts with any engineer.
Though he only started to hang out with serious engineering geeks recently, he was able to hold his own under technical questioning by some of our best engineers.
John is technically proficient, but not wedded to technical solutions.
Not only is he technically savvy, he is always willing to share the information with others to strengthen their technical capacity regardless of their technical abilities.
Additionally, he understands the technical aspects of an application better than many engineers.
His expertise in engineering, technical solutions is exemplary.
His recommendations were scrutinized by technical experts and were found to be technically sound.
His ability to relate between technical and non-technical audiences are the one to look out for.
He is technically so sound that he used to help us resolve technical issues at times.
John's technical expertise also ensures that the end-result will be technically sound.
He knows how to take technical topics and relate them in a non-technical way.
He works very well with others, both in engineering and in non-technical departments.
Give him time, and he'll know the most intimate details technically about your engine.
Thanks to his technical background, he can empathize with engineers and more often than not he comes up with more practical/feasible ideas.
When there is an engineering or technical component, he is either already proficient or gets up to speed quickly.
His engineering background made it really easy to talk to him about technical needs and limitations.
It was not uncommon for other engineers approach him when they ran into technical difficulties.
John's technical aptitude and understanding of first principle engineering are very good.
If we needed something technical, he would find the engineer and get an answer for us.
His technical ability is well respected by the strongest engineers within the organization.
He went on to become one of his best engineers; reliable, technical, and professional.
John's background is in engineering, but he never gets hung up on technical details.
He provided technical stewardship to the engineering platform he is responsible for.
John's engineering background help him move effectively in the technical realm.
This is what sets him apart from many software engineers that are only technical.
John is very reliable, technically oriented and on target focused engineer.
He also answers and resolves engineering and technical questions promptly.
He his very technical, has a can-do attitude and a very capable engineer.
His technical aptitude from him engineering background proved invaluable.
His strong technical expertise provided engineers with clear guidelines.
Our company the technical side, John is not just an engineer he's a craftsman.
As a former engineer, he is very technical and worked very closely with the engineering team.
His can-do attitude, determination and ability to clearly explain technical matters to non-technical people clearly set him apart from other engineers.
John stands out among other our company engineers due to his depth of technical knowledge and his technical background.
In both technical and no-technical situations he guided him from the beginning until the target is achieved.
He's technically astute and able to have meaningful conversations with technical personnel.
He passed the technical screening with flying colors and is technically very smart.
John has the technical aptitude, curiosity and much of the knowledge of an engineer.
John is very thorough in technical aspects and has a way to motivate young engineers.
He stands out as a technically competent, and self-driven engineering
His technical knowledge in his engineering actually amazes him.
John has a deep engineering and technical background that makes him highly credible with the engineers (and he knows when they're lying).
Given his technical background, his documentation was technical as well, and easily understood by engineering teams.
Additionally, he provided technical leadership within our organization.
And, of course, his technical know-how is his greatest asset.
He's been very successful in staffing many of our hardest technical and non-technical positions.
He also fully understands all the technical challenge on our technical team.
John kind of team issues, technical or non-technical he used to help us out.
He would be a good asset to any technical or non-technical group or team.
John is an exceptional leader with the technical expertise of an engineer.
John has a technical background, but is especially effective at explaining technical information and challenges to non-technical users.
In addition to his engineering strengths, he is a good mentor, taking the time to explain the technical aspects or issues to new engineers and non-technical stakeholders.
He can go from the user point of view of the technical language with engineers.
John is a very technically capable and resourceful application engineer.
He makes both technical and non-technical people understand what he is talking about and actually enjoy it.
His technical understanding is thorough and he can be relied on for sound advice on all technical matters.
Amazingly technical for the role he was playing where he was not expected to be technical or hands on.
John clearly articulates and demonstrates difficult concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.
John's very technical, but he's able to explain in a way that non technical people can understand.
He can converse with the most technical individuals as well as non-technical executives.
And he can turn around and direct technical employees in resolving technical issues.
He can explain complex technical issues to groups ranging from the business/application owner down to the technical engineer.
Not only technical, but especially as he says what needs to be said in the team.
Not only he is very technical, but he knows how to get the best out of his team.
Unlike many engineers, he is able to relate such concepts to non-technical people.
He can connect with engineers at a technical level while negotiating a complex engineering organization.
He is technically very sound and he knows exactly what he has to do in all his tasks.
He is not only technically sound, he also know to make things simple.
He also does well interfacing directly with non-technical people.
John is one of those people can make the technical seem easy.
John is an incredible engineer - he is so very smart and insightful, especially when it comes to diagnosing technical challenges.
He could help solve the most intricate technical problems which made all his engineers look up to him with respect and awe.
John is an outstanding engineer who has the technical capabilities and potential to achieve about anything he wants to do.
John continues to prove himself as one of our top contributors, he is one of our highest technical engineers.
Having grown up from the engineering ranks, it is no surprise that his technical abilities are very strong.
John's technical qualifications in all things having to do with engineering software are outstanding.
He always went out of his way to source viable candidates for technical and engineering positions.
He could understand technical issues with little explanation required for the engineering group.
A smart that is dedicated and passionate on his experience & expertise on technical engineering.
Also, he's an engineer at heart, so he can delve down into technical details when needed.
John is a great software engineer who has impressed him with his technical acumen.
From a technical perspective, he always listened and trusted the engineer's opinion.
John for any technical, software, or engineering position you may have open.
He's able to hold a technical conversation with the engineers without hesitation.
John was, at the time, technical lead/senior software engineer.
He joined our company in the engineering organization, and then transitioned to doing technical presales.
He knows his 'stuff', and can explain it easily to both technical and non-technical staff.
He practically has a solution to every problem in the world - technical or non-technical.
He acted as a technical liaison between engineering and our customer base on technical issues.
John is one of those engineers that is not only very astute technically, he is also great in front of customers.
He's been always surprised by the level of his technical creativeness in troubleshooting and engineering.
It's rare to find an engineer as talented technically as he or he is articulate.
His technical expertise, engineering leadership, and guidance was appreciated by engineers within his teams and peers.
And to back it up, he has the technical know-how to get the job done.
He didn't have to do that - wasn't technically his job - but he did.
He also has the technical chops to interface directly with the engineering teams - at our level.
At the same time, he was just as comfortable in technical conversations with engineering teams.
He always challenges his team technically to succeed, which is very good for any engineer.
John is an asset to all engineering teams in all leadership and technical roles.
John's technical strengths make him a strong addition to any engineering team.
John arranged for a technical review with one of our engineering teams.
His technical background is also an asset as he is able to understand many of the technical requirements of new opportunities.
John always adapted and grew into his new roles and technical requirements, be they technical or managerial, with aplomb.
John also does great with the technical audience, being able to dive deep into their technical needs and environments.
His technical background is extremely beneficial to him understanding of requirements and technical concepts.
With his key technical expertise he has the ability to understand the technical issues in an organization.
His understanding of cross border issues on technical and non-technical matters are without question.
John has a technical depth and is able to follow most of the mainstream technical platforms.
His solid technical background gives him the ability to navigate complex technical issues.
He rallied the required technical expert to address all his technical queries in time.
John always ensures that all technical and non-technical targets were met on time, on all the occasions during an engineering project.
He also is technically gifted as an engineer and innovation agent.
John also has the experience and technical credibility to work with engineers without seeming to be out of his depth.
At the same time he is quite hands on and so engineers have no difficulty conveying any technical hiccups/surprises.
His technical acumen and people leadership is something we can all aspire to in any engineering organization.
He impressed him with his technical depth and the way he was able to mentor and challenge other engineers.
He would ask the right technical questions strived to improve his knowledge of the engine.
He makes our dry engineering and technical jargon sound interesting and exciting.
Being a very knowledgeable engineer, he provides exceptional technical leadership.
He's a wonderful radio engineer and has really helped him with technical stuff.
John is one of those rare engineers who excelled at software engineering and at innovation - he was not constrained by his technical outlook.
John can come in and help you establish your technical environment needs to be successful.
He is brilliant technically as well as someone you can trust to do exactly what he says.
These three things make him unstoppable in any technically challenging environment.
John organization will appreciate his technical contribution to their organization.
His technical prowess too, was admired by one and all across the organization.
One would always want to have a word with him for any technical suggestion.
So far, there is no technical requirement which he is unable to solve
Without doubt, he will be the best technical asset in any organization.
He's a technical guide to others and is also willing to be guided.
John is technically innovative, thorough and totally reliable.
He's indispensable in both the editorial and technical realms.
He would have filled his requirements for technical personnel.