Technical Instructor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Instructor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands the job scope for both technical and non-technical positions within a technical organization.
He teaches both technical and non-technical aspects of photography.
He can easily break down the most technical problems into components that are easy to understand for both technical and non-technical users.
John also has a technical background so he is able to understand technical challenges and can provide technical guidance.
Not only he has the technical ability, but have the right attitude complementing his technical asset.
More importantly, his technical competence made him a first rate instructor.
He presents himself clearly for technical and non-technical audiences so that both parties comprehend.
He always ready to help others in the project technically and non-technically.
Though he was technically competitive, he was always eager to learn new things, technical and managerial.
His ability to learn new challenges (technical or non-technical) is unquestionable.
John, as well as being very strong technically, has the rare ability to translate deeply technical concepts so they can be absorbed by those without technical understanding.
John molded his raw enthusiasm into a well crafted technical instructor.
John has amazing technical prowess and an unquenchable passion for what he does, both technical and managerial.
John provided the technical author's experience far greater than any other technical author we had used previously.
John excels at making the technically difficult easy for those of us who are not technically savvy.
Being from a technical background himself, there is often a need to bridge the "technical divide".
He can amend his message to technical or non technical individuals depending on his audience.
John also has a technical side which allows him to converse with ease at any technical level.
His technical expertise helped to solve some technical issues with the platform.
His previous roles in technical positions have polished his technical strength.
You could ask him any technical questions and he almost always has an answer.
We can go to him with any technical question and come back enlightened.
Back then he was the guy to go to if you had any technical questions.
He made him feel that he's got his back, technically or managerially.
His background goes from the very technical to the very tactics
John goes above and beyond in his role and technical experience.
Not only is he technically excellent, he knows what will sell.
He is very well-liked for his technical savvy and reliability.
He's also technical enough for the demo, but can still close.
John is a fabulous instructor, author, and technical resource.
In addition, he worked as an instructor delivering technical classes.
He adheres to policies and deeply passionate about things either technical or non-technical along his path.
He also has the ability to break down and explain technical issues in non-technical terms which is important and helpful for someone who is non-technical such as himself.
It's not only the technical background, he has but also his way of presenting.
John is technically strong and known what he is doing with the code.
John is not only very technical but also very people oriented.
This is what gives him technical and managerial competencies.
His hunger to learn new phrases in any domain (technical or non technical), makes him different from others.
He can have a very technical discussion and then talk to that conversation so that everyone who doesn't have his technical expertise can understand.
His ability to clearly converse at all levels of an organisation, whether the audience is technical or non-technical, is to be commended.
Although self proclaimed "non technical, " he has the ability of being able to hold his own in any technical conversation.
His technical expertise is sometimes hidden, but he has considerable amount of depth into many technical topics.
John's technical capabilities are extremely strong and he is an expert in multiple technical disciplines.
His technical expertise was beyond compare and he closed many deals based on his technical proficiency.
John hails from a wealth of experience across numerous disciplines, both technical and non-technical.
His deep technical experience blends with his kindness as he helps others through technical difficulties.
John is adept at translating technical jargon into meaningful value for a non-technical audience.
This ensures his messaging strongly resonates with technical and non-technical stakeholders alike.
His subject matter expertise spans numerous technical and non-technical disciplines.
He is the go to guy when any of our technical questions come up and we know he is going to have the answer.
Working with him to make to make these organizational and technical changes was always a pleasure.
John is technically strong, however it is his style and how he does things that most impress.
John could always be counted on to help others with assignments and technical questions.
Both on the technical as well as on the organizational level, he really knows his stuff.
He would make sure to help anyone out with a question, whether it was technical or not.
He would always try and get an answer, even on the most difficult technical questions.
And he was more than willing to help his colleagues with complex technical questions.
John collaborates very well across both technical and organizational boundaries.
The tasks he was given were very complicated both technically and politically.
He is always helpful in getting him to ask the technical question correctly.
His technical and managerial background is certainly far above the average.
Features he requested not only sell well, they also make technical sense.
He often has the answers to technical questions when no one else does.
He knew exactly which technical questions to ask and how to ask them.
Solution selling comes naturally to him plus he is technically savvy.
He's very technical yet remains very approachable and conversational.
When there is a technical issue he follows thru until its completion.
He also knows how to answer their questions in non-technical terms.
He is technically inclined and he can hold his own in any room.
John is solid & dependable, both technically and managerially.
John's managerial, as well as his up-to-date technical expertise.
In this effort, he had to use his technical analysis & expertise.
John's experience and technical know-how were staggeringly good.
There has been never a question about his technical abilities.
Working with him, add a lot of technical value to the individual.
But he brings with him a lot more than just technical expertise.
Also, he is a lot more technical then he want anyone to know.
John has been his go-to guy for technical questions for years.
His technical and organizational leadership is extraordinary.
John's managerial and technical capabilities are commendable.
He is also well-versed in fundamental and technical analysis.
He is not afraid of technical and entrepreneurial challenges.
His technical ability is, without question, better than most.
Interactions with him helped with his own technical growth in our company.
His ability to simplify technical material is paramount to his success as an instructor.
His enthusiasm for what he does shows in every presentation allowing him to captivate both technical and non-technical audiences.
This allows him to gain and maintain the respect of his technical collaborators, as well as drive technical vision.
He is able to translate difficult technical concepts for understanding by non-technical people.
John was, and continues to be, his go-to resource for all things technical.
Along the way, he proved his technical aptitude by learning/doing other technical projects.
Students are fortunate to have him as their instructor, guide, and mentor.
Now he is taking the next step in his career in becoming an instructor.
John is first his instructor; he then quickly became a mentor.
He is an instructor and mentor in his current and past roles.
He became an instructor, and he brought in very good mentors.
Throughout our years, he served as his instructor and mentor.
His teaching style is technically sound, but has also inspired many students themselves to become instructors.
His technical understanding for sure, but particularly his drive to make things happen.
This also comes across in seminars and technical presentations he gives.
Moreover, he has a strong technical background to back up his directions.
His writing was highly technical while still being very entertaining.
His technical expertise and drive to get things done is unparalleled.
John not only has the technical qualifications and mental turpitude.
John's presentation was brief, technical, and easy to understand.
He will never say no to any technical challenge you present to him.
John is very dedicated, reliable, technically very competent.
He really impressed him by his drive and technical abilities.
John is an excellent technical guy who is having all technical details in his head.
John is a great technical instructor that excelled in the classroom and made friends wherever he went.
He can navigate through complex technical issues/discussions and provide simplified technical solutions.
His technical background helps him to understand what makes him technical staff tick.
Because he reads a lot of technical books, he has an extensive technical knowledge
John has also good understanding of technical products, although he has no technical background.
As a technical support he's helped him on numerous occasions, even when other instructors were stumped.
As a technical instructor, he is top notch - always engaging and challenging his students.
John is an outstanding technical instructor with near perfect evaluation scores for the courses he taught at our company.
He also looks for the opportunity to learn new things and keeps himself technically stimulated.
He doesn't just get the job done, he does it with style and technical eloquence.
He always came up with appropriate technical approaches to accomplish the goals.
The most impressive one was to know that he is also learning technical things.
He has excellent technical know how and is always willing to learn more.
He teaches in a way that makes something very technical understandable.
Easily combines his technical know how with his teaching abilities.
Undoubtedly, he has been an important technical reference to him.
Due to his multi-faceted background, he is able to contribute to and enrich any technical as well as non-technical conversation.
John is a technically savvy guy, whatever technical task you give he will complete it within no seconds.
John, like no other instructor, dedicated himself to instilling enthusiasm and excitement into technical training.
John hired his firm to provide instructor led technical training.
He comes across as a self-confident, dynamic, and charismatic instructor.
That may explain why he gives better presentations than most technical people.
John always struck him as very technically competent and self-motivated.
Additionally, he has the technical knowledge needed to interface with the instructors and teach when needed.
John has an amazing knowledge of technical advice and as an instructor, he is very precise with teaching.
Really appreciate his help all this while and the technical expertise that he brought in to help in answering our questions.
He understands the technical talk and can translate it very well into something everyone can understand.
John's review of the technical forms as well as his recommendations was always thorough and reliable.
He knew exactly what he was doing technical wise, and got him to think about the user experience.
Not only does he have the technical ability, but also has the leadership and visionary foresight.
His level of technical expertise is first-rate and he is always willing to help out colleagues.
Johnoto is reliable to help someone with technical issues without losing his serenity.
John has got very good technical understanding and he is an excellent troubleshooter.
He provides thought leadership and technical vision by asking all the right questions.
He really knows how to deal with problems on both the political and technical aspects.
He can make the connection between technical feature/functionality and how to sell it.
John has both technical and managerial savvy; he was well respected by both groups.
In his experience, he was thorough, quite technical and always had a smile on his face.
There are no technical or organizational challenges that he would not gladly accept.
He will deliver against both technical and any political obstacles in his path.
This allows him to accurately translate users' needs into technical specifications.
His technical background is impressive and he is very confident in his abilities.