Technical Lead Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Lead Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As the onshore lead, he was always approachable and provided invaluable technical suggestions.
John is being well grounded technically and comfortable taking on leading edge assignments.
John was a fantastic technical lead and kept calm in even the most trying circumstances.
I am convinced he would be the great technical lead in any aspects of his undertakings.
I was particularly impressed by his ability to lead technical aspects of the project.
I'd say he has a strong intuition that leads him to the right technical choices.
A great technical background, but also an ability to articulate and lead.
He is open to any relevant technical discussion which leads to the point.
He has the respect of technical colleges and the ability to lead them.
Widely accepted as being a pivotal technical lead within this company.
He leads from a position of both technical and managerial expertise.
He was a strong technical lead and made effective use of teamwork.
I have no problem recommending John to any technical lead role.
He has the vision and charisma to lead, but he's also willing to follow the lead of others.
He has an uncommon understanding of the needs of salespeople (leads and lead nurturing).
Not only does he have an ability to lead, he also possesses a willingness to lead.
This has sometime lead to long coffee breaks and always lead to something valuable.
Him ability to lead makes those he leads strive for excellence and success.
For example, John knows how to lead and does so without causing resentment or dissatisfaction from others he leads.
I'm sure John will lead now lead the way for other program managers to follow.
He was an excellent managerial lead and technical lead, and a pleasure to work for.
John's strong technical background sets him apart and enables him to lead technical teams with ease.
He was the technical lead for one of the teams in my organization.
He's able to lead through example and is always willing to dive in to help with the technical details.
John was able to clearly and persuasively communicate his vision for the successful site with technical and non-technical subjects with both technical and non-technical group.
He provides, in his capacity, as technical lead, his team, with a clear approach and certainly leads by example.
Through this, I've found that John is a passionate and focused technical lead with a great technical vision.
During that time he added tremendous value as the data stage technical lead.
He has great ability to lead and transform technical organizations.
He was the technical lead with a very sound technical background.
John is by far one of the most talented technical leads I know.
He would never ask someone to do something he wasn't willing to do himself, which is truly leading by example.
Not only does he lead by example, but he goes out of his way to make sure those around him are successful.
He leads by example, and does not ask others to do things he would not do, or has not done, himself.
John leads through example and will never ask one to do something which he is not willing to do.
He leads by example and makes everyone around him want to be the best at whatever they do.
John always leads by example and when he says he will do something he does it.
He always leads by example and was willing to go out of his way to help out.
He gets the best out of everyone, those he leads and all those around him.
He does not ask anything of those he leads that he himself would not do.
I don't want to lead you to believe that this is the only thing he does.
John knows when to ask for help and when to step out and take the lead.
He leads others to think beyond the immediate and be more visionary.
He leads by example and is always available to help in any capacity.
John is one of those who goes above and beyond and leads by example.
What you see is what you get from him and he leads through action.
This leads me to look further into what made the whole thing tick.
You will be well advised to go where he is going and leading.
John has been the lead on all of them and has been very good.
I am better at what I do because of who he is and how he leads.
You will find few with his technical knowledge, and fewer still with his ability to lead.
I was very satisfied working together with him because he is well as technical lead.
John leads by example and gets the best out of his subordinates by leading from the front.
His broad background allows him to effectively lead all types of technical and non-technical workers.
He is passionate about lead gen, and always leads with integrity.
He is technical, yet concise and he leads you to suitable solution wherever possible.
John was leading our research & development as well as our technical department.
He leads the team successfully on the technical and non technical front with distinction.
He is also technically very strong, and the team respected him and followed his lead.
He was everything we hoped for as an on-site technical lead for the team.
John enables teams to make sound decisions and leads both in technical and non-technical aspects.
Of his technical competency and ability to lead a technical team, there is no doubt.
Not only does he have the breadth of technical knowledge to lead, he leads the team with passion.
His ability to lead and innovate with both small and large companies in both technical and non-technical capacities is exceptional.
At the same time, his passion to discuss or solve any technical challenge to its logical end makes him great technical lead.
He knows the technical side of things, and this leads to a much better understanding of what's going on.
He does this with great enthusiasm, technical prowess all while leading by example.
He would make a great technical lead, so if you can get him, you should hire him.
His influence over technical leads to enable innovation was commendable.
These characteristics leaded him to a fast technical improvement.
He's technical, highly creative and can follow as well as he can lead.
John can serve as business lead or technical lead, which is a rare combination.
John's role was as the technical lead, but contributed much more to the implementation.
He doesn't just know how to lead a team, but also is very technique oriented.
In addition to this he also leads the team with his technical experience.
He brings experience and technical know how to the teams he leads.
He goes above and beyond to explain technical details to non-technical people.
John served in the technical lead capacity for one of the subsystem areas.
John came to work for us as a technical lead from our company.
He is also switched on with the team's he leads - demonstrating technical leadership earned through technical credibility.
As a technical lead, he demonstrated technical capabilities as well as lead the team with examples.
Apart from the technical aspects, he takes active part in any kind of discussions and chatting with him, whether technical or non- technical definitely leads to connection
John leads by example and is sound personally and technically.
John leads & collaborates in the solutions to our most difficult technical problems.
He's quantitative and technically-adept, but he can clearly communicate with technical and non-technical people alike.
John is respected technically and has the passion to motivate and lead people.
He leads by example and takes on the most difficult technical challenges with grace and responsibility.
John is a strong technical lead and if he doesn't know something, he digs until he finds it out.
His technical experience allows him to lead by example and make crucial architectural decisions.
His technical fluency is exceptional and he's been an invaluable leading asset to our startup.
John possesses the uncommon ability to lead on both the managerial and technical levels
Ganghadar played the lead technical role in his firm, across multiple disciplines.
His leading edge technical expertise is matched only by his passion for excellence.
His sense of humor and calm demeanor makes him an excellent technical lead.
John helped lead daily debriefs on both technical issues and pedagogy.
He leads through example and has a very technical, detail-oriented mind.
As a technical lead he always encourages new ideas and recognize them.
His technical leadership has lead to many positive improvements to the our company platform.
He leads our team very well and use to guide us technically in all our applications.
He can then convey this to non-technical people/customers, but also to other technical teams, leading on to a quicker technical resolution and a happy customer.
He is technical, yet he's able to pull himself out of the technical details to lead his team in making the right decisions.
Him customers know that he is technically savvy and can lead them down the proper path.
John lead many technical initiatives and added great value to the customer.
During that period he was able to be the prominent technical lead of various implementations.
His vast experience of leading the technical teams will be really useful for any company.
Our company John organization, where he was technical lead for our platform team.
A 'true' technical lead who has immense energy to mentor and lead his juniors.
He knows, and can lead on all technical and business aspects of an issue.
As a technical lead he is always able to stand between client requirements being price and technical effective.
When leading him through technical steps, he was patient and overall we had good results.
John also has the technical knowledge that puts him at the leading edge of that tier.
The gamut of his technical knowledge is commendable and so are his abilities to lead.
Additionally, his in-depth technical knowledge allowed him to lead from the front.
He took that knowledge and experience and translated it into a technical lead.
John not only has a leading capability, but also deep technical knowledge.
John sets the bar when technical advice is sought and leads are examples
John can present to a technical audience or lead in a boardroom.
He has strong technical knowledge and leads by inspiring others.
John took the technical lead for both customer and internal engagements.
Project leads looked up to him for solution whenever stuck in technically challenging situations.
He often gives an elegant technical solution, leading to consistently excellent results.
John did a great job leading the technical aspects of our partnership.
He did a great job as as technical lead and provided excellent feedback.
He enjoys applying leading technical solutions to solve "problems".
John is key to the success of our engagement leading the technical team.
This is because he is not only very technical, but has the ability to lead and motivate multiple teams.
In technical discussions he usually took the lead in identifying the critical weakness in any technical approach and looking for ways to limit or eliminate the weakness.
John has excellent technical depth, he is always available to participate in technical discussions, great at leading the discussion to solving problems the right way.
His technical knowledge makes him ideal to lead large scale technical projects.
John is his mentor and provided him clear and good guidance on both technical and non-technical areas.
He leads by example with his hands-on technical expertise to drive success in the organization.
He is a very supportive lead and has excellent technical expertise.
His ability to articulate technical details to folks that are sometimes not as technical, is incredible.
His technical expertise is outstanding as well as the fact he makes any technical discussion digestible and understandable to any non-technical person.
His efforts and approach helped us to reassert our technical lead and further distance ourselves from our competitors.
His way of leading by examples made it much easier for him to pick up things, both technically and professionally.
He served as technical lead, and his expertise and experience were critical to the success of the redesign.
He leads by example, makes everyone visualize the bigger picture, and has a very strong technical capacity
John's technical expertise coupled with an ability to lead and make decisions is unique and valuable.
John has strong technical experience which he leads with a transparent and admirable conviction.
Him technical breakdown of issues and leading to perfect resolution or escalation is his forte.
His ability to lead in a (sometimes chaotic) technical environment is second to none.
His technical aptitude lead to multiple won deals that may have been lost otherwise.
John maintains both a positive demeanor and leading-edge technical ability.
He is a strong technical lead who would be a valuable asset to any company.
He couples strong technical ability with an equally strong ability to lead.
He can lead, inspire, and provide the technical know-how at a moments notice.
As technical lead, he was able to cut a clear raodmap for the codebase.
His attention to detail and technical savvy lead to amazing results.
Our company top of all that, John understands leadership, and he has what it takes to lead any technical organization.