Technical Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He manages well, even in areas where he doesn't come in with the technical expertise.
Team members and management often go to him for technical expertise.
John's management skills along with him technical expertise makes him a very good technical manager.
His way of managing technical and non technical team members is mind blowing.
John makes the roles of technical architect and technical manager look effortless.
John knows his way around a database, and is adept at managing both technical and non-technical personnel.
He knows how to manage up and down, and can manage people with more technical knowledge than him easily.
Technically very strong and has changed his profile from technical manager to people manager.
His sessions were very well received by both non-technical and very technical attendees.
Finally, he will tell you things as they are, in case of both technical as well as management blunders.
His strong technical background is a huge asset in managing technical companies.
He personally showed him that a manager of a technical discipline should never get too far away from the technical side of what they're managing.
Not only does he scour the world for resumes, he can keep up with the most particular of technical managers.
He also understands the nature of management is not only technically but also about leadership.
Not because he is his manager, but because of his immense technical background and expertise.
Always his management was followed by technical understanding and getting into the details.
His excellent technical know-how goes well along with his unique management capabilities.
His leadership and technical understanding has not been surpassed by any other managers.
This is probably why he had such deep expertise in technical program/project management.
He can be an asset to organize from both technical and management perspectives
He also provided technical expertise for using the requirements management toolset.
John experience in technical management that can be relevant in any organization.
He well-rounded technical manager and will do well in any challenging situation.
As well as technical strengths he is very disciplined in managing his workload.
Not only was he highly technical, he also knew how to be an effective manager.
John is a technical manager who was always successful despite the challenge.
He has mastery of both the technical and humanistic sides of management.
In addition, his technical expertise sets him apart from other managers.
John knows his stuff technically, manages well and tells it like it is.
Although he was technically his manager, rarely did it feel that way.
This certainly helped him in being an equally good technical manager.
He can switch effortlessly between technical and management domains.
Apart from his brilliant technical side, he was an amazing manager.
John's technical savvy is only rivaled by his management intuition.
He also has the ability to manage many disparate technical tasks.
He also knows the technical details while not micro-managing.
His leadership & management style is very good and technical.
Our company while being the manager, John kept up to date on technical requirements.
John's technical management background makes him a very effective scrum master who's well respected by both technical and non technical members alike.
His own technical expertise allows him a greater understanding of the needs to manage technical resources.
John is a very technical and diligent manager that always gets the best effort out of teams he manages.
He didn't micro-manage but was always there to lend support for both technical and non-technical issues.
He excelled in a challenging environment, was self-managed, and worked very well with others - both technical and non-technical.
John will say he "is not technical", but he is able to understand and manage complex technical engagements with ease.
He has immense patience with non technical minded managers whom he steered through complicated technical changes.
He can manage a diverse class of both highly technical people and non-technical folks.
He manages his team very well and of course, he is technically very good.
While he was his manager, he was also the technical expert on our team.
John showed himself to be both technically very competent and able to manage highly technical projects, but was also very able in conveying technical matters to all levels of management.
Not only was he great in technical areas, but he was doing just as well in managing stakeholders.
Though he reported to him technically, there was no need to really manage him.
John is very technically savvy yet very efficient in managing other people.
Strong not just technically, but the way he manages the work is an asset.
He repeatedly demonstrated both management and technical leadership.
He adapts his technics depending on the people he has to manage.
He technically managed his peers and colleagues in other groups.
His technical and management experience is clear and present.
John managed the change and technical sides very efficiently
He not only manages your technical teams but is a top technical resource.
His many years of technical management have provided him with an absolute wealth of expertise and knowledge, in both the technical arena as well as in people management.
As he did not have technical support at on-site, he even managed to do technical analysis of his modules at on-site
John's experience and technical knowledge, lend well to his ability to manage technical employees.
He manages the technical group that oversees technical inquiries and support for the division.
He handled many challenging situations in our company in technical as well as non technical areas like people management.
Moreover, he demonstrates a genuine capability to manage both technical and management changes.
John pushed for technical solutions that were easily manageable.
Add the fact that he is extremely technically savvy and you get both a formidable manager and point of technical advice.
We tackled some of the most complex technical challenges possible, but he never micro-managed and never got in the way, as so many managers inevitably do.
John displayed an excellent sense of ownership and managed technical and management stakeholders very effectively.
His management ability combined with his technical understanding makes him indispensable as a manager in his mind.
He's a manager with solid technical background with incredibly great management style.
While he managed people in an innovative way, he also kept himself technically engaged.
As manager, he was an excellent technical mentor and motivator.
His technical knowledge is also impressive and can fit in technical as well as management role.
His ability to not only be customer focused, but also extremely capable technically makes him unique among technical managers.
Zafar is very technical, but also able to communicate at whatever level is needed for the audience (technical or management).
Understands the business need, explains it in simple, clear, non technical jargon and manages to bring both technical and non technical colleagues with him in his quest.
Though this is something that all individuals in management positions should technically know how to do, it's been his experience that it is actually very rare.
John is the best kind of technical manager; he knows enough tech to understand what you are doing and when to get out of your way and let you do it.
He has a much more technical management style than himself, but is so good at what he does you can't help but be impressed.
The thing that most impressed him was his capability in answering at every question, both technical and management.
It is rare to see someone with his technical abilities as well as having management and diplomatic capabilities.
Since then he has evolved both technically and as manager so big value is guaranteed when he is involved.
His technical expertise is excellent and as a manager, he is always willing to help with any issues.
His approach to managing technical personnel such as himself has been very rewarding on many levels.
The right mix of technical understanding and management capabilities makes him very successful.
As a manager, he also had his own technical responsibilities, he always completed with success.
In doing so, he has shown that he can move between management and technical issues with ease.
John gives very highly technical advice and manages to explain it clearly and succinctly.
He is always keen to have the technical know how sessions, though he is a manager himself.
Along with his technical abilities, his managing capabilities are also worth mentioning.
His planning and management of all things technical were an asset to the organization.
Mariusz is a great manager, technically and theoretically he knows more than anyone.
John's technical expertise and stakeholder management capabilities are commendable.
He handled both technical and man management issues that were beyond his capability.
While being a manager, his technical approach is always visible and very valuable.
In addition to being a manager, he was very technical and provided great guidance.
John's technical expertise was respected and trusted by all levels of management.
He can take complex technical challenges and segment them into manageable pieces.
John would be highly recommended for any technical or management task considered.
Unlike some managers, he is extremely technical and understands the big picture.
Apart from the management involvement, he was also a key technical contributor.
John is not only very technical, he is also a very good manager, and a friend.
John's management style and technical prowess have contributed to his success.
His combination of technical expertise, and management, diplomacy is remarkable.
His technical, management and leadership acumen was well acknowledged by all.
John truly exemplifies what everyone hopes to find in a technical manager.
He is the kind of technical manager that any company would be lucky to have.
Is as well as manager as he is to solve the technical problems by himself.
A highly technical manager who consistently delivered on his commitments.
He provided excellent technical guidance, and was effective as a manager.
John would be a valuable asset as both manager and technical contributor.
While his technical acumen in unquestionable, he is also a great manager.
Both technically or in a managing role he is very good at what he does.
Him technical inclinations make him a designer/product manager hybrid.
From being a technical guru to top management, he has done it all.
His technical depth helps him manage almost any kind of situation.
Without doubt his technical management approach delivers results.
Due to the way our company structured the organization he was not technically our manager.
John can be a great our company, our company technical manager.
John's strength, not only lies in his technical abilities, but also in his management approach of diverse technical teams.
Him experience managing technical teams (and understanding technical issues) is expansive.
More than management, though, was his outstanding technical vision and creativity.
He balanced his technical talent with compassionate management.
John manages to balance both the technical & the people management aspects of his position as a senior technical manager, which is a rare gift.
His ability to understand the clients needs and deliver the technical message in terms that both technical managers and non-technical people could understand was amazing.
His leadership was vital in bringing together technical, non-technical, management, executives and vendors.
John could work with both management and non-management personnel and solve complex technical problems.
Johns thorough technical knowledge and excellent management made him a pleasure to have as a manager.
By bringing in his expertise, he managed to provide proper risk management of technical challenges
With his technical and management exposure he always tries to give his best with available resources.
John is an amazing technical manager and is who you need to take your team to the next level.
Not only is he great at management, he is very accomplished technically as well.
He also provided technical management of other resources, both on shore and off.
Although known for management capabilities he is strong technically as well.
John's teams are technically strong, well managed, and ahead of the curve.
He managed the technical team with ease and was our go to rainmaker.
Not only does he manage and code well, but he also drives technical change.
John works well with both technical and non-technical colleagues at all levels of the organization.
But his technical accomplishments are far afield from the area, he was managing when we he was his boss.
As our conference's stage manager, he keeps everything technically up and running as well as on time.
Apart from his technical ability, his greatest value to an organisation is his people-management.
Personally found him an excellent mediator between technical department and upper management.
John gets along very well with his peers, and is highly regarded as a technical manager.
Through his technical leadership he has earned the respect of management and his peers.
He impressed him with his management style as well as his thorough technical knowledge.
Surely this guy has to be watched, he was both on technical and management material.
In addition to being technically brilliant, he is an exceptional people manager.
He has a very strong technical background while he managed people by influence.
He soon established himself as a strong technical as well as a people manager