Technical Marketing Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Marketing Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an extremely experienced engineer who sees the value of marketing and works well within the different marketing disciplines.
Two, he is willing to share technical details without too much marketing spin.
His technical and marketing skill sets should enable him to be successful in any organization.
John envisions and translates how technical capabilities will become marketing capabilities.
John has reasonably technically founded and he fully understands the power marketing.
I have no doubt of his leadership capacity and his marketing technical competence.
He has a great understanding of his market and is technically very sound.
He would be an asset to any technically complex marketing organization.
John combines technical expertise with an acuity for market analysis.
He has a tremendous technical competency and is marketing savvy.
John took responsibility for technically challenging areas of the engine.
Customers and partners look at him for his technical know-how to help them deploy the best solution on the market.
He has both excellent technical and managerial knowledge about the market.
John's knowledge of his market and technical expertise are unparalleled.
From marketing to technical knowledge, his range is impressive.
Not only he is extremely knowledgeable technically, but also he has very deep knowledge of the marketing and market needs.
John has the virtues of being creative in marketing and also technically savvy.
John is also extremely proficient with the more sophisticated and more technical solutions in the market.
John is much more technically oriented than most people with "marketing" in their title.
And he was great at troubleshooting technical solutions to marketing problems.
He has an impressive technical understanding of search engine optimization and digital marketing.
John is also an adept salesman and marketer, but he also has the technical expertise to ensure you get results.
John is one of those rare individuals that successfully achieves both technical and marketing credibility.
He has the rare combination of great marketing instincts plus the technical know-how to make them happen.
His strong technical background adds value and allows him to accomplish things most marketers cannot.
Because, incredibly, he is capable of combining both technical ingenuity with marketing nous.
I believe he would be an asset in many roles from marketing to tangential technical roles.
John is one of those rare marketing experts that is steeped in a technical background.
He has the ability to explain technical marketing concepts to all types of stakeholders.
John has that rare combination of deep technical understanding and marketing acumen.
He has a deep understanding of the technicalities as well as the latest market trends.
John brought much needed marketing perspective to until then was a technical company.
He knows very well telecommunications both from a technical and market point of view.
His technical expertise is unmatched and he combines this with great market insight.
I wholeheartedly recommend him for a marketing or technical evangelist position.
John has a good technical aptitude and considers him an inbound marketing expert.
His technical vision is matched by his strong understanding of market dynamics.
He is excellent at solving any kind of technical problem in this market sector.
He is highly technical and easily bridges the gap between tech and marketing.
John has a rare and valuable blend of technical & marketing expertise.
He uses cutting edge marketing technique which shows noticeable results.
John has always impressed me for his ability to analyze both technical and market challenges.
John is a marketing powerhouse - particularly when it comes to marketing strategy, messaging, communications and all things technical.
In addition to his technical expertise the passion for his work and search engine marketing is unparalleled.
He is a great blend of both engineering / technical knowledge with personalty and marketing presence.
Since our background is primarily technical, we benefitted from his marketing perspective.
John is both an exceptional technical writer and proficient marketer.
He is also shows technical and marketing competence since he loves his job.
John is one of the few marketers who has a strong technical understanding of what he markets, but also understands the psychology of branding and positioning.
He also has vision, driven by both marketing and technical experience, that allows him to see well beyond what currently exists.
His extensive engineering background, allows him to be very technically inclined while still being able to come up with great marketing plans.
Not only for his, marketing, function, but also for colleagues in the technical functions.
John has an in-depth understanding of his technical market and goes above and beyond for his clients and candidates.
He gets highly technical concepts, simplifies them, and makes them sensible to markets that are demanding them.
At our very first meeting, he came through with both unique and critical marketing and technical advice.
John is highly motivated and technically, has a strong understanding of the semiconductor market.
John is a rarity in marketing, in that he comes with a technical, journalistic perspective.
He understands very complex technical ideas and can easily translate them for marketing.
He is well-organized, technically astute and has a solid grasp of all things marketing.
He always took time to give us the technical insight we needed to market effectively.