Technical Product Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

To promote the products at various regions he had organised technical presentations of the product.
His understanding of technical and analytics products is impressive.
He has repeatedly demonstrated product leadership over a very technically complex product portfolio.
In the technical area, he is able to bridge the technical details with the global vision of products.
He understands technical concepts and was able to describe how the various technical components of our product worked in a way that was understood by non-technical people.
He has also become very good at non-technical "people" management.
I really appreciate his technical and people management ability.
There are technical people and there are managers at our company.
And he is an excellent manager, technician, and a people manager too.
That skill combined with his breadth and depth of technical understanding has made him an outstanding technical product manager.
John prides himself on knowing the technical details for all products.
He was our go to guy for any product details or technical expertise.
He has an excellent grasp of both product and technical details.
John is an excellent technical representative and manager of production output.
And he was excellent in communicating technical product details to non-technical audiences.
He was introduced to our team of product managers and myself as our superior manager.
His technical understanding of any product is very strong and he is always ready to challenge anyone to a healthy debate on anything technical aspect.
His ability to understand product-level concepts, and convey them to technical and non technical audiences is impressive.
He's always available to help answer any product related (technical or non-technical) questions at a moments notice.
His technical and product know-how came in very handy in helping us raise venture capital with a great product demo.
His technical contributions to the product were solid, very reliable and consistent.
Two, he is able to clearly translate product concepts into technical requirements.
John increased his unit's productivity and technical abilities.
Not only does he scour the world for resumes, he can keep up with the most particular of technical managers.
He also understands the nature of management is not only technically but also about leadership.
I respect him, and recommend him to any who want technical and management leadership.
He was always well respected by his technical hiring managers and candidates.
In addition, his technical expertise sets him apart from other managers.
I have seen his great leadership, management and technical expertise.
John's technical savvy is only rivaled by his management intuition.
John is an extremely passionate and dedicated technical manager.
John is an exceptional technical manager and visionary thinker.
He was responsible for managing the wiki technical questions.
John manages to blend technical and business know-how into an admirable product.
He knows the product inside out, his technical ability and knowledge is second to none.
He is also technically very knowledgeable about all the products and their performance.
His product and technical knowledge is vast and he is the best at what he does.
Additionally, his technical product knowledge provides tremendous credibility.
His technical knowledge goes beyond the limits of his domain and product.
He has great technical knowledge and is passionate about his product.
His technical work products and follow-through were also exemplary.
His technical understanding of the products he works with is unmatched.
John is a dedicated, hard working and tenacious technical product manager.
John is an excellent technical manager who is able to manage and can effectively drive the quality of the products.
He understands all sides of production of the art to the technical.
John's calm, assured and affable manner has proved vital in selling a technical product to mainly non-technical managers.
He goes out of his way to make sure your product and technical information needs are met.
John is a good manager of technical people having come from a technical background himself.
He is not only extremely knowledgeable with regards to his job, but he also understands technical products.
His technical aptitude allowed him to sell solutions not just products.
He is not only people's manager, but a great technical manager as well, can really help you with technical difficulties, especially shell scripting but not limited to this.
His ability to take on complex issues and provide product vision set him apart from other product managers.
He makes it a priority to learn his product set and is articulate in describing often technical and complex products.
John's technical experience as a product manager and his drive for success are impressive.
His technical abilities, inquisitive nature was perfect for his role as a technical product marketing manager.
I would recommend him for any position in software, team management or technical product management.
John is one of the most detail oriented managers who is also very technical.
His technical and production management skills are top notch.
John also provided technical guidance and recommendations on this product line.
He is a great technical product planner who can deal with complex and very technical scenarios.