Technical Program Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's intellectually curious, but his technical and programming background keeps him grounded.
He is technically very capable and his program managerial techniques are unique.
He is an excellent mentor and is respected for his technical expertise in large program management.
He knew how complex programs needed to be managed in a complex technical organization.
John is a very good program manager both in people management and providing technical direction.
John was responsible for managing two staffing programs for us and he did very well in his role as recruiter and program manager.
John is exceptional in technical acumen, architecture strategy, and program management.
These abilities, combined with his technical experience, make him an ideal manager for transformational programs.
John demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of technical program management.
John has a strong technical background, is an experienced program manager, and an innovative entrepreneur.
He has great technical and program management skills that enables him to stay on top of all programme issues.
John managed one of our asthma programs and brought energy, expertise and "heart" to the program.
His knowledge of the program, especially the technical side of it, is second-to-none.
He had an excellent grasp of the technical aspects and practical applications of the programs he managed.
His technical knowledge is impressive and it has helped him to excel as a program manager.
John has strong program management and people leadership with a solid technical foundation.
He is a very technical program manager that understands quickly the technical challenges and work effectively to find solutions.
He is very good at balancing program requirements and technical requirements and constraints.
He has an amazing technical ability to sort through difficult programming requirements.
John is an extremely dedicated individual who can bring the right mix of technical and management capabilities of large programs.
At the same time his engineering and technical background as well as his program management expertise makes him an asset to technical organisations with large programs to run (change programs or otherwise).
He would be a valuable addition to any technical competency or program management team.
His technical experience and abilities contributed to the overall success of the program.
John is a dedicated and detail oriented program manager with a strong technical background.
He was technically knowledgeable about both the requirements and the programming code.
John is very technical, and can tackle complex and difficult programming tasks with ease.
He worked on several complicated and very technical programs under challenging circumstances.
He is very knowledgeable in the subject of program management and also quick at understanding complex technical concepts.
He has mastered all the technical aspects of program management, works very well with his coworkers and stakeholders.
His technical and organizational skills are what you look for in a program manager.
John was an excellent program manager, dealing effectively with issues of technical deliverables, managing to dates, as well as managing labor and dollar budgets.
He has an impressively deep and broad technical background, yielding influential credibility as a technical manager.
John carries a unique blend of good management and technical insight in many technical disciplines.
Coming from a position of technical excellence, it is no surprise that he was very good with the technical details needed to run the program.
John is an exceptional example of a technical program manager that has deep technical skills along with the ability to influence others and get things done.
John is a talented, detail oriented, and energetic technical program manager.
John brings both a technical background and a program management background to the team.
Software lifecycle management, program management and engaging with teams are his forte.
John possesses the managerial expertise and technical background that provided him the ability to be successful in all aspects of the transformation program management.
Many of his practices became standards for other program managers to follow.
John helped to craft key program procedures as well as lead the technical aspects of the program.
Understands the technical, political and systemic issues associated with his programs.
I would highly recommend him for similar technical program management roles involving multiple functions and level of management.
He always understood the subject matter and technical use of all of our programs and was well prepared for all presentations.
However, he goes above and beyond to make sure him partners understand the various programs he manages and ensures we get the most out of them.
He can manage large numbers of people and programs and they will be successful.
And he has certainly demonstrated leadership in global category management, strategy, program management.
He is also extremely adept technically, learning even complex programs quickly.
I learned a great deal from him in terms of managing a technical program and in fairness.
John is an excellent technical program manager, and works well with a wide variety of people.
He is very quick to grasp and understand technical concepts, and quickly realizes the impact (both positive and negative) technical concepts have on our programs.
His technical knowledge and program management skill is really commendable.
He took over a technically difficult program and made it friendly for his clients to use.
John is a career broadcaster who has a very strong programming and technical background.
John possesses the vast technical expertise and a strong ability to drive and manage sophisticated programs.
John is the perfect blend of technical savvy, business know-how, and steady program management.
John is very technically knowledgeable, and is able to sort through complex programming issues in management, methodical chunks.
John impressed me by transforming a two week technical training program into a two day program.
He have an incredible amount of experience from both technical and management aspects.
John was an excellent manager with a great deal of experience, both technical and management.